reference error

  1. M

    Writing a formula to sum a specific range from a sheet if another range in the same sheet is equal to a cell value in a third summary sheet

    I am trying to write a formula in excel. I have a summary sheet that has equipment numbers in one column and sheet reference values in a row. I also have multiple sheets that have names equal to the values in the row mentioned. I want to use the indirect function to sum the range in column G of...
  2. S

    Copy data from two different sheets

    Hello Everyone, I have two sheets with follow data: Sheet 1 SR. No Data 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D 5 E 6 F 7 G 8 H Sheet 2 SL. No Data 1 100 2 200 3 300 4 400 5 500 6 600 7 700 8 800 I am looking for a formula/way to copy data from above sheets to a third...
  3. I

    VBA Update Links not Updating

    Hello, I have two 2010 Excel workbooks: Book 1 is on a shared drive and linked to multiple other Excel books within the same folder. It automatically updates when opened without a prompt to update. Book 2 is on my local drive linked to a password protected (modify, not open) Excel book...
  4. B

    Vlookup Error

    Hi so I have a reference issue with my Vlookup and I'm not sure why. All the data seems to be matching and the format of the cells match up. If you look at sheet 1 column B should be looking up and copying information from Sheet 4 which should then have sheet 1 column E pull information from...
  5. V

    Alternative to Indirect

    Hello, I am currently working on a spreadsheet that looks somewhat like this: <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column F Column G Column H Column I Item # Store 1 Units Store 1 Cases Store 2 Units Store 2 Cases Store 3 Units Store 3 Cases Total Units Total Cases 123 50...
  6. C

    Conditional Formatting Reference Error

    I currently have Conditional Formatting using the Formula: =(C6/'Q1 2016'C6)<-$H$39 That applies to a worksheet. The Issue I am having is that the worksheet I am using in the Formula 'Q1 2016' Is one that I import into my Workbook through a Macro. So when I run through entering a new Quarters...
  7. S

    Multiple Histogram Errors; Multiple Sheets

    My goal: I will have 5 sheets with 5 different sets of data and bins on each sheet. I will also be including a lined scatter plot and a histogram graph of each set of data on each sheet (25 total). I want to only have the histogram chart visible on each sheet (i.e, I don't want my sheet to have...
  8. B

    Excel Missing: RulesEngine 1.0 Type library

    I am getting a compile error: cannot find project or library. In references I am Excel "MISSING: RulesEngine 1.0 Type library". the code(s) I am getting these errors on work on my PC and RulesEngine 1.0 Type library is just check (Do not say MISSING in front of it). I have two computer this...
  9. K

    ActiveX control screwup needs correction (old version of date picker and month view .ocx)

    During the course of a VBA project for work I needed a date picker control of some kind. I failed to see one in my home PC (all Pcs involved are running Excel 2010) so I discovered the MonthView control online, which I also failed to notice in my "additional controls" list. I now realize...
  10. M

    Excel 2003 VBA no longer referencing

    I created a couple of functions in a separate module called "Functions" and one for Subprocedures named likewise, both located in the Personal workbook. I had a function called "ConvertCalDate" defined as a date. It worked perfectly fine and I was able to reference it in any of my workbooks...
  11. S

    GetPivotDate returns #REF w/o empty quotes at end

    Hi All, I am using the same formula to get data from one pivot table: =GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of No. Reqd",'OCC90 PivT Level 3 Forms'!$A$3,"Sub-System",B234,"Disp.","OVERALL","Week #","") this is the formula that excel automatically wrote when I clicked on the cell I wanted to read data from in...
  12. Smokeyham

    Remove a worksheet, without causing a reference error?

    Working in Excel 2007, I have a spreadsheet which summarizes data from several sheets (all contained within the same file). When I delete one of the sheets, I get a reference error on the summary sheet: =#REF!A1+Sheet2!A1 Is there a way to delete a sheet, and have the reference...
  13. A

    Office 12.0/14.0 Library

    Hi, In my VBA macro I added called "Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Library" to reference under MS Excel 2007 SP2 (12.0) environment. When my colleague opened the same file under MS Excel 2010 (14.0) , the reference got "upgraded" automatically to 14.0. OK that's fine. But after he saved the file I...
  14. J

    Removing Reference Errors

    So I have a list of email addresses that changes depending on a pivot table. Sometimes this list will contain a reference error because it is hooked up to the pivot table. Is there a way to remove all the reference errors from the list so that I am left with just the valid email address cells...
  15. H

    DLL reference error .. can't add reference to file

    In windows system32 and some in windows pro Photo Tools there are some dll about images ima......dll and photos When I try to reference them from VBA Excel the dreaded Can't reference error turns up.. Can this be fixed...... if not are there any good dll available... free... for metadata and...
  16. V

    Address Reference for selection from Range - VBA

    Hi, I am currently designing userform which allows user to add sickness or holidays in the sheet.These are copied one below the other and are working fine. Absences once inputted need not be edited, however holidays may need to be changed. I have designed userform which basically combines...
  17. J

    Update Values Message

    I have a two worksheet (lets say A & B) workbook. Fixed information in in Worksheet A is used to populate information in Worksheet B. Everything is working fine. I have some fields that are being edited in worksheet B that I would like to populate fields in worksheet A. A is actually a...
  18. babycody

    Reference error when applying autofilter

    I am sending a workbook to someone I work with. They are choosing Don't Update when opening the file. The values are fine until they apply an autofilter which lets them view products by department. Then the cells recalculate, and some but not all of the cells in a column contain reference errors...

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