1. C

    Arithmetic operators in QAT

    I have always had the mathematic operators in my QAT (+ - * / = etc). I now have Excel 2019 on Mac and I can't find anyway of adding the to my QAT. Your article Excel 2019: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar says it can be done. Please expand on how to find them to add. Thx
  2. rediffusion

    Menu for Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

    Hi! :biggrin: I have questions about QAT. 1. How do I add my `tooltip` to a button. How do I add a tooltip to any button? 2. How to change the icon of the button `White Arrow`? 3. How to insert my own icons? 4. Is it possible to add more `Submenu`. For example `Submenus_1`...
  3. R

    Copy quick access toolbar from work to home

    Over the years I have developed a really nice QAT that makes my work so much faster. I know that QATs can be moved around and so I'd like to use my work QAT at home. However, I'm finding that any button attached to a macro also carries with it its path. When I go to use that button at home I...
  4. Roderick_E

    UDF not showing up

    I'm adding UDF macros into Personal but they neither show up on worksheets when I start typing =nameoftheUDF nor in the QAT under macros. What's going on? Thanks **UPDATE*** looks like competing "Personal" files
  5. L

    Custom UI Editor - QAT Undo Button Question

    I have the following XML Code to present the user with UNDO & REDO QAT Options in my workbook The commands and buttons do work - However I am only able to UNDO (or REDO) 1 level back - I was hoping to get several UNDOs if needed Not sure how many are provided in standard Excel Ribbon but I...
  6. Johnny C

    Can I turn off Quick Analysis icon in XL2013 & QAT size (2 questions in one)

    Hi I've just started using Xl2013. Whenever I select a range it gives an icon on the lower right to access quick analysis functions. Most of the tables I select have a total right where this icon appears so I can't see the total changing for example if I paste new formulas. Can I turn it off...
  7. I

    How to customise "button" in Quick Access Toolbar?

    I'm delighted that it is now possible to customise the QAT, and even more that it is possible to trigger macros from the QAT. However, every macro I add uses, by default, a generic circle as its icon. I need to trigger at least 20 different macros using QAT. How can I customise each one's icon...
  8. D

    Quick Access Toolbar Shortcuts Problem

    Hello guys, here are my specs: Lenovo laptop with WIN7 64 Bit Office 365 Home English Slovak Keyboard Layout (so I have to press "shift" key in order to type a number; otherwise if I press "1" i get "+" sign, if I press "2", I get "ľ" sign and so on) here is my problem: When I want to use...
  9. Jaafar Tribak


    Hi all, Would anybody please give me a brief explanation as to what the Excel.officeUI file actually is .. And can it be created in office 2007 or is it only possible in office 2010 and later ? Should it be located in the same folder as the Excel.qat ? Regards.
  10. I

    How to disable the Customize Quick Access Toolbar "BUTTON"

    Hi All, I have done all the necessary in CustomUI and the VBA; mapping the custom calls to VBA functions. Now the major pain the neck is, the small mischievous Down-Arrow BUTTON ( called as Customize Quick Access Toolbar ) on the TOP LEFT on the title bar of EXCEL, using which anyone can...
  11. E

    invoking excel macros on a mac

    on my pc I have an icon on the qat which invokes a macro in PERSONAL.XLSB I can't see how to get this to work on a mac. Is there even a qat on Mac? Grateful for any help. thanks
  12. E

    invoking procedure from Quick Action Toolbar

    I've developed a fairly simple procedure which lets me reformat cell backgrounds in a worksheet after various cut/paste operations. I've created a template called BASIC.XLTM which has this code in it. I've added a button to the QAT to enable me to invoke the procedure, but when I click the...
  13. D

    QAT Need More Room

    I'd like to have my QAT give me 2 rows--a word wrap sort of view. If I add more buttons than there is room I get the >> symbol saying there are more controls---this becomes multi clicks to get to the macro buttons Is there anyway to force excel to add another row and keep showing the...
  14. S

    Quick Access toolbar custom icons

    I know how to put items on the QAT. I see the icons they show me to choose from when addding one. up until now I have been using those. However, I wonder if there is a way to have other icons usable on the QAT? for example: right now I have 6 macros tied to the QAT. each one has a...
  15. L

    export quick access toolbar

    how can i backup [export] my QAT? where are the settings stored? excel 2010
  16. F

    2010 Modify Button Symbols

    Does anyone know of a supplemental symbol pack for Excel 2010, for use when modifying buttons in the QAT?

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