regression analysis

  1. G

    Delivery efficiency rate and analysis for a logistics company

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to create an algorithm to calculate the delivery efficiency rate (DER) of a logistics delivery company. The variables I have currently are late delivery risk( 1 or 0), distance between departure (customer city) and destination city(order city) , time taken for...
  2. L

    Need VBA for SumProduct of Array and Constant raised by Array for Regression

    I am trying to create a UDF for forecasting with polynomial regression. Assistance with the final line of code will be appreciated. The code thus far is as follows: Function Forecast_PolyTest(X As Single, knownYs As Range, knownXs As Range, Order As Integer) Dim k, OrdArr, PwrArr...
  3. D

    How to set up qualatative data as a set of binary variables for regression analysis?

    I am doing a regression analysis and have some data from a survey. One column is ethnicity. The way the data is set up is: <tbody> Yearly Salary Ethnicity Age 100 Black 25 87 White 24 57 Black 65 94 Hispanic 45 </tbody> But I would like it set up so that each ethnicity is it's own...
  4. S

    How to get a relationship equation in between variables of a multi-physics problem?

    I have a multiphysics problem in which my output voltage data is dependent on the input oscillation frequency. There are four physics coupled in the problem. I have experimental voltage data available w.r.t time. However, I don't have an extensive input frequency data points. I would like to...
  5. S

    Regression Issues!!!

    Hi guys, So basically I have to run some regression analysis on a University assignment I am doing. I have chosen to investigate the efficiency of point kicking in the Aviva Rugby Premier League. My two independent variables are: - Points Conceded - League Points My independent variable...
  6. D

    R-Squared LINEST does not match chart value

    I have a data set of x and y values, my aim is to come up with a formula which I can use to input an x value to give me the expected y value. When I plot my data on a scatter chart, using a 3rd order polynomial trend line I get an r-squared value of 0.8402. When I use LINEST to get an r-squared...
  7. T

    Cointegration and granger's causality test in Excel

    I have following data: A -> 100 150 123 145 167 200 250 300 270 B-> 290 300 280 276 234 234 288 345 399 How can I perform stationarity,cointegration,Granger's test in Excel?
  8. R

    Regression lagged variables

    hi im trying to do a multiple regression analysis with lagged variables but everything i try excel says i need the same amount of x and y ranges. example A B C D RGDP RGDP-1 RGDP-1^2 RGDP-1^3 1 2 1 1 1...
  9. E

    Automate Regressions

    Hi Is there a way of writing a macro that can search through a set of values in excel and based on a particular value in a particular row set when running the macro, regress the next 90 values in two adjacent columns? For example. search column A for a value 'StockSplit'. If row 32 in column A =...
  10. B

    Regression analysis to fit data into Log Normal Distribution in VBA

    Hello everyone, I would like to run regression analysis in VBA. I have a set of data that I want to fit into a LogNormal distribution. I called the parameters of the Lognormal distribution "sigma" and "mju". To accomplish this, I am trying to create a function in VBA, called...
  11. J

    Help with multiple regression using LINEST function

    I have ~144K rows of data and need help tweaking the LINEST function to run multiple regression against my data structure. On a single row, there are 3 columns with X1 variable results, 3 columns with X2 variable results, and 3 columns with Y results. The formula I am trying to use to get X1...
  12. A

    1 Equation for 4 variables

    Can I use excel to get make an equation for 4 variables (x,y,z,w) e.g a,b,c,d,3,f,g,h,i, would be constants w = ax + by + cz + dx^2 + ey^2 + fz^2 + gxy + hyz + iyz I tried regression but the equation looks like w = ax + by + cz + c Is it possible on ay other software e.g MATLAB
  13. S

    Regression Modeling in Query

    I want to use regression analysis to estimate savings. I have 2 tbls, TblA and TblB TblA - has ID, yr, mn, Svg for actual months (if proj started in Mar and today is May, it will have only March, April and May data ONLY) TblB - has ID, yr, mn, Pvol for 12 months I want to correlate Actual...

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