1. T

    Random Sort People into Groups of 4

    Hi All, I have been working on sorting members of a club into Random Names into Groups of 4 People. I have 2 sheets that I use for this. This is sheet 1 below for the purpose of this I have used animals instead of names. Following Formulas used below: Column E Copied down to E28 First Row 5...
  2. B

    Generating random numbers / Sum with a command button

    Hi, I need to create a code that will generate random numbers at the click of a command button "start" until the person click another command button "stop"..... the numbers will appear on the form and once stopped, it will provide the overall sum of all numbers generated can someone help me...
  3. B

    RAND gives #n/a

    hi, in excel I have <tbody> Sex Probability Cumulative Prob M 80% 80% F 20% 100% </tbody> These are in a sheet called probability of Client and run from cells E1 to G3. In another worksheet i have put the below formula in. Most of the time the result is #n/a with the occasional 'M'...
  4. G

    Generate correlated normal random series

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with the following. In excel I'd like to simulated return series for 2 correlated assets, X&Y, with the following properties, and using a normal distribution: Mean X:0.15%, Std Dev X:7.25% Mean Y:0.55%, Std Dev Y: 5.5% Correlation of X,Y: 0.66 Thanks
  5. M

    Pulling Data from A RAND() Built Simulation with Macros

    Hi All, I don't have a Monte Carlo Simulation Add-in (if any of you know of a good free one please let me know), so what I did was use the randbetween() function and then used and =if to create probabilistic choices (ex. I am building a model to forecast financial projections, but not entirely...
  6. J

    Generate numbers that between 80% and 120% of fraction data

    I have a database that has monthly results for several different entities that are fractions (.55.56%). I want to generate some additional monthly results that are say between 80% and 120% of the existing numbers. I have 3 months of data and I want to expand it so I have 12 months to make the DB...
  7. V

    Help with RAND() problem. Usinf IF and AND.

    Dear Forum I would be very grateful for some help as I just cannot get the correct output from using RAND(). If I enter in any cell the following I had expected to get just 2 results. In this case just a "<5" or ">5". What I dont understand is why there is a third. Why is the false being...
  8. S

    How to Create list of random numbers which gives specific total value?

    How to get specific total as sum of randomly(using randbetween/rand()) generated values? I always want to get specific value as the sum of randomly generated values For example I have sheet as shown below. <tbody> A B 1 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 5 2 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 6 3...
  9. M

    How to code for multiple cores (rand() and monte carlo)?

    I have a rather smallish workbook I am trying to speed up. It is a behavioral model where each row consist of a “choice”: Based on some rand()s and likelihoods calculated from the result of the previous row it generates its own result that are then used in the next line etc for a total of 250...
  10. F

    How to automatically randomize data on Copy / Paste?

    Hello everyone, It was necessary to create an automatic sampling program in Excel, which has 5 columns on the first sheet that contain the following: Sheet 1: Column A: follows RAND() under this idea “=IF(B2>1;RAND())”. Columns B to E have the data that are to be filtered randomly. Sheet 2...
  11. P

    Options to speed up calculation of non-volatile RAND() function for Monte Carlo simulation?...

    Hello, I am currently developing a basic monte carlo simulation for planning, based on a beta distribution. I have 12 worksheets, each with up to 20 columns - one for each different scenario (different max, mode, min variables), with each scenario being modelled for 2000 events (i.e. 2000...
  12. H

    Making RAND() non-volatile?

    I am using RAND() to randomly select items from half a dozen lists. Each list has only 2 to 7 items in it, but I need to make thousands of selections. The problem is that every time I load the spreadsheet, RAND() automatically runs, making new selections, but I only want RAND() to run on my...
  13. T

    Random Within Certain Parameters

    I'm trying to create a sequence of random returns that will always have a specific standard deviation. I've tried "=NORMINV(RAND(),HypotheticalAVG,HypotheticalStDev)" and it gives pretty decent results, but the Standard Deviation is generally between 0 to 5% off of the desired result. Is it...
  14. G

    RAND() and permanently capturing the results

    Hi all, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am currently using “=ROUND(<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags"...
  15. S

    fix random values

    help me, if i have a value in A1 cell, want to add random value to A1 in B1 cell(B1=A1+rand()*8) but whenever i click other cell or open the file B1 value changes eventho A1 value is fixed. is there any way to do,when i changes A1 value then only B1 value should change.

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