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    Pivot Table automatically refresh when opening tab

    Good morning, Any idea why this code keeps giving me an error?? Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Sheets("PT Obj. e Ind.").PivotTables("PT_Obj_e_Ind").RefreshTable End Sub Thanks!!
  2. K

    Updated Pivot Table Values Go To BOTTOM!?

    I have a long list of names in a pivot table, I am trying to standardize the names and every time I refresh, the edits I have made go to the BOTTOM of the list! This is maddening. I just want the list to stay the same and show the list in its original order with the edits in place. The edits are...
  3. B

    Macros/VBA - assistance required

    Hi, I've a sheet with an ODBC datapull into it. I also have two manual macros (buttons) on this sheet that I'd like to automate to run everytime the datapull is refreshed (set to 2minutes). I've found the below code and followed it but it's not working... From: Automatically Run Macro when...
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    Update Pivot Tables - VBA

    Hi. I have multiple pivot tables in multiple worksheets - on each worksheet I have a source pivot table (OLAP cube) and 4 pivots that work off this data. In my macro I go through each worksheet, change the necessary olap cube fields and then i want to refresh all the pivot tables in that sheet...
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    Macro that runs when a pivot table is created in a "New Workbook" and Show detail is used

    I have a workbook that runs a Macro which copies data into a "New Workbook", then creates a Pivot table. Column C in the Pivot table is hidden, but I want it unhidden when I "drill into column B (i.e. after a double click to Show Detail), but as it's in a new workbook...My Private Sub macro...
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    MSQUERY - optimal running

    happy new year to all. I am in a quandary this morning. the organisation i am working for at present has a nasty habit of dumping information on a weekly basis into spreadsheets on the network. The business unit that I work with then adds the new data to the previous weeks and reports on a year...
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    Import a workbook/worksheet and use the data to update pivot tables

    Hi, I have a business applicaiton which outputs either a formatted pdf report or the raw data for the report into Excel an workbook. If the users output to Excel they then manipulate the data via pivot tables before saving/printing the finished work. I have found that most of the users are doing...

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