1. G

    Data into age buckets

    I have a large list with one columns that have age, gender and race. I need to sort the gender and race into the following age groups: 17 and under 18-64 65-84 85 and older All that comes to mind to me is to do an if statement where I look at the age column and say, for instance, if it...
  2. D

    Help - vba convert slicer to pdf file?

    Hi, I have a horse racing spreadsheet and want to convert each slicer data into a pdf file. for example i want to print the race meeting (slicer 1) and each race number (slicer 2) at that meeting into a pdf. is this possible using vba?. basically i want the pdf file to read like this race...
  3. G

    Crazy Counting Question

    I have an Excel sheet that shows the race for a list of students. I need to count how many of each race I have. However, there are some weird rules that come along with it. If a student has a "Y" in only one of the race columns, they are considered that race and need to be counted as that...
  4. kelly mort

    Issue getting the value from an array instead of index

    Sub GetOutPut() Dim V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Dim TheList Dim output V1 = "This One" V2 = "The Boy" V3 = "That One" V4 = "Car Race" V5 = "Cash Money" TheList = Array(V1, V2, V3, V4, V5) Output = Application.WorksheetFunction.RandBetween(LBound(TheList), UBound(TheList)) MsgBox TheList(output)...
  5. E

    Horse Racing Strength

    Hello all, I am looking to produce a rating (number) for a horse based on it's previous race strength figures. In the below example the highest race strength is "19" but i want to be able to rate the horses based on Starting price (lowest to highest) and Last Start Margin ((lowest to highest)...
  6. A

    Schedule creation

    I don't know if excel will work for this so let me know thoughts. Trying to create a macro to create a racing schedule. Criteria : Multiple clubs, each club might have 1 to 6 teams. 2 teams race at a time against each other. Each race might be a 3 of 3, 4 of 4, 5 of 5, or best 3 out of 5...
  7. M

    Copy and Paste Title

    Good Afternoon all, Is there a macro for copying data from Sheet 2 to Sheet 1. I have the day's horseracing cards on sheet 1 and I have the title of each race on sheet 2. I want to copy the race title for each race and paste it into the correct cell on sheet 1. Example...the first race title...
  8. S

    Pivot Chart Layout

    Hi everyone, I want to make a pivot chart to track performance of drivers in a race series. I can make it as a normal chart, but would like the have the filter options to remove certain drivers, or compare directly. I'm unsure on how to layout the data source, and seem to be having issues...
  9. Tenbapps

    Drop Lowest Score Formula

    Hello, Below is a championship table for the model cars that I race. There are 4 championship rounds - Coulsdon, Roedale, Haydon & Pinewood and I would like a formula in the last column where it currently says #NUM ! that shows the best 3 results only - we are yet to race at Pinewood, but I'd...
  10. M

    Horse racing treble permutations

    Let's say I've selected 10 horses to bet on during a day and I would like to combine them into trebles covering all different permutations. There is more than 1 horse in each race that I want to bet on. For example, Race 1: Horses 6 & 9 Race 2: Horses 2, 4 & 7 Race 3: Horses 1, 3, 5 & 8 I know...
  11. O

    Index / match? To return an adjacent cell to a min formula

    Hi. I have this formula in my Excel spreadsheet: =MIN(C4,K4,S4,AA4) It gives me the minimum time value from each race, as the running event is comprised of 4 sub events of which your best time counts. I would like to know, how do I get my spreadsheet to display the adjacent cells to the left...
  12. B

    VLookup formula to extract data based on row and columns

    Good day, I’m not sure if vlookup is the right way to go, but this is all I really know. I am open to any suggestions to the following: I have 2 sheets in my excel woorkwork: Sheet one has the following data: A2: Date B2: Race C2: LICNO D2: NAME E2: SURNAME F2: SEX G2: AGE H2: CAT I2: HMS...
  13. R

    Championship Points work book

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some help. I have to manage points and pay for a racing series and I'm trying to create a workbook to help me keep track of everything. So this is how I'm going about it so far. If you think I'm on the wrong track, please make any suggestions I am just a novice...
  14. S

    Formula to find largest number in a list

    I have the following: Column EN - set of codes which represent dates and race numbers (i.e. the formula in EN is =concatenate (date,race number) so it provides a unique code for each race Column BJ - list of numbers which represent the horses best rating and is different for cell I want a...
  15. K

    excel vlookup or index with if

    I uploaded the file so basically formula should look into column a first example it would look into A2:A12 because its one race with 11 horses it should into if AR2:AR11=1 and BT2:BT11<3 and it should the same time look if in the same race Power 2 AR2:AR11= 2 AP2:AP11<3 and BT2:BT11<3 then bet...
  16. A

    Can you use vlookup for this and if so how

    I have one spreadsheet that looks something like this <tbody> date track race n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 1/11/2017 doomben 1 4.5 2.3 18 8 6 1/11/2017 dubbo 5 2.3 4.5 8 20 2/11/2017 flemington 4 2 5 7 </tbody> now i want to get the correct n value for the correct...
  17. S

    Formula To Count a Number of Occurences Only Once If They Have The Same ID Number

    Hello, So this is a bit difficult to explain, but I am going to do my best. I have 12 tabs for each month of the year (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, etc.), and then I have one more tab titled "Monthly Errors." On the "Monthly Errors" tab, I have a column for each month starting in Column B. I then have...
  18. M

    Forcast error

    Hi GUYS!!! Trying to do this for a simple horse racing forcast.... I'm having a problem forcasting a horse that stays in same race ( purse ) Can you help? <tbody> 15000 72 18000 66 14000 74 18000 72 18000 67 18000 #DIV/0! FORCAST 20000 58 18000 72 23000 46...
  19. S

    Getting multiple values between two different characters.

    Hello all, I have a list of values that look like this: ;Asphalt Late Model>Rear Suspension;Road Race>Rear Suspension What I need to do is get all of the values between ; & >. So in this example the output would be Asphalt Late Model;Road Race Any help would be very appreciated, as I've...
  20. E

    Rank with a 4 tie break criteria

    Hi all, this is my first post so please go easy :) I have a Speedway grand prix sheet i have put together with basic formulas. Not happy with that i have tried to go a bit further and have now gotten out of my comfort zone. As u can see from the sheet the AC column totals up the riders score...

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