1. T

    Random Number Generator

    Hey guys, Let me first say "thank you" in advanced. I was asked to create a random number generator. I am using the =CHOOSE(RANDBETWEEN(x,x) function. So for example, My formula looks like this...
  2. I

    User defined non-volatile function adding specified number of randbetweens

    Using Windows 7 and Excel 2013. I'm trying to create a function to facilitate table top role-playing (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons). I want the formula to accomplish a randbetween for a specified number of times. I would also like the formula to be non-volatile (i.e. doesn't recalculate every time...
  3. F

    HELP: How to get random data from a 'table' using 'randbetween'

    I have a 2 column 'Table' with some data (alphabets not numbers). I want to generate random data from that table (column 1) into a cell. I want to use 'Table' because when I add new data to the 'Table'... the random data will automatically consider the new data from the table. Please help!
  4. J

    Generate numbers that between 80% and 120% of fraction data

    I have a database that has monthly results for several different entities that are fractions (.55.56%). I want to generate some additional monthly results that are say between 80% and 120% of the existing numbers. I have 3 months of data and I want to expand it so I have 12 months to make the DB...
  5. A


    randbetween no repeat with fix sum example fix sum => B10 = 10.240 A1 to A10 RANDBETWEEN
  6. C

    randbetween formula

    i want to create 180-200 sec ACD how I done with this ? this is the example of 240-270 acd =RANDBETWEEN(1,RANDBETWEEN(2,RANDBETWEEN(3,RANDBETWEEN(1000,RANDBETWEEN(2000,3599))))) but I don't know how this is done ? and I want above formula for 180-200 acd... any help please?
  7. K

    Sort names or units into 3 unique groups

    It’s my first time posting to MrExcel although I’ve been using your forum to teach myself the program for the past year! I can’t say enough how awesome and helpful this community is! I have a list of 63 names that I need to sort into 9 groups of 7. This step is easy enough – however – I would...
  8. S

    How to Create list of random numbers which gives specific total value?

    How to get specific total as sum of randomly(using randbetween/rand()) generated values? I always want to get specific value as the sum of randomly generated values For example I have sheet as shown below. <tbody> A B 1 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 5 2 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 6 3...
  9. V

    checking each cell in an array whether it satisfies a condition

    So, let's say I need to have 24 numbers randomized. But in a particular way! They all should be chaotically randomized according to these rules: half of them (12 cells) should be randomized between 10-60 the rest (also 12 cells) between 80-90 so there's a gap between of 61-79 values, they are...
  10. C

    Controlling randomization without VBA?

    Greetings, Currently, I have a spreadsheet of text data that I need random blocks of. I have managed to take the data from the source column and arrange it "randomly" over five columns, but it isn't quite random. For example, the first row only contains values from the first row of the source...
  11. P

    RANDBETWEEN with left/right bias?

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to use the RANDBETWEEN function and add bias towards the upper or lower bounds? I have used formulas such as ROUND(100*(RAND()*RAND()),0) to give me a left biased distribution and ROUND(100*(1-RAND()*RAND()),0) to give me a left biased distribution. However, I...
  12. K

    Refreshing Cells with RandBetween?

    Hello, I'm a Dungeon Master for my Pathfinder RPG group and am making an Initiative/Combat Tracker in Excel 2013. I'm not sure how to go about doing this. What I'd like to do is make a button that when pressed will refresh data stored in cells with the =RandBetween(1,20) function in order to...
  13. E

    Using the RAND function

    Hi all, I have 379 sample identities in my Excel spreadsheet in A2:A380. I want to randomly assign a number from 1-5 to each of these. Can anyone recommend the most appropriate way to do this? Thanks!

    How to generate a random number which becomes fixed upon a selection from Data Validation

    Hi Guys. What I am trying to achieve: A Single form to create quotes and orders, with a cell that generates a random quote number each time the form is amended. The quote number must be different if an amendment has been made to the document. The quote number needs to then become a static fixed...
  15. M

    Random Number Without Regeneration

    Hi all, I know how to create a random number between a set of numbers (i.e. =randbetween(1,99999), however, I cannot find a way to have the number "freeze", or hold from regeneration, when I re-open the spreadsheet, press F9, or decide to add another row for a new number to generate. Any ideas...
  16. K

    RANDBETWEEN with ascending order

    Hello dear excel users, how can I use RANDBETWEEN to list the result in an ascending order. Thanking you. Regards, KHARDU
  17. J

    Dice Game in Excel

    Hi All I am new to Excel so Hi! I need to create a game in Excel, and usually quite a competent user, however for this game I just cannot get my head around even how to start or approach it! (Excel 2007 btw!) So here goes ... The game is based on 15 rounds/turns of rolling, with each turn...
  18. I

    Can I Sort with RANDBETWEEN?

    Hello all and thank you for allowing me onto the Mr.Excel message boards, I just have one quick question for you guys and I'm sure it's trivial... Let me explain my situation. :biggrin: My information systems 102 prof, (St. Francis Xavier University, Eastern Canada) post-midterm, realized...
  19. R

    Excel MVP's - VBA Code Optimization Request

    I was helping out another forum member with a solution to the following problem: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=596276 I created a working code solution, but it has to be optimized. Can one of the VBA experts out there make some suggestions to significantly speed up this code...
  20. S

    Question about rand between formulas

    Hi there, My co-worker and I are trying to solve a excel riddle and we'd love some help to find an answer (if there's one)! We're trying to use Excel to randomize fourteen individual sums that add up in total a certain amount of money but doesn't go pass said amount. So an example is 1-14...

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