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    Auto renumber a queue

    Hi all, I have a list of items with a priority order with 1 being the highest priority. Sometimes, the priority will change and 1 will become 3. Is there a way to auto renumber the cells so that when a priority changes (for example: #1 becomes #3 ), the list will automatically shift and...
  2. J

    Copying Multiple Results into Different Tab

    Hello, I have all my Data on a tab called "Queue Data". In Column A is the Queue Name. Column B has dates. This tab will have daily data put into it so the names of each queue will be listed multiple times and will look like the below example: Name Date EUC 10/20/19 SBKC 10/20/19...
  3. P

    Two Yes/No fields

    Hi! I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. I have two access queries. Person 1 and Person 2. There is a checkbox for Person 1 to send to Person 2. When Person 2 is done, they would select a checkbox showing complete and it would go back to person 1. I am unsure of how to get the...
  4. S

    Max Value with Single Criteria

    Im trying to get the Max value from the longest wait time for the month of Jan, Feb and Mar.i tried using =max(if($c$c="Jan",$h$h)) but it wont work, can someone help me please? thank you so much. SkillGroup Year Month Day Total Inbound Calls Total Calls To Queue Total Calls Abandoned In...
  5. T

    How to get outlook email received date and time in excel

    Hi All, Please note that, i want to get outlook current date (today) email subject name, Email received date and time in a excel. Note : I have configured business Queue in my outlook. I want to get the data from added business queue. Any one can help Regards, Mohideen Thasthahir
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    Time Calculation for a Unique ID with Multiple Lines/Instances

    <tbody> ID Assigned Queue Queue Entry Time Time in Queue AAA Test 12/12/17 3:00 (need calculation) BBB Production 6/1/18 7:00 BBB Test 3/2/18 3:00 CCC Quality Check 6/12/18 2:00 CCC Production 6/25/18 4:00 AAA Quality Check 12/25/17 6:00 BBB Quality...
  7. M

    Dynamic List Of Unique Items based on Multiple Criteria

    Hello experts, I have the following the dataset. <colgroup><col width="111" style="width: 83pt;"><col width="99" style="width: 74pt;"><col width="91" style="width: 68pt;"><col width="103" style="width: 77pt;"><col width="88" style="width: 66pt;"></colgroup><tbody> Queue Start Time End Time...
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    Dynamic List of Unique Items Based on Criteria

    Hello wise people, I need some help on a specific query. I'm trying out a simple BI to help manage the employees queue work rates. There are two types of queues; Production and non- Production. Production Codes will have volumes ranging from 0 to any number and the non production codes will...
  9. P

    Sequential Times within range?

    I'm customising a social media bot that autoposts from my notetaking program. What I am trying to figure out is seqential timestamping within a defined range. I've been able to get parts working with IF statements, but I'm struggling to get the 'queue' portion to work. Here's what I'm looking to...
  10. S

    Finding Overlap Times between two sets of data

    I have been unable to get anything other than errors up to this point on this problem. All numbers are in hours I have a set of data (3 columns by about 828 rows) that has the queue start time(D3:D830), work start time(E3:E830), and work completion time(F3:F830). These are the three columns the...
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    VBA for queue and countdown timer

    I have this VBA code that I use to create queue and remove from the queue and start countdown timer. C1 has drop down menu that user can select from it and click on ADD button and then you have a new name in queue which is column A. It is working but I have some issues: Issue1: I only want the...
  12. M

    Find and delete rows that contain date's that change.

    Trying to take a report that is copied from another program into excel and remove the unneeded data and format it into a usable format. Code Currently using to remove Dates: If Cell Like "Tuesday*" Or Cell Like "Monday*" Like Cell = "Wednesday*" Then Cell.EntireRow.Delete End If It...
  13. O

    VBA For Creating Queue/Productivity Tracker

    I'm a little stuck on a project. I'm looking to create a sort of hybrid work queue and productivity tracker. I have a list of Employees and the number of evaluations and supervised hours required for each. I've written the start of the VBA for the first agent off the list to be pulled in as...
  14. R

    Creating a Queue in Excel

    I'm brand new to VBA and I don't really know what I'm doing yet. I searched google to find a way to create a queue system in excel. Here is what I would like to do: Pull emails from outlook into a spreadsheet and click an add button that would add the From and Subject of the email to the...
  15. E

    Move up the queue when modified

    Hi guys! I hope you can help me out :) I have a table below with test names and modifiers (yes or no). What I need is for the bottom name to go up the queue every time it is modified by entering a value in cell next to it. It is even possible? Any ideas? <style type="text/css">...

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