regression line

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    R-Squared LINEST does not match chart value

    I have a data set of x and y values, my aim is to come up with a formula which I can use to input an x value to give me the expected y value. When I plot my data on a scatter chart, using a 3rd order polynomial trend line I get an r-squared value of 0.8402. When I use LINEST to get an r-squared...
  2. L

    VBA code to calculate the distance between point and the regression line

    Hello guys. I made a function that calculates the distances between the points (of a X,Y table) and the regression line, while you need only the X and Y ranges/tables and of course their values. Here's what it looks like...
  3. R

    Solve for a specific "Y" variable given the "Slope" of the line.

    I am using Excel to calculate thresholds for slope. X's are the number of a day. Y's are the price of a stock at the close of the day. Here is my Array: X's Y's 3 68.82 2 70.12 1 69.40 The 3 day Slope of this array is -0.29 using the SLOPE function. Now I want to...
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    VBA Arrays and Exponential fit calculation - Excel 2010

    I have a macro which stores 10 values into an array (these are years, aka "known x's"). It also stores 10 values into a different array (these are data points, aka "known y's"). I plot these points to a scatter plot in excel and add an exponential trendline with the trendline formula...
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    How to adjust a set/column of numbers closer to 0? Regression? Curve-fitting?

    I'm wondering how I would go about solving this problem: I have a set/column of 60 numbers (percentages). They were generated from a database program which generated them with an input value of 50 Some percentages are above 0, some are below 0. (The range is 5% to -23%.) The 60 numbers are...
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    Using regression, but not using line of best fit.

    So LINEST can provide you with the line of best fit with slope and y-int as well as r^2, but can you instead find the r^2 while comparing your data to a different line, in my case y=1x + 0 (y-int=0 m=1)? I have an Observed value column with given data, and a Predicted column which originated...
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    Graph: Given X, Find Y

    Hi Everyone, I have tried to recreate a graph given to me on paper by taking a few points and ploting them in excel. I now want to find a function to return the Y value for a given X in the range of the graph. I have tried using the trend function but the regression line does not come close...

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