range copy and paste

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    Copy table Column data using a Macro

    Is anyone able to assist in copying a the data of a table column only. I have a macro which runs a bunch of filters and from there I would like to copy and paste the column data only (no headers) I specifically need help with copying and pasting the data. Sub CopyData() With...
  2. L

    copy past range using variable for start cell address and 2nd variable for end cell address

    Please help I have searched the web and tried every solution I have found, none worked. I am trying to copy a range of cells, say T2,AB5 to another sheet. Problem is I don't know where this well appear so have to set a variable. It may appear several times throughout the data sheet. each...
  3. K

    Copy-Paste Range (Macro Vba)

    Hi all! How do I copy-paste range A1:L16, every time, until row 500? Can you help me build a simple VBA/Macro? Thanks.
  4. P

    Copy ranges from differant worksheets to active workbook

    Hi Guys, I know that there have been threads about this but for the life of me I cannot seem to find anything that will help me to copy a range in multiple worksheets in different workbooks and paste them into different worksheets in the active workbook. I have code that will copy a range in a...
  5. A

    How to execute loop only on the filtered range

    Hi All, I want to filter the range on Column D and want to copy those filtered data from column D to column A in same row i.e next visible cell value of columns D should be copied to column A. I tried to record a macro for same , but there i get the fixed value of range. Below is the code of...
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    Please HELP...User adds Row to range in file and row populates another range in different file

    Hi Potential Helpers, New to VBA. I have a few templates with macros that will allow users to add line items (rows of 6 cells) into a range ("structure") after selecting the 6 fields from dynamic ranges, which are the drop-down validation data lists (just indirects of range names). My...
  7. F

    merge two sheets into one sheet from multiple books variable ranges

    Hello, I have a number of workbooks each with two pages/tabs. On each of the tabs the data is identified by a unique number. Each tab has the same number of data items, located in different ranges. (e.g. sheet 1 A13:R23, sheet 2 C7:E17, in this case 10 items, in another book there may be 100...
  8. K

    emailing a worksheet

    I am trying to write a "script/VBA" that would copy ONLY THE VISIBLE CELLS in a specified range (A4:H75) and paste AS VALUES into a new worksheet. Then email this new worksheet to the email address in the original spreadsheet's cell DW19. I have found some similar code so I am coming very close...
  9. P

    Select data contained within a symbol and move it to a new sheet

    Hi, What I'm trying to do is load a CSV file and split in onto multiple sheets based on a symbol i.e. Column A;Column B; Column C Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data Date; Data; Data %% <---- See this and starts a...
  10. R

    Transpose range

    for the life of me I cannot remember how to shorten this Sheets("MW Forecast Calculation").Range("calcday1").Copy Sheets("Next Day").Range("NextDayTempRH").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Transpose:=True I have the below but I cannot remember where (if) to put transpose? Sheets("MW...
  11. D

    Range gets pasted as a Date

    So I'm working with VBA to copy and past pivot talbes into a new worksheet. I have several different pivot tables that are being pasted into the new worksheet, one of which has some ranges 0-4, 5-9,10-14 and 15+. When it pastes 5-9 and 10-14, it keeps coming up as May 9 and October 14, how do I...

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