1. S

    1-4 strategy formula

    Hi everyone, I need some help with a formula for an automated excel sheet I have. The formula is for a Recovery strategy called 1-4 recovery. It’s goes like this: 1x your bet amount first attempt If that loses; 2x your bet amount If that fails; 3x your bet amount If that fails 4x your bet...
  2. J

    How to detect / bypass the Workbook Recovery window and process

    I'm working with a Word/VBA system, and as it goes, it opens an XLSX to get some information from it. One of many users reported that nothing came from the XLSX, so I manually opened Excel to open the file which the code should have opened, just to prove it wasn't a permissions / access issue...
  3. leopardhawk

    Need help adding text to a formula

    These two formulas are in adjacent cells (I98 and J98) and I want to combine them into one formula and add a bit of additional text. This formula is returning "2019 OAS Recovery Tax threshold" without the quotes. =YEAR(NOW())&" OAS Recovery Tax threshold" This formula is returning $77580.00...
  4. leopardhawk

    Formula where value cannot be less than zero

    This formula works for me except that if 'oas recovery tax'!D5 is greater than a certain threshold, in this case 125650, then it is returning a negative amount. I am hoping that there is a modification to the formula that will ensure that it never returns a value less than 0 (zero)...
  5. John Caines

    Recovery Drawdown Calculator

    Hello All. I'm trying to figure out how to make a drawdown recovery calculator. I've come up with the formatting, outline of the calculator, and I've got an idea of what some of the formulas might be. Trouble is I can't see how to enter the formulas into the spreadsheet properly. I have a...
  6. D

    Recovery Curve VBA Code help to reduce repetitive Parts

    HI Everyone, I have some vba code that I’ve been using for years that I use to project the recoveries of an asset over some period of time according to a vector. So if I have cash outlay in period 1, I have a curve that recovers that cash amount over some period time (let’s say 24 months)...
  7. A

    Count of rows after MAX value before recovery, help please.

    Hello everyone - I could certainly use some help, please… Col CS is a running total of sums. (But not every row contains a sum.) Col CT, (helper column) I have: =MAX(CS2,CT1) Col CU has: =IFERROR(IF(CS2=CT2,0,MAX(CU1,CT2-CS2)),"") to help find the drawdown of theses sums, until a new...
  8. M

    Why is it always showing Document Recovery whenever I close?

    Hey guys, I am tired of this situation, each and every time I close any sheet it is always showing these prompts and also when I open it is showing the Document Recovery Pane on the left, how can I solve those two issues please?
  9. B

    How to close Recovery Autosaved Pop up

    when i was opening file it is pop up on my spread sheet(Autosaved) recovery file Can we do it like this close it automatically,it should not pop up on my screen. Any macro or tips for it?
  10. T

    Is it possible to recover a file that has been deleted with VBA kill command?

    Title basically says it all. I have a macro which imports data from a file, then kills the source file. Now somehow the imported data has been lost and I can't get the source file back. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. M

    data corruption in recovered files

    Hello all, I have a Macbook Pro that is 3 years old. A few months ago, the computer basically died (it stopped booting up because the startup disk was presumably corrupted). In the process of recovering the files from the damaged hard drive, my work's IT department recovered several Excel...
  12. T

    Custom Ribbon Recovery Issues

    Hi everyone, I've been working with custom Ribbons over the last couple of months and have just started trying to play around with the code that recovers the ribbon object should the vba backend bug out for any reason, thereby allowing the user to continue using the ribbon in the interim...
  13. M

    Clean out a template that is easily corrupted

    Hello Excel Wizards, I have a template I have built up over the years. It started as a fairly simple workbook but over time the calculations and functions have become more and more complex. Recently, the files saved become corrupted--not all the time, but more frequently than ever before. I...
  14. E

    How to find or setup my AutoSave files?

    I go into Options | Save and see that they are supposed to be auto-saved every 5 minutes to: AutoRecover File Location C:\Users\user2\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\ But when I look in that directory, I dont see ANY saved files. Why not? What can I do to fix this?
  15. B

    Recovering Unsaved Documents

    My boss was working on a spreadsheet in Excel 2002 - she accidentally closed the file without saving it (she had a couple of hours worth of work on the sheet). Is there a way to recover the document? Does Excel automatically cache documents to a default directory? if so, where? Any...
  16. S

    Corrupt Excel files

    Hi Everyone I have 6 corrupt excel files, started with one not closing properly and then subsequent files I tried to open. This is what I have tried so far without success:- 1.Follow microsoft recovery suggestions 2.Attempted to open in workpad, star office etc 3.Tried demo versions of...

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