1. H

    Conditional Ranking

    hi I am having some issues trying to get quite a lot of data ranked correctly. I've done some reading and possibly I need to use COUNTIF rather than RANK. Here is what I am trying to do. I have around 140,000 rows of data with the first two columns being date and time. I have numbers in...
  2. R

    Excel - non vba code - Associate a Text Phrase to a Group of Ranked Numbers

    I have ranked a list of players by score (low to high using the Rank function) and wish to designate (using text) the present standing (1 to 5 places) of the player. If 2 players are ranked 1, the next lowest player(s) would be ranked 3, etc. I would like to designate, via text in a Notes column...
  3. P

    VLOOKUP on RANK not recognizing maximum RANK value.

    I have a list of values and terms in Col A I have created a RANKed list for these values in Col B I am then using a VLOOKUP on the RANKed values to order them. It appears to work for all of the RANKed phrases, except for the greatest value - most infuriating... I have tried ROUND, or *1 on...
  4. P

    Average of Top 4 Ranked

    Hi, I have 3 columns... EVENT-SCORE-AVG of Top 4 I need a formula for COL C that will put the average of the TOP 4 ranked (COL B) for each EVENT in COL A Thanks Event Score Avg Of Top 4 1 131 129.00 1 129 129.00 1 129 129.00 1 127 129.00 1 126 129.00 1 124 129.00 1 124 129.00 1 123 129.00 1 0...
  5. K

    Using vlookup to check a date against a date range and return a value

    I have a table of schools and dates that they played a basketball game. <tbody> School Game date Oklahoma 12/1/1987 Virginia 12/24/1987 Virginia 1/10/1988 Oklahoma 11/27/1988 Oklahoma 11/30/1988 Oklahoma 12/22/1988 </tbody> I have another table that gives all of the teams that...
  6. P

    Generating a list ranked by value

    Hi everyone I have a table in A1:D9 in which a unit is plotted for each person against various locations. Cell G1 is a data validation/drop down in which you can select a person from the table (in the example below I have taken Person 2). The formula therefore needs to reference cell G1. I...
  7. K

    Excel ranking formula based on criteria

    Hi guys, Broke my head on this one so I have criteria in A2 As in picture I want A2 to be ranked by AI first starting ranking 1 as highest but if there are duplicate rankings like column AI6 I want it to be ranked first by AI and then by AB combined and display highest ranking so for example...
  8. 1

    Assign each category points then sort total points from lowest to highest

    I've searched Google but not able to find this answer because I don't think I entered the correct search verbiage. Does one need to have a complicated VBA in order for me to do what I want? I want to give points to each category where the player is ranked then ranked from lowest. Example. Ty...
  9. P

    Look up high and low values, then define them

    Hi, I'm trying to take a list of values in Column A, then in Column B define which ones are "high ranked" and which are "low ranked" So if I have the table shown below, I 'd like to take the top two values in column A and in column B label those as "high" and the bottom two should show as...
  10. R

    Ranking based on values in a column

    I am trying to rank the percentages in column A in column B. Since 200% is the highest, it would be ranked #1 . Can someone help? Thank you. <tbody> Column A Column B 200% 1 10% 2 50% 3 87% 2 </tbody>
  11. M

    Rank a row, find column header WITH duplicate ranked values

    HI all. I asked a similar question and was given an excellent reply that worked well except it doesn't work if there are duplicate values. If there are two duplicate values in a row the formula I'm using repeats the first column header for the second value. What I need is to find the second...
  12. BlondieC

    Using RANK on a range of data - need an exception

    Hi, this is the last piece for a little tool I'm working on. I've used RANK for the data range but what I need is for any cell with 0.00 in Column E to remain with that cell content and not be ranked numerically and preferablyy be at the bottom of the data content. Only cells >0.00 should be...
  13. 5

    Problems with ranking by multiple criteria

    Hi all, I am having problems ranking a group of students by multiple criteria. The rank I am trying to do should be sorted by their overall result (column BK) and then by their name (column N) in case of ties. The rank generally works well, but at low percentage results students with no...
  14. A

    Data from a stack rank

    Good day everyone, I have a stack ranked report that I receive on performance. There are 45 ranked individually and 4 ranked metrics with a rank per person based on all that data. My question is can I figure out how those categories are weighted with only the data and the ranked positions ?

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