query editor

  1. M

    Website Connection Query

    Hi, This is a long shot. I've set up a connection to a website that pulls historical data into a table in my spreadsheet. I've used the URL below to create the connection/query. My question is is there anyway of automatically updating "end=20180115" so each day when I refresh the spreadsheet...
  2. J

    How avoid reading data as numeric with Query towards XLSX Workbook?

    I have an Excel xlsx workbook generated by a export from a IT system. I'm trying to leveraging Excels awesome Query language feature do some ETL operations before the data will be sent on to another system. TL;DR I'm stumbling on an issue that my source data is interpreted as numeric data when...
  3. J

    Replacing values in a table column using a custom function

    I'm new to Power BI and Power Query in Excel (right now I'm working in Excel 2016). When working with the Advanced Query Editor, I have learned I can invoke custom functions I've built in the M Query language, so they run on columns in a table and generate a new column that holds the results of...
  4. J

    Understanding variable assignment

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and a bit stuck, when I work with the Query Editor in Excel 2016. Editing in the advanced expression mode, which I understand is using the M query language, I get errors about Token Comma expected when I makde a custom function using the code below. Its adding the row...
  5. S

    Microsoft Query Data not coming over

    Hi, I used the Microsoft Query to access data from an access DB that I maintain. when I import it, I view the data in the Wizard tool and it has the correct data but once I close out of it, the data that is imported into the Excel (in table form) is not right. Particularly any columns that have...
  6. M

    Database Query Error

    Hello! I inherited a report and I am not sure how to fix it. I am trying to debug this set of workbooks that have lost connection through the data model and keep getting the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error. I have 10 tables that are all doing the same thing and 3...
  7. S

    Pivot Columns with repeating rows

    I am trying to pivot columns with repeating data to rows. However as I have duplicated information in the Data column when I Pivot (Don't aggregate) I get the following error message. <tbody> <tbody> Value Data Name Eric Address Line 1 29 Acacia Road Address Line 2 Dandytown Address...
  8. E

    Table Properties – No Table Preview just Query Editor

    I am using Office 2016 64 bit and running into a problem with the Table Properties in PowerPivot. When I import a file (from Excel), but forget to include, exclude a column or set a filter correctly on the initial import I use to be able to go to Design->Table Properties and modify the import...
  9. K

    Power Query -- When do changes in the query editor get saved?

    I love having the navigation pane in the query editor so I can go back and forth between queries without loading them. However, I've been losing some work from time to time* and it occurs to me to wonder when and how these changes get saved. If you go in and group and rename queries, do you...
  10. A

    Question on query source and set up of workbook

    I have a workbook with several tabs. One tab is called master. I then have another tab called summary sheet. On the summary sheet i have several tables which are all queries looking into the master tab. This is all on one computer and works fine. however if i want to put it on a usb the...
  11. S

    Repeating rows to columns

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> I have imported a txt file in to Query editor, separated in to two columns and cleansed the data to give me a data set with 31 unique row labels in column A and the information in column B. (see below) Is there a way I can transform this data within query...
  12. A

    Populating Query Criteria from Excel

    Hi there I have the following Query and I want the user to enter Start Date in Excel that will trigger the Query. is it possible to it? SELECT Problems_ProblemLog.EntryNo, Problems_ProblemLog.RejectID, Problems_ProblemLog.ProblemDescription, Problems_ProblemLog.ActionDescription...
  13. A

    Macro to pull data from oracle

    I Have a workbook which consists of 50 worksheets and i use Edit query window to pull the data from oracle on all these sheets. We run this once in a month. I have to go to every sheet and execute this code which is time consuming and i have to change the date value everytime.Please help me with...
  14. dab1477

    Use offset within query?

    Thanks in advance for the assist. I am attempting to create a calulation within a query that says the following: Fixed Days: field1+Field2 My issue is as follows: I need the query to perform the following in my Fixed Days calculation column. If Field 3 = field 4, then Fixed Days =0, else Fixed...
  15. S

    Need SQL edit pad kind of a thing

    is there a way or tool to see the SQL query in access in a structured and Indented way. Its very tough to read a query in access. Please share if you know any free tool, where if we paste the code, it automatically format and indents it and thus easier for us to read. Thanks SKV

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