range variable

  1. S

    use range variable in command to set selected cells all uppercase

    I want to select cells and turn them upper case. the cells selected will change each time. I have tried a few things and had no luck the first way it did not want to do it bc I think my use of the range variable in the actual command is not right. 'set range based on selected cells Set...
  2. V

    Need Help With VBA to Copy Active Cell Address to Range Variable

    This is my first post, but I have used code samples from this site for many years. My trust in the code I have "borrowed" has encouraged me to become a member and learn to create my own code. Many thanks to all! Excel 2010, MS Windows 7 Pro. I want to copy the address of the active cell to...
  3. H

    Application-Defined Error: 1004

    Hi Everyone, I have created the below code and a user defined function to- - To specify the range of cells based on the input dates -->sdate and edate variable -Run the user defined function searchcolumns based on input of range Below is the code Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim rstr...
  4. Dan DeHaven

    Fill a Array Property with an range variable?

    I'm trying to create a automated/dynamic Text Import procedure and having trouble filling the array properties (.TextFileColumnDataTypes, .TextFileFixedColumnWidths) with range variables. I've named the ranges as this would be the ideal way to call them from code. Here is the code: Sub...
  5. K

    Using Range Variables

    I've run into the issue where UDF's I write return errors when I try to use range variables fairly regularly. I imagine it's just a simple solution that I haven't come across yet, so here's a simple example that should hopefully solve my other formulas: I'll enter the formula...
  6. V

    Name a range using macro

    I have a small spreadsheet and im trying to find the fastest way to name a range using a macro. The way i am currently finding my far right top point of the range is using "FInd" and then ctrl left. The name is always on column C, in this case the name on top is "2009 Data" so thats what i...

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