1. C

    Sort List in Ascending Order Using Only Excel Tokens [hard puzzle]

    Somebody might be interested, this is not an easy task. It asks to sort a list using only excel formulas, but not a sort. So you have to use array calculation knowledge and so on. https://www.homeworkhelponline.net/blog/programming/excel-puzzle
  2. B

    Logic puzzle - balancing unique decision trees - need help with macro?

    Hello, I need some assistance in balancing a decision tree. Instead of showing what to do with a set of inputs, I want to be able to balance the output to zero if the inputs are out of balance. It's probably best with an example... A1 B1 C1 -2 A1 B2 C2 -2 A2 B2 C2 -1 A2 B3 C2 -1 A2...
  3. F

    Data manipulation to remove undesired character strings

    Hello Mr. Excel experts! I'm in need of help to manipulate a data report that populates the entire information into one cell ("Text to columns" does not work unless there's some amazing trick I don't know how to use). This is a credit card financial statement data. Below is a small...
  4. G

    If formula puzzle

    Hi, i have the following formula inplace. =IF(L16>=3,"Inconsistent",IF(L16<1,"On track","Good")) I need to change the formula so it only considers inconsistent, on track or Good , if cell M16 has a value greater than 100, if M16 is less than 100 the formula needs to return "on track" I have...
  5. X

    Edge tile puzzle

    Does anyone know where I could find a VBA Routine that solves edge matching puzzles.
  6. S

    Finding the Best Rate

    I have a table where 4 people bid on a rate and I need to find the best reserve price that I can set to maximize my revenue. <tbody> Proposition: At least one bidder (the "demand") must bid above this reserve price for the auction to clear, otherwise the product doesn't sell and we make $0...
  7. Jaafar Tribak

    Little Puzzle UserForm Game done in Excel/VBA

    Hi all, Workbook Example sometime ago, I developped this little puzzle game in excel and I thought I would post it here ... Not much but it shows the power of VBA when combined with the windows API 1- Code in the UserForm : Option Explicit Private Type POINTAPI x As Long y As...
  8. arkusM

    Four Men in Hats. - Puzzle

    B | W B W > | < < < A....B.C.D Goto link!!>> Four Men in Hats - Mycoted "Four men buried up to their necks in the ground. They cannot move, so they can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which cannot be seen through. They all know that between them they are wearing four...
  9. S

    Newspaper puzzle challenge

    A while ago I asked for help in compiling a formula that would act as a daily check on puzzle numbers that appear in a newspaper. The daily crossword would appear from Monday to Saturday (but not on Sundays or on Christmas Day) The formula some genius in the forum came up with was...

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