1. T

    VBA Color + VLOOKUP

    Hi I am not familiar with VBA and hope that somebody can assist. SheetA: A1 B1 C1 101 98 If I manually highlight cell A1 at C1 = vlookup(A1,SheetB!,2... If I manually highlight cell B1,at C1 = vlookup(B1,SheetC!,2... (Highlight A1, refer sheetB, highlight B1 refer SheetC)...
  2. J

    Refer current cell in other sheet

    I have two sheets, "SheetA" and "SheetB" Is it possible in SheetB to refer to the same cell in SheetA with the same code no matter which cell in SheetB you use the code? What I mean is in cell C4 SheetB not refer to C4 in SheetA by using =SheetA!C4 but rather by using something like...
  3. T

    Refer to another workbook's worksheet codename

    Is it possible to refer to a worksheet's codename if it's in another workbook? If the workbook I am trying to open contains a worksheet called "Data" and its codename is "wksData" then this works: Workbooks.Open C:\MyLocation\MyFile.xlsm Dim wb As Workbook Set wb = Activeworkbook Dim i As...
  4. I

    Referring back to calling spreadsheet from presonal.xlsb

    I have a bunch of macros that I keep in a personal.xlsb spreadsheet so they are avaialble to all of the workbook I use. When in a macro in personal.xlsb, I refer back to the calling spreadsheet using activeworkbook. That works as long as I only have 1 spreadsheet up but if I am using excel and...
  5. T

    Is there any way to copy relative references with table formulas.

    Example of what i want: If in cell A3 I have the formula =A1+A2, and if i copy that to another sheet, cell A3, the pasted formula will be exactly "=A1+A2", and it will refer to the cells A1 and A2 in the destination sheet. The formulas are not changed to be hard-coded to refer back to the cells...
  6. P

    Refer to a Day of the Month

    I am working on automating a friends finances in Excel. If my friend has income on the 1st of every month, and I have a date range pre-defined... I would like to automatically add a pre-defined amount if the 1st of the month falls within a date range. E.G. J1 = 8/29/2019 J2 = 9/5/2019 A1 =...
  7. J

    Range Reference for an Index

    Hello: The following codes finds the last row in a table and then creates a simple numerical index starting with 1. A couple of things: ==> Is there a way to refer to column C without hard coding it so I can add and remove columns without a problem? ==> Is there a way to refer to cell C7...
  8. L


    Hi I have one sheet in a workbooks, and that sheet I can call it 1) Sheet1 2) Sheets(1) or Worksheets(1) 3) Sheets("sheet1") or Worksheets("sheet1") Sheet1, Sheets("sheet1") or Worksheets("sheet1") will always refer to that sheet no matter what except if the sheet name has been changed then...
  9. D

    named ranges...need to refer to the worksheet??

    hi when using named ranges in vba....i found that you dont necessarily need to refer to the worksheet e.g let's say i have named range "desk" in the tab "A" usually in VBA i can just do range("desk").copy but for this one particular file, it doesn't work...i actually need to do this...
  10. S


    Is there a way to tag a post to follow? In other words, it would nice to be able to refer back to see what the resolution to the issue was. Thanks!
  11. tlc53

    VBA Code - Refer to Range and Rows

    Hi there, Can I refer to a range and row reference in one line of code? Eg. Case 0 Range("208:604").Rows("619, 629").EntireRow.Hidden = True So I would like to hide range "208:604" and single rows, 619 and 629. The above doesn't work. Thank you!
  12. M

    I need a formula please

    I created a drop down list and used code to allow multiple choices of certain words in one cell. I need then to have a formula that can refer to a price based on these values and add the prices together. So in B2 it may say "apples, oranges" it would then need to refer to a cell D4 that is 1 and...
  13. E

    Is there a way to refer to a column by its header instead of its letters (A, B, etc) in VBA?

    Hello I want to work with columns in VBA, ie use them in COUNTIFS functions, create column next to a specific etc. However, I would prefer to refer to them by their header (first top cell) and not by their reference (A, B, C, etc) because the latter is less safe in case something changes. Is...
  14. K

    How to refer to table columns in VBA?

    I know I can refer to a table with [] so right now I have [TABLENAME].Rows(X).Columns(Y) = Value Can I also refer to a column with a column name without setting a variable for it? I set it as a variable in case I added columns in the table, so in the macro pulls Y from the sheet which lets...
  15. Please_H

    Refer a Different Sheet while the cell info is from the Working Sheet

    Hello ! I am trying to get an equation fixed but I can't, lol... The working equation : =SUMPRODUCT((MONTH(Ledgers!$D$61:$D$80)=D211)*Ledgers!$I$61:$I$80) What I want to get done, I need the equation to technically do the above but to pull Number 61 & 211 from 2 cells in the sheet this...
  16. C

    Specific Roundup

    Hi All, Would be appreciate if there were any Excel sensei here whom can spend a little precious time in drafting a formula for the following case. I would like to round up a figures into a specific value under a certain benchmark, for example: if value = 3.10 and below, i would like excel...
  17. L

    Can I refer to one of my posts?

    Is it within rules to refer to my post that hasn't had any replies other than my own?
  18. L

    Referring to another forum for help

    Hello, Is it okay to refer to another forum to get some help? Thank you
  19. S

    Indirect and Match

    Currently have =IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(A22, 'C:\MyDocs\[Test.xls]Sheet2'!$A$1:$A$5000,0)),'C:\MyDocs\[Test.xls]Sheet2'!A$1,"") What I want to do is instead of using pathname above, create a path name in a cell then use indirect to refer to the path name but I'm struggling with it Thanks
  20. Z

    refer variable name by value from string

    Hi, I have some defined variables where have added some values: temp_1 = "red" temp_2 = "black" temp_3 = "blue" etc. how can I refer to the correct one by text string? msgbox = "temp_" & selection.row

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