1. D

    VBA code not working anymore?

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock tracking file, which is edited manually to a large extent. Currently, the four significant columns look like this: Here, column I is the actual quantity in stock. If my code was functioning, which it was as of yesterday (and I have made no...
  2. D

    Have one cell check whenever data in another cell changes for entire column

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a database full of stock quantities, here: Is there any way (I imagine some VBA coding) in which I can create a column 3 rows to the right of this one (row L in this case), where every single cell in row L would count the last time (in date, so for...
  3. D

    Create macro that sends out emails when quantity is less than or equal to minimum stock

    Hello everybody, My current excel-file looks like this: I would like to create a macro that, once I click on it, checks if the quantity is less than or equal to the minimum stock. So in the photo, for row 2 where material number "6046100" has a minimum stock of "1" and the quantity on the...
  4. DataBlake

    Dictionary Overlap Problem

    Hey i'm having some trouble identifying an issue with a dictionary that is returning a key its not supposed to have I've checked over my code 9 times and tried isolating the problem by commenting out the 2nd dictionary that's causing the problem to no avail. I have a sub that opens a workbook...
  5. L

    Divide whole numbers across multiple cells with variable

    Hi all, I need to solve a problem of dividing whole numbers in excel based on these variable: Company AA can only sale to company A and the quantity bought and sold is always the same. In this example 44 000. Company A1 can receive 6000 from AA1 and 9000 from AA2 or 15000 from AA1, etc. That...
  6. gheyman


    I have a column (F) that contains the Qty order for each customer I need a forumula that looks down column F and counts how many orders I had where the quantity was between 0-49 (Greater than 0 and less than 50)
  7. S

    How to get excel to accept input from a barcode scanner and add "+1" to a column

    Hey friends. Not sure if this can be done but here is what I want to accomplish. Our store's inventory will happen soon. Our old style of doing inventory is slow and I want to streamline this process. Our point of sale system allows me to export all of our inventory items, which includes the...
  8. H

    Sum 2-dimension array

    Hi Everyone I have the excel file to control storage as attached link. The Sheet1 is an storage, and sheet2 contains goods which I want to take out.... I want to compare the quantity at Sheet2 with quantity at Sheet1 of item "Apple" with code is "AP" base on the current date&time and Expire...
  9. DataBlake

    Using inputbox to check dictionary

    Sub findQTY() Dim pnum As Variant pnum = InputBox("Please Type in the part number") If dicQTY.exists(pnum) Then MsgBox dicQTY(pnum) Else MsgBox "No quantity available for this part number" End If End Sub the objective is to have the user enter a part number and it will either return the...
  10. thepartydj

    List of transactions with part numbers into one monthly total

    Looking for help on a formula Sheet 1 has a list of 3000+ transactions. Column A has "date", Column F has "Part Number", Column H has "Quantity" Sheet 2 has the totals that need to be filled in. Column A has "Part Number", Column C, row one has "January", Feb, etc. I would like to know how...
  11. M

    Why does assignment needed to be on LEFT-hand side?

    I am starting to learn VBA. On this For/Next loop, I am stumped by one line of code: If myValue > 400 Then Range("F" & i).Value = myValue + 10 I get the first part: If myValue > 400 Then but I do not understand the second part: Range("F" & i).Value = myValue + 10 Why must I use...
  12. T

    Macro for calculating Store Balance

    Dear All, I need help for building a Macro for my store balance for all products. My original excel file is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dpASKSVYVb2BUu7HqSryIEsv-Yc31pSf/view?usp=sharing There are some sheets in the workbook. In the sheet named "Previous Database", I have arranged...
  13. H

    Formula to order an item based on sales and quantity on hand

    Hi, I would like to create a formula where if I have sold more than 6 quantities and I have less than 3 in stock, it would ask me to create an order for 12 quantities. Thanks in advance. Regards, Hiten
  14. W

    A new Lookup Question

    Hi All, This is similar to a previous question I asked, but the table I needed to create for the other option was becoming way too large and cumbersome and the lookup number had to be in multiples of 1000. Here is my dilemma... I am creating a label quote system. There are 10 Groups of...
  15. E

    Replace values on multiple worksheets

    Hi All, I have the following information on my "Home" worksheet: <tbody> Column A Column B Sku 8008989 Title Brand new in box Quantity Brand Sergio Technini </tbody> I also have several worksheets called: Data 1, DataSheet 2, Misc which contains near identical information, the...
  16. L

    Create an UDF to get Odd, Even and Prime Numbers from a string

    Guys I would like your support on how to extract from a string the numbers and count the quantity of Odd Numbers, Even Numbers, Prime Numbers. The string can come this way with "-" as delimiter. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 3-6-7-11-173-14 Public Function MyUDF(strNumbers As String...
  17. M

    Ranking only if criteria met

    I've been playing around trying to solve this, but not been able to structure my Countifs, and was wondering if someone could assist. I have data within a table in Excel 2016, and need to rank these. Table looks like this: Site Type Quantity Use Data In Main Report...
  18. P

    Find values in columns that may change

    How do I search a pre-defined pivot table with Month names as headers, then the pivot table has 2 values Cost and Quantity so when these are in the Values field in the Pivot table and I have let's say 4 months selected in the year, the first 4 columns will be Cost, the next 4 will be Quantity. I...
  19. H

    sumif only filtered area

    Hi, i need to add only filtered area if criteria is met.... I am adding quantity of sales by salesperson. B2 is salesperson name H2 is the total quantity sold in filtered area. This is the cell i need calculated. C13 to C1000 is salesperson name D13 to D1000 is quantity sold for each sale...
  20. S

    Compile different column data

    Hi All, We are collecting spare sale information using Microsoft, data is getting accumulated as Spare code 1 – Spare code 1 Qty , Spare code 2 – Spare code 2 Qty , Spare code 3 – Spare code 3 Qty , Spare code 4 – Spare code 4 Qty . Now we want to compile the file as ASC name , spares list...

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