1. A

    VBA Error?

    Hi, I have the following VBA code: Set Wbk1 = ActiveWorkbook Fname = "Path name" Set Wbk2 = Workbooks.Open(Fname) Wbk2.RefreshAll DoEvents Wbk2.Sheets(1).Copy , Wbk1.Sheets(Wbk1.Sheets.Count) Wbk2.Close False So basically this code is part of a macro that opens ANOTHER...
  2. B

    Refresh All & Pivot Tables

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with probably three dozen pivot tables spread across multiple sheets. I am sure there is a more efficient way of doing it. I've never gotten around to learning PowerPivot or macros or whatever else I would need to use, so I use what I know. This spreadsheet gets updated...
  3. M

    Query refresh date / time : how to retrieve in VBA ?

    Hi All, Is there a way to retrieve in VBA the latest refresh date / time of a query ? Thanks!
  4. B

    How do I get a userform to refresh information that changed in the spreadsheet when it is reactivated by

    Greetings everyone... Longtime viewer but 1st time poster. Hopefully this will make sense... I have a userform that tracks who gets a project revision when the person the project belongs to is gone (this part works great). In this userform there is another userform that allows me to alter the...
  5. J

    Refresh spreadsheet when listbox updated

    Hi, I need help writing a vba code which had 7 textboxes and an update button to update the listbox then spreadsheet updated via the listbox. base on the colunm selected from the listbox, it populates through the textboxes. when selected column from listbox is selected, update is made via the...
  6. M

    Slow refresh

    Hi, I am beginning in power Query in Excel. I have a general issue is the speed of refresh. I have something very basic code like : Source1 = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="tblprofit"]}[Content], #"Filtered Rows1" = Table.SelectRows(Source1, each ([Sales organisation] <> null) and...
  7. S

    Refresh pivot table external data with encrypted password

    I have 10 excel files that contain a table with many columns and many rows and that need to be updated frequently with new data. In order to have a faster record of some data from these files, I created a separate excel file that centralizes them all 10 files by external pivot table data and...
  8. W

    Auto Refresh Power BI

    I am using an Excel workbook with several tables to create a Power BI Metric package that publishes to an internal SharePoint site. The employee responsible for updating the Excel workbook is not capable (via access or skill) to refresh the Power BI dataset. How can I automatically get the Power...
  9. J

    VBA: Query refresh always runs first regardless of where it is in the code.

    I'm trying to create a macro that does the following: On theButton was clicked set theButton style =msoShapeStylePreset12 Run the query Query refresh completes set theButton style = msoShapeStylePreset14 end But, the button doesn't change until after the query has refreshed. I eve...
  10. A

    VBA Entry and Verification Form

    VBA Scripting is NOT my strong suit. (VERY BASIC USER HERE) I have a data set of users due for a PC refresh. My manager wants to get our techs to fill in a data sheet indicating when a user has picked up their refresh, but does not want to give all the details from the dataset to the techs...
  11. R

    Send email on workbook refresh

    Hi I think this is a big ask, but here goes! I have an excel sheet which is refreshing and pulling data from a googlesheet. What I am wanting to do is when a refresh occurs any new line will trigger an email. The data coming in will include an email address (Column J) I would also like to...
  12. P

    Repeat Macro

    Hi All, Been looking all over the place and cant find an answer to the following I have this simple macro and want it just to repeat constantly with it never stopping Sub refresh() ' ' refresh Macro ' ' Calculate End Sub So wondered if someone could assist at all please???
  13. M

    Last Modified Date/Time

    Hi, The below works however it does not update automatically, I have to click in to the cell and then refresh the cell. Can any one advise how to automatically refresh this once saved/files opened? Function LastSavedTimeStamp() As Date LastSavedTimeStamp =...
  14. gheyman

    Split form Refresh Problem

    I have a split form based on Table. The below code runs an append query that updates the aforementioned table. My problem is that after the append query is run, the Split form does not refresh to show the new data that was added to the form. If I hit the Refresh button in the Ribbon the form...
  15. L

    Power Query - Dynamic Column Headers - By Date

    I import a file each day that contains about 40 columns of data. 15 of the 40 column headers are dates for the next 15 days from the current date. Therefore, each day the column headers change in the source data for those 15 columns. My refresh will crash each day since it cannot find the exact...
  16. A

    Refresh Morningstar Data at Specific Time

    I am working to refresh morningstar data in an excel 2016 file, and I found the following code online on the Morningstar VBA guide: Public dTime As Date Dim lNum As Long Sub RunOnTime() dTime = Sheet1.Cells(1, 1) 'change the cell reference here (Row #, Column #) Application.OnTime dTime...
  17. A

    Class Not Registered Error?

    Hi, I have an Excel Workbook that is using Power Query to take 3 excel files and append them into one report. I have a VBA code that opens those 3 excel files which are connected to a SharePoint site and refreshes them to capture any modifications made to any of the entries. The issue is, the...
  18. S

    #GETTING DATA, DAX issue

    Hi, all of a sudden 4 of my tables wont update. They say "#GETTING DATA". Only if i go into dax and manually refresh will they update. Or if I select the QRY inside excel and refresh the workbook connection. I've tried removing and readding it back to DAX. But still have the same issue? Thanks
  19. S

    Access Database Form Wont' Allow me to Update Records

    I'm ultimately trying to setup an access database form, that has current data in it from an imported excel file that can allow updates. I have the form built but when I try to type in the fields it says "This Record set is not updateable". I do keep trying to setup the primary key but it won't...
  20. G

    VBScript code to wait for Refresh All before saving excel file

    I have put together a VB script to refresh all excel files in a folder without opening them. The issue I am facing is that the excel files close before allowing the data to be refreshed. Is there any way to force the VB Script to wait till the data is refreshing and then save the file? Also, I...

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