1. 1

    Too many pages

    I've got an eleven page doc that all of a sudden has 6,941 pages. I only noticed it because the footer reads "Page X of 6941". How does this happen and how do I change it??
  2. U

    Date edit VBA

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried recording a macro but to no avail. I have a wkbk with 6 sheets, and each one has a date corresponding to the data in the form of 2019:129:14:18:31.274 YYYY:DDD(day of the year as in 129th day):HH:MM:SS.sss I would like to turn...
  3. MFish

    VBA Basic Code

    Hi all, I'm befuddled on how to write a code for VBA that takes a "Data entry" user form with Comboboxes named, "cmbname" from there to the designated next empty cell downward. Also, if there is a code that reads the column for any duplicates and lets you know that there is already a name of...
  4. C

    Date projected based on a pass/fail result

    Hi, my worksheet has a date manually entered in A1, I use the formula =EDATE(A1,6) to project the date 6 months ahead in A2. In A3 I manually enter “pass“ of “fail“. I would like the date in A2 to only be projected if A3 reads “pass“. Thank you very much.
  5. R

    Populate one cell with x if another cell contains data/

    I need a formula for cell Q8 that looks at cell E8. If E8 ispopulated, place an x in cell Q8. If itmakes a difference, cell E8 has a formula that reads from another tab withinthe same spreadsheet. Thanks in advance
  6. M

    VBA: Format all data in a column as text (aka: Undo auto-Scientific Notation)

    I can convert a column of data to type: text. But it still shows large numbers as scientific notation. For example: in a cell it reads: "6.40001E+14" but in the formula bar it reads: "640001171111044". I need it to say the latter, as these are Serial Numbers, and no math is being done. What...
  7. L

    Use text on a shape in a macro

    Hi I have 3 macros assigned to 3 different shapes (buttons). Each macro does exactly the same thing (enters text into a cell), but for each macro its different text. Is there any way I can have one macro only for each button but the macro reads the text inside the shape and uses this as the...
  8. N

    Working Days Calculation

    Hi everyone, I am in need of some assistance. I am trying to determine how many working days in a given month within a given year are available. I know we can use the networkdays function, however I have some constraints that i need help working around. I have 2 rows, the first row reads the...
  9. S

    Simple - Vlookup_If_Left_with muliple categories

    Hello, I'm trying to categorize a number in a cell for example 4557808818 the formula I'm tying to write is =if(left(a1,1=4),"airbill",if(left(a1,1=5),"online" etc. what is the correct format o write this so it reads the first digit f a string and categorize it? thanks
  10. S

    Why is this equation equal to Zero and not 555?

    I have been using Excel for years. but i hate if statements and im very bad at them. A1 is NO A2 is NO A3 is NO (The "NO" is a data validation list value) The equation reads =IF((A1="NO" & A2="NO & A3="NO"), 555,0) I keep getting Zero instead of 555. Argg. thanks for any help
  11. B

    Simple Fx question

    If I have the following data set: .....A... 1 2.9 2 0.7 3 -0.8 4 -2.5 In cell A6, I want to sum all of A1 thru A4 and average it out =SUM(A1:A4)/4 but...when I add another row of figures at the top of the set and delete a line of figures at the bottom of the set, for example, now I have...
  12. L

    IF AND or something else?

    Hi guys, I am currently trying to make a document for work and I am a little bit out of my depth. I'm hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction or to tell me if what I am trying to do just isn't possible. I have created a data profile which works fantastically well using...
  13. ironsides

    Macro needed

    macro needed in cell P2 I want to count the positive numbers in col AK (starting row 19) If col D reads "cap" thanks ironsides
  14. T

    Countifs syntax fail

    People Could someone help me out with my countifs problem. I'm trying to count where in col AM the string reads 'Dog' that the corresponding cell in columns BA:BB reads 'Yes'. I've fannied around with this for an hour or so and even tried searching old posts. To no avail. This is my doomed...
  15. C

    Need help with VBA code to pull from separate sheet

    Hi all, Novice at VBA here and need some help adding an extra element to my current VBA code. So, I created some formatting code that I have stored in a separate file and whenever we need to make use of the VBA code we open the file and use the shortcut I associated with it, in this case...

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