1. B

    block user from refreshing pivit tabel

    hi is there a way through an excel vba to disable the refresh button in excel for a power pivot table or any type of refresh ? i don't want to protect the sheet i just want to disable refreshing it (with a password)
  2. albertc30

    dropdown list in alphabetical order data validation...

    Hi all, again... I have been reading on this and have found a few good youtube videos. One in particular mentioned 4 ways this could be achieved, the best way being the new function SORT. Sadly, this is not available on my newly bought office 2019 professional. Just another way Microsoft has...
  3. F

    Using Excel while queries are refreshing

    This may be a silly question, but does anyone know what the effect will be if I'm actively using other instances of Excel while the queries in another workbook are refreshing? I've been working on linking a spreadsheet to a PowerPoint library. It pulls data from dozens (eventually hundreds) of...
  4. S

    Power Pivot Table fields not refreshing

    Is there a finite number of measures that can be created in Powerpivot? I have numerous measures; after refreshing all; some measures disappear from the table fields. I've tried searching by name under the ALL tab. They are simply gone. I can see the measure in the Powerpivot Manage...
  5. D

    Refreshing only partial data in a CSV file

    Hello, I'm importing data every few minutes from a CSV file which contains about 25K cells with data. The importing process freezes my PC for about 5-10 seconds which isn't an option. I thought to myself if I could reduce this freezing time (hopefully to prevent it at all) by refreshing only...
  6. V

    Close OLEDB connection after refreshing the query

    Hi Please provide help as am getting following error "Cannot complete this as data is refreshing in the background" When I am trying to run the following code ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table_ExternalData_14").Unlist ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table_ExternalData_13").Unlist This happens after...
  7. M

    VBA UserInterfaceOnly Refresh Pivot Table

    THere have been several discussions on this but I cannot find a solution. I used the following code on workbook_open Worksheets("Inventory").Protect UserInterfaceOnly:=True, AllowUsingPivotTables:=True I would expect it to allow code to run on that sheet including refreshing Pivot tables, but...
  8. A

    refreshing ms query to another workbook which also needs refreshing

    Is it possible to use a macro to refresh data in the active workbook (book 1) from a table of data in another workbook (book 2) which will also need refreshing from a third workbook (book 3)? that is, cause book 2 to refresh when the the data in book 1 is refreshed? I am trying to get around...
  9. T

    Refresh Solution Needed

    Hello all, I have an issue where my pivot tables/charts are not refreshing, but the source data is. I'm run an ODBC query, which feeds into a table, that feeds my pivot table. I've seen VB options on running the query, then refreshing tables, but I'm not super savvy with that. Perhaps someone...
  10. J

    MSXML2.XMLHTTP not refreshing or updating

    Hello, I have a query that connect to a API to update a set of data. The problem I am having is once the date first loads any further updates do not update. It is like the connections has been cache or something. Is there a way I can clear the cache so it will update every time it is run. A...
  11. S


    Hi I’m looking for VBA code to turn off the screen refreshing on key values in cube functions. I have a large Excel spreadsheet with many tabs and it takes 20 minutes for the system to refresh the information from our SQL Server database. I was thinking if I turn off the screen refreshing of the...
  12. B

    Simple copy a cell value to another cell on a spreadsheet that keeps refreshing

    Hi Im looking for some simple code that copies the value is G9 to AK9. The spreadsheet i am working with keeps refreshing as it is connected to an application so i want the value to keep refreshing automatically also. Kind regards.
  13. B

    Trying to record a Cell value on a spreadsheet that keeps refreshing!

    Hi, Im trying to record a cell value until another cell = "In-play". The tricky part about this is that the spreadsheet I am working with is constantly refreshing with new data, but I only want to record the cell once as soon as another cell = "In-play" - Cell G1 = "In-Play" - Record value of...
  14. B

    Only want to run Code once!

    Hi, I have some code that I only want to run once. As the sheet it is connected to is refreshing it also keeps refreshing the code thus meaning the code keeps running. Is there anyway just to have the code run once and not keep refreshing? Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If...

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