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    extract first and last name from email adress

    I would like a formula to extraxt the first and last name from an email address and as well as for the first and last name to start with upper case for e.g email address this should appear as Patrick Davids using a formula your assistance in this regard is most...
  2. M

    Hard Numbers in a formula

    Hi, I have values in cells A1 to A100 A value may look like =1234-4561+456-123 or =456+987 Or even 1234 My aim here is to give each individual value it's own cell So assume my first example is in A1 then my aim is for B1 = 1234 C1 -4561, etc. Any help given would be gratefully...
  3. R

    VBA Code

    free VBA code download to transfer data of a excel sheet to another sheet automatically. Please send the VBA Code in this regard.
  4. H

    Conditional Formatting Problem

    I have a value in C22. I would like to highlight the items in Red in F22:K22 using CF where the values are < than in C22 Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  5. R

    Macro for saveas pdf for specific area in sheet of a workbook

    Sir, Good evening am trying to write a macro for saveas a portion of excel worksheet in pdf format, but am unable to do the same since sintax errors coming, can any one can help me in this regard one more thing is the file created should be name as content in cell "A1" of "sheet1" Thanks

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