1. B

    VBA Search a table header row filter & copy used range

    I hope somebody can help me a bit please. I am attempting to put some code together to search for a name in a header row of a table, filter that column non blank cells. But it needs to filter the whole table. I have the code working up to the point where it searches the header rows and finds the...
  2. T

    Selecting and identifying ranges

    Hi all, I have just opened, solved, and closed this thread: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1110902-creating-varied-pivot-tables-based-range-name.html#post5348104 But in it I have had to hard code a range, because I could not work out how to define it properly for my needs. My...
  3. A

    VB Code to insert pdf file and fix in cells (cross post)

    https://chandoo.org/forum/threads/vb-code-to-insert-pdf-image.42675/ This is cross post, was not getting reply so posting here. I am using following code and it is importing jpeg image in cell range B14 : P28 (Merge cells) I need vb code which can insert pdf file as image in the same merge...
  4. M

    Help with formula

    Hi, i have a range of sales starting in column Q2 and I need to add a formula that will add a value based on the range of the sale. Say Q3 has a sale value of 43.00 I would want this to return Group A because its within the 0-50 range of sales for first column. The complete list would be...
  5. G

    Dynamic print range VBA

    Hey there, I am trying to create a macro that will "read" the range from a cell such as "02" (A1:M39) and export that range as a PDF, however I have only been able to set the range directly in the VBA code, is it even possible to have it read a range that changes dynamically? For comparison...
  6. J

    VBA - deleting rows in protected sheet

    I have a simple tracking worksheet for project costs. The data is in cells (A1:I23). I coded it so the date and time update off to the side at the bottom of the data range (J23:K24 currently). It's also set to lock those date/time cells so users can't mess with it. Everything works except when...
  7. M

    Search for string of numbers within a range of columns and rows

    I am struggling with creation of a formula that will perform the following: On worksheet "Summary", search for the value found in B4 using worksheet "Table" range A2:F24, and if found on a given row, return the value in the 6th column of that row.
  8. K

    Error when selecting range of variable size.

    Hi- I haven't had much need to write VBA code in a few years, so I'm pretty sure this is straightforward. I'm trying to copy paste a range of variable size and am getting a '1004' error when selecting to the right. Basically, I have input data, and then output data which applies formulas to...
  9. D

    Excel 365 VBA to take a match of 2 factors to add to Word doc 365 table

    Scope creep, My boss wants the code below too not only create individual word documents but an incrementing list as a second document. The individual documents part is working, but I cannot seem to get this to look at a common ID in a column with the same PO# and place those in the new document...
  10. D

    Paste formula in empty cells next to a variable range

    Im looking for a vba solution to paste a formula on the empty cells in Column D next to a variable range in column A, any help will be very appreciated.
  11. L

    named range changed when I inserted a row

    Hi I named A1:A10 as myrange1. Then I inserted a empty row between row 2 and 3. To my surprised now myrange1 is actually A1:A11 ? Is that by design? if yes, then what is the point of naming range when I can not grante, it will point to the cells I want. Thank you
  12. T

    Loop to cut and paste lines is skipping some lines

    Hi all, I am writing a macro which does the following: Looks through a set range by name of the header to the bottom row of the table For each cell in that range if the value is nil, it cuts that row It then pastes that row somewhere else in the sheet - in the next blank row at the bottom...
  13. D

    Range of cells on one sheet, sorted, blanks removed and data put into a column on another.

    Good day to you all, I'm trying to develop a formula in Microsoft Excel. I have a range of cells on one Worksheet and I want to take that Range of Cells, remove any blank cells, and sort the range of cells into a column on a Second Sheet, same Workbook. The First Worksheet is set up as...
  14. G

    Dynamic Range that expands with new columns

    I am trying to create a dynamic range that expands with new columns added. I created a defined name called ("DynamicCompList") and the range for this is D7:R57. When I enter information into S7, I want the range to expand to D7:S57. My data in the range has some blanks that need to stay. I tried...
  15. M

    SUMPRODUCT Blank Cells with LEFT & RIGHT

    Hello, I'm looking to use this formula =SUMPRODUCT(LEFT(G3:G100,2)+(RIGHT(G3:G100,8))) with cells that have numbers in but some in the middle are blank. If I try and return it at the moment, I get a value error due to blank cells. How do I get it to skip blanks? I don't want to shorten the...
  16. H

    Get Nearest value from a range based on a reference cell value

    My Data Range is B2:G10 having 4 columns B,C,D & E. These 4 Columns are ‘continuous’ & have values which are either ‘INCREASING’ from B to E or ‘DECREASING’ from B to E. Reference range is from G2:G10 Output required: 1. I2=’Nearest’ value from B to E with reference to G 2...
  17. M

    Formula for a number in a range appearing in another range

    Hi, I'm hoping this will be a pretty simple one for all you experts out there. I have a range of 5 numbers and I just need a formula to give me a yes/no or true/false for if any of the numbers appear in a different range of 5 numbers. For example: Range 1 is 1,2,3,4,5 Range 2 is 7,8,9,10,1...
  18. H

    Grab corresponding value from a data range

    My Data Range is B4:L10 consisting of 5 columns (B,E,H,J & L)as shown plus B2, E2, H2, J2 & L2 is either of 1 or 0 Output required in N4:N10 as ‘grab’ the value from the corresponding row cell of B4:L10 which has 1 in B2:L2. How to accomplish? Thanks in advance I am using Excel 2007 Sheet1...
  19. S

    If, then formula for matching the count

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me with a formula. I'd like to return a text if the count of a text of a range matches the count of a text in another range. Ex: Range 1: Return Text: Data Input (these will be dropdowns)...
  20. I

    InStr() within a Range, mistmatch error

    i have a range of rows that contains text. I want to check if a string exists within this range. but i keep getting errors what is proper syntax? Rng = Range("a1:a200") if Instr(Rng, "All Formulas") then if Instr(Rng.text, "All Formulas") then if Instr(Rng.value, "All Formulas") then none...

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