1. T

    =IF Help

    Hi, Can someone tell me why my If statement is not working...
  2. M

    Putting speech marks and comma after pasted range

    I have the following line of code Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(RowNo, ColNo).Copy Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B" & (DstRowOffset + ColNo + 1)) I would like to paste the cell with "pasted cell", CHR(34)&Value&CHR(34)&CHR(44) Any one know how to do this ?
  3. R

    Converting Cell Formula (MAX) to VBA Formula

    Hi Folks, Just a quickie (I think/hope)... :roll: I had a formula in a spreadsheet cell: =TRUNC(MAX(((MAX(E5-5,(E8-4)))/10),1)) that I needed to move into code, i.e.: Sheet1.Range("J18") = TRUNC(Max(((Max(E5 - 5, (E8 - 4))) / 10), 1)) The VBE/Compiler doesn't like it in this form. After...
  4. S

    Help needed on a formula

    I have this formula that I copy down the page but the issue im having is where im copying the data to if either cell in original cells are blank it putting a 0 in and I need that blank =INDEX($BA$1:$CT$1,ROWS($A$6:A28))&" "&INDEX($BA$2:$CT$2,ROWS($A$6:A28)) lets say BA3 has something in it...
  5. S

    Date Formula

    Hi Can anyone help me think of a formula where if i have multiple dates in one column, the column next to it will differentiate it by putting - 2, -3,-4 for ex see below col A Col B <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 20060704 20060704 20060704 20060704-2 20051222...
  6. S

    importint html file to excel from cell B1

    goodday guys, im looking for a macro which will get the data from website html file. But this html file is different every time. Is there some way i can set a macro to get the data from website when only putting the page which needs to be inmported on for instance putting the hmtl in cell B1...
  7. J

    How many hours between 2 times including dates

    Good Morning, In cell A2 i am putting 10/01/19 12:00 in cell G2 i am putting 12/01/19 16:00. I am wanting to work out the difference between these 2 times. But the catch is i dont want the hours counting between 16:00 and 08:00 and also weekends/bank holidays if possible. At the minute i...
  8. M

    Combine these 2 formulas.

    Please help i have to combine these 2 formulas each has the criteria I need just stuck on putting them together. =SUM(COUNTIFS($P:$P,"<> / /",$D:$D,">="&$B9,$D:$D,"<="&$C9,$A:$A,$D$5)) And =AND($T:$T>=EDATE($P:$P,-2),$T:$T<=EDATE($P:$P,2)) Any help most appreciated ?
  9. D

    What is wrong with this vba code

    Dim sht As Worksheet Set sht = ActiveSheet Sheets("sheet2").Shapes("ImgG").Copy Sheets("NPSS_quote_sheet").Paste _ Destination:=Worksheets("NPSS_quote_sheet").Range("sht.Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row"+4) I have a worksheet, NPSS_quote_sheet that I need to paste a...
  10. B

    Lookup names

    lets say i have two column in sheet 1 A is Names B is code of them in sheet 2 i have just names how can do below 1- check the names in sheet 1 with names in sheet 2 2- putting the codes of names in sheet 2 thanks
  11. JazzSP8

    Excel has started automatically putting an Apostrophe at the start of every cell value?

    Hey All My version of Excel 2010 has started automatically putting a single apostrophe at the start of every cell I type in except numbers and I can't work out how to stop it :-/ I've only noticed because it's started effecting code in one of my books where a cell gets a value tested and it...
  12. M

    Understanding a formula I already have to extract duplicates

    I don't understand how to implement this formula: IFERROR(INDEX($C$23:$C$265, MATCH(0, COUNTIF(N$23:$N23, $C$23:$C$265), 0),1),"") I need to remove the duplicates in list C23:C265 and place the new entries in N23:N52 I've tried putting it in cell n23 and copying down but it doesn't produce...
  13. P

    Subtract difference between B5 and B4, = D5

    I would like to subtract B5 - B4 putting result in D5, such as B5=322 and B4= 442 than 322 - 442 = D5.
  14. R

    Starting number

    This is going to be quick and easy for you all. On my Userform I have sequential numbers moving over to my spreadsheet But I want the number in A4 to start at 1000. I have tried putting 1000 in every spot I could to get it to work but to no avail. If I put 1000 in Cell A4 then it works and goes...
  15. P

    Max if statement to return blank if no data

    Here is my current formula {max(if(a3:a1000=B3,i3:i1000,””))}. So this is returning my max value when there is one or multiple but it’s putting a 0 when there isn’t anything.
  16. C

    Date finding help

    Hello, Im currently working on a spreadsheet for my work to show what parts we need each week to finish our project, i have been requested to make out all the parts by sundays, and was wondering if putting the delivery date in one cell, if there was a formula that would see say "25-Jan" and put...
  17. S

    Stop when putting duplicate word.

    Dear Experts. I want any condition/formula which can stop putting same word in a particular column. Apple Banana Orange Apple (Stop) word already exist
  18. Johnny C

    Pivot table - stop it putting 'Column Labels' and 'Row Labels' in

    A google doesn't bring anything back and I can't see any options about it so I suspect not... Is there a way to stop it putting 'Column Labels' and 'Row Labels' in? I know they're Row and Column labels. Apart from colouring the font the same as the background, can you tell XL to desist pointing...

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