1. E

    Autofill down 1 row

    Hey guys, I need some help with autofilling formulas in 5 columns, for example, in range B112:H112, down just one row. To give some context, I have a forecast formula in each of the 5 cells in that row, and with the press of a button, it will generate another row of forecast. So far, this is...
  2. G

    Last recorded date formula ?

    Hi, What formula do I use to find out most recent date recorded from a list of clients? Is the Maxif a good option? Craig Elizabeth Linda Roger <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 21/10 Linda 22/10 Craig 23/10 Roger 24/10 Craig 25/10 Craig 26/10 Elizabeth 27/10 Linda...
  3. D

    Please help the newbie

    I'm very new to macros so please be gentle with me!;) I'm trying to set up a series of worksheets to copy and paste raw data that is filtered from a main workbook into different cost centres and then update the various pivot tables. Unfortunately I don't think I have fully understood the way to...
  4. L

    new module for recording macros

    Hi I inserted a module and wrote a macro there. Then went to excel and recorded a macro. I went back to VB editor and found that excel inserted a new module and put recorded macros in that module and my first module was not touch. Now when I record any macro, the new recorded macro will go to...
  5. A

    Macro - Pasting cell contents into FIND Function

    Hi there, Here is my dilemma, everyday I check the last entry in a column and cross reference it with data from another workbook to see if I need to add data to my original sheet. So when i recorded my macro, I thought i'd be able to copy the contents of my last entry and paste it into the find...
  6. I

    Recorded macro placed in code shows not supported

    Hi, I have the following working code in use. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Range("A3") = UCase(Format(Now, "mmmm")) Range("D3") = Year(Now) Range("A1:E3").HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter Range("A1:E3").VerticalAlignment = xlCenter Range("A1:E30, D31:E31, B35:C37, E35:E37...
  7. J

    Dynamic Web Query Refresh?

    Hi, I have a query (get data from web > Table_2) Will a URL like: Now I'm wanting to control account + date from cell values though unsure how. I've recorded a macro and modified the URL but it is still fetching the same original...
  8. J

    Recorded macro to change pivot table filter does not work

    Hi, I tried recording myself changing two date filters in a pivot table. The recorded macro does not work and returns 1004:unable to set the currentpage property of the pivotfield class. There are many pivot tables with the same connection and filters in my workbook an my aim is to change their...
  9. Q

    Macros running on source file in place of target file

    Hi, I am having issues performing my repetitive tasks using macros. I am new to it and would appreciate some help. I recorded a macro but when I try to run it, it starts working on the source file where I had recorded the steps rather than working on the target file. Also it keeps giving...
  10. B

    Vba apply custom filter for more than 2 keywords

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a macro that will filter a database to show rows that only contain certain keywords. I used the macro recorder to recorded a custom filter but have been unable to adapt it for more keywords. Below is the recorded code. Any ideas on how I can get it to filter more...
  11. N

    I have an IF(ISNA statement that I can't get inside an IF statement

    Hi all, I have the following piece of code that I found on this site (from Joe [can't remember surname, sorry - thanks again !]) Range("U2").Formula = "=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(B2,'Fonetic Report'!B:G,5,FALSE)),"""",VLOOKUP(B2,'Fonetic Report'!B:G,5,FALSE))" Range("U2", "U" & Cells(Rows.Count...
  12. P

    Copy - pasting macro

    Hi there I have 2 workbooks opened at the same time. Lets call them workbook1 and worbook2. I have workbook1 opened and I recorded a macro. In workbook1 I copy the range A2:H158 into workbook2 Here is a partial recorded code Range("A2:H158").Select Selection.Copy...
  13. W

    Roster help

    I am creating a roster for work with some colleagues and trying to find a simple way to run a report. The roster already shows how many people on each shift via a counter. It is a large sheet dates from B9-B374 and names for staff T6 - DY6. What I need is a simple way where you could enter...
  14. T

    Autofilter: 1 Field, Multiple Words - NOTHING WORKS

    Hello All, I've been racking my brains trying to shorten a recorded autofilter macro. I recorded the macro 3x's because I have 3 words I need it to find, then it clears entire rows when it finds that word. I want to make it more compact and put all 3 criteria(words) into 1 and not have 3...
  15. J

    create worksheet report with dates and number

    I am creating a report that shows if a number was recorded on a specific date. The report will list the numbers (column A) and will insert an X on each day of the month (Row 1 across) if that number was recorded for that day. I am using range names. I haven't written formulas in many years...
  16. D

    Help Please! Group of Checkboxes creating extra boxes outdside of group

    I have to solve a big problem. I have a recorded grouped object. It consists of a lot of checkboxes with code behind all of them and 10 buttons. I have it by userform command copy and pasting to another worksheet in the workbook. It is an option for editing the cells it will cover. Problem is...
  17. I

    Recorded macro but message saying not supported

    Hi, I have in use the code below, With Worksheets("NEW CARS").Sort .SetRange Range("A1:S42") .Header = xlGuess .MatchCase = False .Orientation = xlTopToBottom .SortMethod = xlPinYin .Apply End With Application.CutCopyMode =...
  18. B

    Changing Input Files on a Recorded Macro

    Hi all, Wondering if I could get some assistance on this macro I have recorded. Basically, I'm cutting columns from one spreadsheets and pasting them into a new spreadsheet, then apply some basic vlookups referencing a 2nd file, and some further calculations (multiplications). The macro works...
  19. T

    Run pivot table code

    I recorded a macro to create a pivot table, then manually deleted it. When I ran the recorded code, it failed here: ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _ "Imported Data!R1C1:R100C7", Version:=6).CreatePivotTable TableDestination _...
  20. N

    Display only rows with matching search results from another column

    I tried to write an explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish in Excel, but can't find a way to explain it clearly, so I recorded a short screen video of my example sheet with explanation. I'd appreciate any help. Here's the explanation/question video link. Thank you!

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