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  1. A

    Formula LOOKUP returns incorrect value

    I have a list of names and want to find each person's designation from a database, but LOOKUP won't give me the correct value :( This is my formula: =LOOKUP(A1646,A3:A3514,I3:I3514) Col A - Name Col I - Designation Please note that the names are not repeated. How could I make it right?
  2. A

    Extract anything that has a ".com"

    I have a list of texts and withing there the users mentions sometimes their email address and sometimes their websites Also sometimes they have more than one email address and more than one urls in the same column The column looks like <tbody>...
  3. K

    Excel Formula

    Dear all, Did any one can teach me how to set this difficult formula in excel cell ? Please refer to the image as below. Thank you.
  4. V

    Top 5 Denomination

    Hi, i have some data where i want top 5 denomination of 1 customer no. there is huge data with customer no. & it's denomination. Data is like below. Customer no. Denomination <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 8130038377 130 8130038377 100 8130038377 100 8130038380 60...
  5. caritx

    Formula Question

    I have the following data in Columns A and B and I want C to be my formula. Column A------- Column B 4152 -------------Y (blank) ------------N 1524 --------------N (blank)-------------...
  6. M

    Asking a ? in a formula

    I have a worksheet for my wife that she needs to fill out weekly for work. It contains 3 cells that I want to automate. My problem is that some of the date required changes at times. I will explain. One cell needs this.. (Daily Goal Quota) = "Remaining monthly goal ÷ # of days left in the...

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