1. D

    Copy and Paste Multiple Times

    I just want to know why I am the Visual Basic Applications (VBA) script isn't working as it should be. I am trying to copy and paste multiple tables, depending on the value I put into cell E1. I've used this code here: Sub CopyMulti() Range("A3:D19").Copy Range("E15").Resize(14 *...
  2. V

    Copying formula to the next sheet and extend loop

    I have a list of 150 formulas in Column B I want to put the formula in B1 on the second sheet and extend it from A1:H200 Then I should grab the next formula in B2 and put in on the third sheet And so on Any pointers? Thanks for your suggestions, will help me out a lot
  3. M

    VBA Modifed Date

    What i would like to do is if any cell in C5:H10 is modified i want the date and time to be placed in column B. Currently this is what i have Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Intersect(Target, Range("C5:H105")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub ' C1:C100 is the price range...
  4. C


    I am a middle school math teacher. I bought Power Excel (2019 edition) and was instantly overwhelmed. I am sure the book has the information to help me but I don't know what is called to do what I want. We have to post grades with comments 4 times a year. The list of comments we can use are...
  5. A

    VBA - too many line continuations

    I have a very long SQL statement which I'm trying to put into my VBA code. In my VBA I have the following format for SQL: With ActiveWorkbook.Connections ("Database").OLEDBConnection .CommandTest = Array ("Select * bla bla bla") I looked through some web information and it was suggested...
  6. D

    Creating dynamic reference from another workbook

    I want a drop down list in one workbook that references a dynamic list in another workbook ie it may have entries added to it so I can't hard code the reference? If I select data validation for a cell, I set it to allow a list but what do I put in the source for the list to be from another...
  7. F

    Copy last cell before a empty cell and paste (same column)

    hi guys i need a macro or maybe if there is a way in excel, if i have a column like below and I'm trying to fill the blank spaces with whatever value is on the cell above. Not sure where to start on this. thanks for any help Colum A 1 --- macro should put a 1 1 2 2 2 --- macro should put a 2...
  8. King Mustard

    Forecasting the next number in a list?

    Is there a formula that I can put next to the final date that will "forecast" the number? My car contract allows 12,000 miles per year and I'm checking if I'm estimated to hit it.
  9. R

    pull data from sheet and put it into another sheet if that line is checked off

    I have a list of people with other information about that person and I want to get selected people and their columns of information into another sheet. Ideally I would like to have a column that I would put an x on the rows I want in the other sheet. Is there a way to do this?
  10. B

    Range or similar formula?

    Hi I have a spread sheet with a couple of thousand cells of decimal numbers between two values of 0 & 10. I want to use some type of formula that will put them into five ranges eg "0> & <2"=1, ">2 & <4" =2 etc. What is the best formula to apply in this instance please. Thanks BT
  11. H

    VBA copy worksheet with option to rename

    Hi. I'd like to have a button on Sheet 1 where the user clicks it and it creates an exact copy of Sheet 1* but up pops a little box that says "Please enter your name below then click Ok" and when they do that, it creates a new worksheet that is an exact replica of what's on Sheet 1 (even down...
  12. A

    VBA: If given characters !, @ and # found in column B then put 1, 2 and 3 in respective cell in Column C

    VBA: If given characters !, @ and # found in column B then put 1, 2 and 3 in respective cell in Column C VBA: If given characters $, % and & found in column D then put 1, 2 and 3 in respective cell in Column E Ps. Blank rows present in data
  13. M

    Put number and autocomplete to nearest date?

    Hi, part of my job is to put dates to documents that were made in the past 15 days or so, and I'd like to know if there's a way to put, for example, if today is 08/10/2019, then I'd put a 4 and it should assume that I want to put 04/10/2019, or a 26 and it should assume that is 26/09/2019 (from...
  14. N

    Translate Excel Function to VBA

    Hi, Can someone please help me translate this function to VBA? =IF(G5="Delivery",(10000+IF(D5="Ain Jarfa",1000,3000)),10000) I need it in Sub cmdNew_Click as: ws.Cells(nr, "I").formula = (The above function) Note: Instead of "G5" put (ws.Cells(nr, "G")) Instead of "D5" put (ws.Cells(nr...
  15. A

    Number formatting into Sets of 3

    I have numbers in column A that look like this <tbody> 13,065,102 13,165 4,051,065 600 18,013,092 </tbody> But when I click in the formula bar they are really this (real numbers) <tbody> 13065102 13165 4051065 600 18013092 </tbody> What I need to do is to is put the...
  16. P

    If userform is already open then MSG box to open saying Userform in Use

    Hi I am trying to put a code together into a command button which opens the userform1, but if someone else has the userform open already I want a msgbox pop up to say that ‘userform is in use’, I have put the following code togetherbut getting no joy. Hope you can help? Private Sub...
  17. jevi

    If a cell contains certain word.

    Hi All, I'm trying to do this formul but is not working. =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*LR 10*";A2));"M01";B2) so in column A2 I have the long desription of the loan and I want to find the ones that contain "LR 10", and if this is true to put in cell C2 "M01" otherwise the value that is in cell B2...
  18. N

    "Greater than" > rersults

    Hello, I thought I had this worked out. I am trying to get the points in cell C4 to show up in z3 IF "H4-20"or "J4-14" which in this case is H4-20, to show up in cell "Z3" =IF(H4>J4,C4,O4) This formula is located in Cell "Z3" But without a score put in h4 or J4 it will show "O4'S 90" in...
  19. A

    Top 5 high scores

    Hello, Is there a way to have a result of the top 5 highest scores? Here's my example. Entered manually: A1 = Dan - B1 = 63 A2 = Bill - B2 = 54 A3 = Steve - B3 = 73 A4 = Ben - B4 = 38 A5 = Patrick - B5 = 45 A6 = Jack - B6 = 104 A7 = Craig - B7 = 73 I put the tie on...
  20. R

    Old VBA for a "check box" not working in excel 2016

    I have a workbook with VBA that was made years ago with Excel 2003. (see VBA below) The sheets have many cells throughout that I can "Check off" with a click, to put an "X" in the cell. (Each column has a hidden column next to it and when there is a "q" in it, the cell to the right will put...
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