read only access

  1. J

    Disable save, or set file as only read only mode for users

    Sub clsoing() ''ThisWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess Mode:=xlReadOnly 'ActiveWorkbook.ReadOnlyRecommended = True ActiveSheet.Protection.AllowEditRanges.Add Title:="Range1", Range:=Columns( _ "A:AI") With ActiveSheet .Protect Password:="test", DrawingObjects:=True...
  2. F

    How To Disable "Notify" Button When Accessing an Already Opened Workbook

    I have an Excel workbook on a server that multiple users look at for reference but only one person is allowed to edit. I am trying to keep other users from opening the file and selecting the "Notify" option on the prompt. We have had issues where people would select the "Notify" option and would...
  3. O

    Read only mode if workbook is already opened

    Hello, Me and my colleagues have several workbooks in a shared environment (Druva in sync). We have some problems with conflict / duplicates files that are generated when more than one user open the same file and edit it. I'm aware that there are some vba solutions for this issue. However...
  4. troyh68

    Protection prompt for a workbook is not working correctly for One user

    I have a user that uses a shared workbook once or twice a month. In the past she would get a prompt asking for a password to be able to make changes. Today she opened the spreadsheet and the prompt did not open. The spreadsheet still opened in Read Only mode however when she tries to save it...
  5. J

    .Close method results in read only

    Hello, I'm trying to open, write-to, save, and close a workbook in VBA. I'm using the .close(true) method. I've also tried the following. Sub UPDT_DLY_PRDCT_CNT() Dim XLapp As New Excel.Application Dim ObjXL As Excel.Workbook Set ObjXL =...
  6. S

    Excel and Protected View/Read-Only View/Protect Sheets

    Hi there, I have a rather large workbook which I sell licensed access to. I have a licensee who has purchased access for four users but wants the functionality for additional admin staff to be able to open the workbook for printing purposes in the event licensed users are not available. I have...
  7. A

    Set ReadOnly connection between FrontEnd and BackEnd

    Hi everyone, I have a database that is currently split and I would like to prevent my users from editing data in the BackEnd database via the FrontEnd database. Unfortunately password protection is hardly an option since the BackEnd database is populated with information from an Excel file and...
  8. D

    Single User/Read-Only Macro

    Hi there, I am looking for help in creating a macro that restricts access to a workbook to a single user to have editing privileges when first opened, and any subsequent person opening that document to have read-only access. The document is a job booking system that allows people to write...
  9. A

    AutoExec Macro in Access 2010

    Hi everyone, Do you know if it is possible to run an AutoExec macro to open a database in read only mode if the username is different than the Admin's username? Please let me know your ideas, I am really new to Access and I wanted to avoid creating a form if possible. Many thanks! Alex
  10. S

    Read-Only - Read Write

    Hi, We have two spreadsheets which multiple people have read only access to. We have on user with Read-Write access. The excel files are not setup in shared mode. If a user with read only access opens one of the files, may the user with read write access still open and write to the...
  11. P

    1004 Error - Folder is Read Only

    Hi all, I've created the code to check for a file nmae already existing and if it doesn't then the code creates the appropriate data in the sheet and then is supposed to save it into a folder. When stepping through the code to make sure it works I am getting a popup window saying: Run time...
  12. M

    Excel VBA controlling Internet Explorer Form fields

    I'm trying to use a macro to go to a webpage and pull some information out and then change a field for a large number of users. I'm able to get most of the fields to change with the exception of one field. Any advice would be helpful. The desire would be to change S1 to S3. It does it when I...
  13. JackDanIce

    File options set as recommend read only

    Hi, At work we have a file that when opened provides the message it should be opened as read-only (unless you wish to make changes). However, because I'm the only one that makes any changes, I want to change this so for me, this message is never displayed. I can't put any code into the...
  14. H

    How to continually connect to an Excel sheet that gets overwritten by another process/user

    Hello everybody! I guess the subject line is kind of confusing, so I will try and explain: I have a server where I have a timed subscription that in every x minutes it will send a report (Excel format) to a path on my network drive. Let's call this path '\\server1\andrew\' I have it set up...
  15. K

    Read only access for hidden sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook with several sheets for different users (shared) with different passwords for each sheet I have all these sheets hidden and hyperlink to each sheet on a opening sheet. I need to give users, read only access to other's sheet (which will open on demand with the help...
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