1. F

    Sort Pages According To List VBA / JavaScript / Actions

    Hi All and hope you are doing well, I have a PDF file that contains 500+ pages containing a unique number on each page. First I wanted to sort them with Acrobat PDF Pro DC Actions/JavaScript but its hard and I don't understand Java at all. I also want to clear here that I get this PDF from...
  2. R

    VBA or formula to transpose/re-arranging data in columns

    Hello. Appreciate any help on this transpose/re-arranging of columns. What I wanted to achieved is straight forward but seems difficult to do. I wanted to re arrange this dataset below...
  3. H

    Excel formula to rearrange the cell contents ENG/DEF/001/14 to ENG/DEF/14/001

    Excel formula to rearrange the cell contents ENG/DEF/001/14 to ENG/DEF/14/001 Help appreciated - completely lost! :laugh:
  4. P

    Complicated text rearrange

    Hi I am hoping someone can help. Looking for a formula to use on a large excel sheet to rearrange the characters in a specific order. The following is an example. "1f6f33b9-35bc-6d4b-8377-ca5fc024eae1" to change to "b9336f1f-bc35-4b6d-8377-ca5fc024eae1" Basically the first set of 8 characters...
  5. E

    dictionary question

    Hi, is it possible two have two keys for each value? Here's the problem I'm facing with. I have some balance sheets for different people with different dates in different worksheets and files. I want to extract certain data such as the numbers of equity or debt from balance sheet, and rearrange...
  6. Knockoutpie

    How do I rearrange columns based on cell value and not headers?

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to rearrange the columns based on values in the cell and not based on the headers? for example the first rearrange would be Username, Hint, Password, Site, the second rearrange would be Password, Username, Site, Hint. If i'm not being clear enough, please let me...
  7. N

    Help Rearranging If Statement

    Hi, I'm trying to rearrange my if statement and I'm getting lost in it... Here's the code broken apart: =IF(OR(F6="Y",AN6<=6),AQ6, IF(AND(O6="N",SEARCH("Comp",D6),LEFT(D6,2)+0>24,AQ6>=7.5),AQ6, IF(AND(O6="N",SEARCH("Comp",D6),LEFT(D6,2)+0>24), IF(OR(AND(VLOOKUP(A6,'WOs (DSP...
  8. N

    formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word

    hello need formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word example i have this 3 word or lets say more a1=cat b1=dog c1=bee now i need formula to reorder them on max possible combination to be generated in bellow rows and formula work with more words and mean generate max combination...
  9. P

    Rearrange Rows Within Columns

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="6"> <tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 Total 685 1713 1477 1637 1885 7397 1282 1998 596 1282 1705 6863 817 2008 1720 1573 1997 8115 1144 1526 2028 1947 2007 8652 552 1299...
  10. S

    2 Formulas, rearrange, CF.

    Hi everyone, Im looking for 2 formulas, I cant really make 2 posts for it because they run together. The first one would be to take the data from EC3:EY3 (with blanc columns in between ) which are " Span numbers " and rearrange them in numerical order starting from FA3 to FS3, its always gone...
  11. T

    Formula to Pull and Rearrange Values from a Cell

    Hi all, I have a report with cells displaying a timestamp in the format: 2018-03-05T10:07:36.794-8:00 Is there a formula I could enter that would rearrange this so that it would display in another cell as 03-05-2018 10:07? Thank you!
  12. H

    need help rearranging data in a cell

    Hi Guys, wondering if anyone knows how to rearrange data in a cell from smallest to largest. the length of the cell can be 1 to 20 digits long. Example: 1. 1,8,5,7,2 rearrange to 1,2,5,7,8 2. 9,3,7,2,6,1 rearrange to 1,2,3,6,7,9
  13. S

    Transposing data entries grouped vertically

    I have a large data set that is arranged something like shown below with a space between each data entry. I'd like to rearrange the data in a normal table, with the field labels across the top and each entry as a row. The main issue is that the entries aren't entirely consistent. I'm having...
  14. M

    Rearrange my numbers

    Hello, I need to rearrange the column D & E numbers in the column G & H as per example attached below. Example explain rearrange column D number in column G same procedure will be followed by rearrange column E number in column H Starting numbers is in D6 = 5 in this number (ADD 5 UPPER...
  15. B

    macro to rearrange columns

    hey, first time posting here if you require more information let me know. I have a spreadsheet that I want to make a macro to rearrange columns to be in a specific order, it's easy to do if the columns are always in the same spot, i could just record a macro and run it but I want this to be...
  16. E

    Rearraging data in excel - macro?

    Hi, I need help rearranging a large amount of data in Excel. The current format is like this (Sample of the data) <colgroup><col><col span="19"></colgroup><tbody> Company name Leverage 2012 Leverage 2011 Leverage 2010 Leverage 2009 Leverage 2008 Leverage 2007 Leverage 2006 Leverage 2005...
  17. J

    Based on cell value in column 1, rearrange 'content blocks' from a vertical to horizontal position

    Goodday everyone. I am preparing data to backtest a sector rotation momentum investing strategy, which is a part of my research project. For this I use intraday data. However, the query does (of course) not arrange the output like I would want it to. I have found a macro that adds a based on a...
  18. S

    Rearrange columns in a table

    Hi All, I create a report where in I need to rearrange the columns in a particular manner as required by the client. Could you help me with a macro which will will work as per following criteria Column headers start from A1 onwards (the last column header might vary depending on the creator, I...
  19. H

    Trying to rearrange columns with a macro in excel 2010

    Hi All, I am trying to rearrange the order of columns A to K with a macro, I have copied the following from somewhere else and has worked on a different sheet, but I am now getting a "Run time error 91 - object variable or with bock variable not set" - each time i run it on the current...
  20. K

    Reararange data in a specific format

    <TBODY> I am in a strange problem and need your help to solve in in excel vba, I am having a data format in a worksheet as below. <TBODY> 601 301 101 301 201 102 201 602 103 201 603 104 </TBODY> <CODE> </CODE> Now I would like to arrage them in following order...

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