1. V

    VBA to fill down the formula next to Pivot table

    Sub Macro1() Dim Lr As Long Lr = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Range("C4").Formula = "=IF(A4<>'Grand Total',945100,2864602)" Range("C4").AutoFill Destination:=Range("C4:C" & Lr) End Sub I have tried to put above code to fill down the formula until the last row of...
  2. S

    Formula always Returns 0

    Can someone help! I have even erased the formula and put =A1 and put a value n A1 t see if a problem with y original formula (which incidentally used to work fine!) It is not set as a text field, the sheet is on automatic calculation, I have stripped all VBA out of it just in case something in...
  3. Y

    Copy subsequent row to same row based on multiple condition

    Hi, Need some help if can do this in VBA or Pivot. Unable to figure out the way on this. I have the following Data: from Column A to K for Equity Option Trading: <tbody style="box-sizing: border-box;"> No Date/Time Strategy Method Qty Pos Effect Equity Expiry Date Strike Price Transaction Type...
  4. Trevor3007

    message if more than 1 box has y

    Good evening, I have a issue which I hope someone can solve for me . Cells E2 - G2, when a certain task is done, the user puts a "Y" into the applicable. However some users are putting in more than 1 Y into and this gives the wrong count. Is it possible to have it so that only Y can be put in...
  5. L

    VLOOKUP & Apply Formula

    Bonjour, I have a spreadsheet at the moment for pricing up jobs for different contracts. Each contract has its own mark up. I was wondering if there was a formula I could put into 1 cell (and then used for the rest of the column) so it could simplify the process. For example, if A1 contains...
  6. M

    Count of specif cell in multiple column

    I want a program for below data filter to condition1 for use , then condition2 for use & then for condition3 for use Room No Condition 1 Condition 2 Condition 3 1 Use Use Use 2 Not in Use Use Not in Use 3 Use Use Use 4 Not in Use Use Not in Use 5 Use Not in Use Not...
  7. K

    Need help pulling data from multiple files in multiple folders, all files end with the same characters

    Hi, I have never really used the macro function but I would like to pull specific data from multiple files, each file is located in a different folder. each file name also ends with the same characters at the end. I need that data pulled and put into a new workbook and continuously grab the...
  8. E

    Looping through months and years

    Hi I Want to build an excel file that looks like this: On column A the user put years (i.e: a1 is 2015 , a2 is 2016 , a3 is 2017) I want the macro will put on column C the year/month (i.e: c1 is 1/2015 , c2 is 2/2015 , c12 is 12/2015 , c13 is 1/2016 , c36 is 12/2017) I want to get 36 cells with...
  9. P


    Hi All, I thought I had this and it slipped away from me, so help! I have a Workbook where I have 16 Sheet, ie up to Sheet16. How or where do I put ActiveSheet.Range("B3").Select ? Thanks, Pinaceous
  10. S

    Conditional Formatting

    I have a column of dates (column A) which i have conditional formatted to turn red if within 5 days from now, yellow if within 10 days & normal if over 10 days from now. The dates are for information to be submitted to me so I can easily see which rows are approaching the deadline. Once...
  11. C

    Index/Match Large with Criteria

    Hi Mr Excel, I've literally spent 3+ hours on Google but still can't solve the query below. The code below works perfect, it gives me all the employee names ranked by salary. Current Code...
  12. B

    lookup function

    Hello, trying to cell a cell to change a number based on text in another cell. here is the lookup function I am using: =LOOKUP(D2,{"DMSM","JSCM","JSAM","LOM","MSM","ARCOM","AAM"},{"120","60","60","120","90","60","60"}) so if I put dmsm in d2 it shows 120 or if I put jsam in d2 it should show...
  13. A

    change format cell of text

    hi guys I want change format of text and put some / in it for example: (put / after second character) Excel => Ex/cel Hello => He/llo does it possible? Of course without vba
  14. P

    Formula to check 'D' and place calculated value in specific cell

    I would like to create a formula that will look at the value in D6, ie 1,2 or 3 etc) and ... - if the value in D6 is '1', then put '25' (£) into M6. - If the value in D6 is '2', then to put '25' into M6 AND O6. - If the value in D6 is '3', then to put '25' into M6, O6 AND Q6 etc I'm rather a...
  15. M

    Can Index Match be put inside Vlookup

    I'm having troubles figuring out how to put Index Match inside of Vlookup. If I type out my formula as: =IF(A24="","",VLOOKUP((VLOOKUP(A24,Items!$A:$C,3,FALSE)),'[MasterOrders.xlsx]06102018-145622-Ninja'!$A:$C,3,FALSE)) it works correctly. The problem I am at is the table_array...
  16. FrumpyJones

    Is it possible to enter a value in a cell and have a formula immediately replace it with the result of the formula?

    Hi Everyone, I tried googling and searching this forum for this question. And either I'm not asking/searching it correctly, or it's simply an "undoable" thing and everyone knows but me. I want to put a number in say, C1. When I hit enter on that, I want a formula to run that will then...
  17. Y

    Put a word in a column based on value of another column

    Hello, I would like to put the words "good", "bad" or "average" based on the value of another column. the values in Column "A" are from 1 to 10. If the value is 9 or 10 I would like to put "good" in column "B". If the value is 6-8 I would like to put "average" and so on. Can anyone assist?
  18. gheyman

    ACCESS DLOOKUP in a Query Criteria

    I have a table that has a Field named PID_Number and another named WBS_PG_ID. On a form a have a combobox where the user can select the PID_Number from that table. I need a Query to where I want to put in a criteria. The criteria is the corresponding WBS_PG_ID for the PID_Number that was...

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