1. N

    Where should i start to learn Excel

    hey i want to learn excel in order to analyze data where should i start? post some vids or books recommendations a begginer
  2. D

    Free CRM Template

    Hi looking to create a CRM system for our business has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  3. E

    Looking for a Similar Forum for MS Flow

    Good Day!! I am a long time user of the Mr. Excel Forums. THEY ARE GREAT!!! I am looking for recommendations for a similar forum for Microsoft Flow. Thank you in advance!
  4. Welsh Mark3

    Common Words in Excel

    I have a list of about 8000 company names, I am trying to identify the keywords that appear in this list. Does anyone have any recommendations? For Example Mark Edwards Supply incRick Cook Supply America Engineering LLCAllentown Engineering
  5. T

    Set of conditions that outputs specific value between a range of cells.

    Hi, This might be a bit wordy so I apologise in advance. Basically, I have a set of data where a range of cells display either "1. Agree", "2. Agree with Recommendations" or "3. Disagree". For concreteness, let's assume that these are in A1:A5. Essentially, I would like cell A6 to display...
  6. F

    Microsoft Excel Workbook - Instruction Sheet

    I need to add a set of instructions to my Microsoft Excel Workbook. I was going to try and do it by just adding text to cells but that is not very user friendly. I tried to embed a PDF file but was not successful. I would like some recommendations or suggestions for how you handle this task...
  7. J

    macro to save as stopped working

    We have had this macro for a while now and lately I get a error on the below when running . Do you guys have any recommendations? ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=CompleteFilename, FileFormat _ :=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, Password:="", WriteResPassword:=""...

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