read only

  1. J

    Someone else is using the file. Please try again later.

    I'm getting runtime error 1004 because someone else has a shared file open. When I open the file manually, it asks if I want to open it read only. But when VBA opens the file, it says Someone else is using the file. Please try again later. Then I get the 1004 error when I return to VBA. Why...
  2. D

    How can I open a read only word document using vba?

    Hello everyone, this is the code I am using to open a word document using excel vba: Dim objWord As Object Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") objWord.Visible = True objWord.Documents.Open "C:\Users\dmargraf\Documents\Makro Aufgabe\Testdoc Word.docx" I need to open...
  3. M

    SharePoint Online Excel File Opens as Read Only using VBA

    I am writing a macro to open and update an Excel file in SharePoint online using Excel in Office 365. I can open the file but it open as read only. I found the solution to add ActiveWorbook.LockServerFile after opening the file but I get application-defined or object-defined error when I...
  4. G

    Removing old read only password protection from an excel file

    I have an old file that is in .xls format. When I open it I receive this message Which is fine because I have the password. When I try to remove the password I go to info to choose protect workbook but there is not a password listed and in fact it allows me to create a new password, if I do...
  5. mrMadCat

    How to open excel file in read only through the shortcut

    Hi! I have a file in the local network to wich i have a shortcut on my desktop. The thing is I usually want to open it in read only. Is there a way of doing it through the shortcut, maybe with some special lunch parameters? I don't like doing this through the open excel program and its menu, it...
  6. cricket1001

    How to allow access to workbook but read only

    I want to allow employees access to a workbook but not be able to edit anything in the workbook. I don't want them to have to use a password to open the workbook. If I protect the workbook then they would need a password to open the workbook. I don't want them to be able to change it from...
  7. W

    Remind the user they're using a read only file.

    Morning all My company have a data register in Excel which when opened, gives the user the option of opening a read only version instead of the main file. This is useful as those who just want to check an entry can do, without blocking others from adding to the register. The issue I have is...
  8. D

    Open .XLAM as read only when custom toolbar button is pressed

    I have an .XLAM file with various macros and UDFs which a dozen or so people use. I keep a master copy and have the users' copy in a standard location. Each user has customised ribbons with buttons which call the various macros. When a user first opens Excel, the .XLAM file is not opened but...
  9. R

    Save as Read Only

    Is there a way to add to the following code that when the copy is saved it saves as read only? Sub Button28_Click() Dim nom As String Dim path As String If Range("K45") <> 33 Then MsgBox ("Review Your Entries, Something Was Missed"), ActiveSheet.Protect, exitsub Else path =...
  10. D

    how to make cell/range read only and allow copy content

    Hi, I have some columns I'd like to make read only - can't edit content - but content can be selected to copy, how do I do this? Thanks for any help David
  11. R

    VBA to open a read only file, paste data, save & close as read only

    Hi all, i have a UserForm that populates the WB it is sits in, but what i need it to do is paste into a read only WB, i have the code to do the copying but i am stumped on the code to 1 remove read only and open file 2 copy data and then re-save (same filename) as read only this needs to be...
  12. U

    Ignoring a read only in a different document

    Hello, I have two excel documents that I use for project groups to document positive and negative experiences. The first document is a template for the project groups where they make their own copy and use it to enter information through a user form that stores the data on the document as well...
  13. J

    Disable save, or set file as only read only mode for users

    Sub clsoing() ''ThisWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess Mode:=xlReadOnly 'ActiveWorkbook.ReadOnlyRecommended = True ActiveSheet.Protection.AllowEditRanges.Add Title:="Range1", Range:=Columns( _ "A:AI") With ActiveSheet .Protect Password:="test", DrawingObjects:=True...
  14. D

    Read Only Format Cannot Be Fixed?

    I use several Excel spreadsheets. I am running WIN 10. About a week ago, all of my Excel spreadsheets opened in READ ONLY format, including archived documents, new documents, and templates that I re-use frequently. I tried re-naming, save as, changing settings, etc., and other suggestions...
  15. F

    How To Disable "Notify" Button When Accessing an Already Opened Workbook

    I have an Excel workbook on a server that multiple users look at for reference but only one person is allowed to edit. I am trying to keep other users from opening the file and selecting the "Notify" option on the prompt. We have had issues where people would select the "Notify" option and would...
  16. C

    Open Source from Links Window Using Read Only Mode

    I just took a new job and the boss' files are complicated with too many links and very fragile on the network. Files are prone to crash and create problems. Because the files have so many links and the directories are a mess, it's easiest to open linked files from within the file by using the...
  17. B

    Shared excel suddenly becomes read only

    Hello guys, can you please help me with the below issue I am facing. We have got an excel file saved in network server and shared for editing by multiple users. Generally it works fine but sometime when trying to save after doing some edits it says the file is read only and to save changes save...
  18. T

    Read Only Connection though New Query:From Database:From Access Database

    Using the older From Access button, I used to make the connections to Access read only before they were created. Otherwise, I end up not being able to save my Access VBA in that database until I close Excel. With this newer type of connection, I haven't figured out how to do it. It's not...
  19. R

    Access opens up as Read-Only

    Hi, I created a simple database to manage contacts. I then wanted it to display in excel, so i used the option in excel to "Get External Data" and selected "From Access". I pointed it to my database and pulled the data from a query i have. The problem now is that the excel file is the master...
  20. D

    30 Minute Countdown clock for an Excel test

    I have created an Excel test for our group at work, and my boss has asked me to put in a 30 minute countdown clock that will lock the spreadsheet down after 30 minutes (of if they finish early and press the Start/Stop button). I would like the timer to be started and stopped by a Start/Stop...

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