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    VBA insert values into a range of cells

    Hi, I have a string of 101 values separated by comas and saved as "ppp.txt" document. I need to create a new spreadsheet called "ref1" then insert the values to each cell of the 1st column A1:A101 from this document and then name the range A1:A101 as "ppp". Sheets.Add After:=ActiveSheet...
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    Verify Column Headers have not been Altered

    Hello; I currently have a spreadsheet that contains 84 column headers (A1:CF1). What I want to do is ensure the source file has not been altered (columns added, deleted, moved) before I start scraping and wrangling data. My current approach I know is a very long way around the problem where...
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    Unable to read file

    I am creating a table in access 2000, that is then is outputted to excel 1997-2003. This then links to another excel spreadsheet, When I enable macros and update data the msg box says "unable to read file" All the values on the sheet are numbers Does anyone know a way round this problem ?

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