1. A

    Running macro after data retrieve is slow

    Hi All, I have a MS SQL stored procedure returning data to excel. After retrieval I carry out some actions using a macro. When I run the query and then run the macro, the macro takes a long time. If I run the query save, close and reopen the workbook and run the macro first, then it executes...
  2. M

    Google Sheets | Where do I put a TOTALS array in the following formula?

    Good afternoon, Please could you advise where i would put the following array: {QUERY;{"TOTAL",SUM($E$5:$E)}} ...in this query: =IFERROR(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("sheetname","INVOICE_ENTRY!B2:J"), "SELECT *" & IF ((LEFT(G4,1))="*", "WHERE Col7 STARTS WITH '"& RIGHT(G4,LEN(G4)-1) &"' AND Col1...
  3. L

    Help with if then query

    i All, In English, I want to populate the cell J4 based on the table value (see attached image) If cell IA = WDDS the populate with table WDDS value 6:00 If cell IA = WDAS the populate with table WDAS value 12:00 If cell IA = WDNS the populate with table WDNS value 20:00 If cell IA = WEDS the...
  4. M

    Query refresh date / time : how to retrieve in VBA ?

    Hi All, Is there a way to retrieve in VBA the latest refresh date / time of a query ? Thanks!
  5. J

    Inventory spreadsheet with table parameters so I can select either retail or wholesale and then a price threshold

    I'm working on a spreadsheet for our inventory. The inventory is pulled out of a SQL database called Inventory. The retail price field is called PriceRetail and the wholesale price field is called PriceWholesale. The table starts in cell A6. I have a dropdown in cell B3 so I can select...
  6. C

    Access Report Using CrossTab Quary for people

    Tyring to build a report that shows Organization and position that people are in. For example: There is a table that shows all employees (admin) and them in the respective positions Sort ORder Org Big Boss Manager Worker 1 South Group me 1 South Group vacant 2 North Group Tom...
  7. MrKowz

    [Excel 2016] Query Silent Refresh?

    Good day, everyone! I'm in an environment that is running two different versions of Excel. Excel 2016 and O365. I developed a utility which has three data connections to other Excel files, and these data connections are causing me issues. In Excel 2016, I've recently discovered that when a...
  8. A

    Retrieve data from Oracle DB using VBA Excel containing Japanese Character

    I am trying to fetch data from my oracle db using excel VBA. I have made the connection and successfully fetching the data, however my data containing japanese character is broken. It became something like "A14 ソソ: ソソソ ソ ソソ: ソソソソ (ソソソソソ)" I wonder why my data containing japanese character is...
  9. J

    Type Id and search record directly in sql

    Hi there to all Mr Excelssss men. Ok, i know we can type an sql query and bring data to our excel. What a want to do, is to type something, which in this case is an Invoice ID number, and that triggers sql query and give me back some fields. I actually have the query that brings all the records...
  10. A

    VBA code help to write a query

    I want to have a list of values, say 0001, 0002, 0003, and 0004, and have them formatted into the following text string, where the list of values populate only the bold portions of the below text. I want to have all 4 generated so I can copy/paste them into RapidSQL. Any ideas? select * from...
  11. D

    Query Summarizing Records by Week

    I have a table TTimeRecords with records including DateofJob and HoursofWork. DateofJob | HoursOfWork 1/1/19 | 6.0 1/2/19 | 8.0 1/2/19 | 6.0 1/3/19 | 7.0 1/3/19 | 8.0 I then wanted to create a query in which hours were summarized for 2019 on a weekly basis, with...
  12. T

    Correct dates inserted into incorrect fields in table.

    I have a table that has serial numbers with dates that show when a job was entered, the date it was closed and the date it was installed. The Date of the installation is on the incorrect line and I would like to have it put onto the correct line. How can I do this in Access without going thru...
  13. A

    Link Excel to Yahoo Finance

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to download financial data from yahoo finance: specifically I have all the tickers of the shares of the Italian market (circa 450 stocks) in an Excel file and I would like to extract some tables from the "key-statistics" section. I'm not very skilled with VBA and...
  14. M

    Slow refresh

    Hi, I am beginning in power Query in Excel. I have a general issue is the speed of refresh. I have something very basic code like : Source1 = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="tblprofit"]}[Content], #"Filtered Rows1" = Table.SelectRows(Source1, each ([Sales organisation] <> null) and...
  15. M

    Get Excel formula in query

    Hi, In Query, is there any way to get the information that in the table sourced which columns have excel formulas, which columns have values? Thanks!
  16. M

    Question Query speed

    Hi, Something strange when using Queries: I found a huge speed difference between these 2 situations : Situation1: - I make a first query "query1" and I do not load the result on a worksheet1 - I make a second query "query2" which call the "query1" by basically Source1 = query1 and do some...
  17. M

    Query table not load on sheet

    Hi, I am starting to use Power Query. After query table is done, I load it to a specific sheet to get the results, then I can use again this table for further calculations. My question is: do I mandatory need to load the query table in a sheet to get the data for further calculation in excel...
  18. K

    Query Editor - Issue with coverting date format when year changes when date format is Day DD MMM e.g Sat 28 Dec

    https://imgur.com/a/2bFUSl2 At the switch over to 2020 it just shows as an error using the following #"Changed Type" =Table.TransformColumnTypes(Data0,{{"Column1", type date}, Is there an way to handle this?
  19. M

    Power Query not loading data - Stalling

    Recently I have had both relatively small power queries (180 rows, 10 lines of M code) and larger (approx. 6000 rows, 25 lines of M code) stall at the load stage. It happened first with the larger query and I thought it had to do with the size of the query. But it has now happened with smaller...
  20. M

    Importing files with variable number of columns

    I noticed something odd today and I don't know if this is new or if I just never encountered this before. I have 3 files in a folder and imported from the folder into Power Query. 2 of the files have 2 columns, 1 file has 3 columns. Power Query imported just the first 2 columns from each...

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