1. C

    RELATED lookup with text values

    I am struggling to set up a measure in Excel to look up a text value from a dimension table based on a key in a fact table. I am using Power Query to import tables from a variety of data sources as connections, so there is no literal table in the spreadsheet. My fact table is CourseCompletions...
  2. S

    VBA Help : Small Automation using VBA Macros

    Hi Friends, <tbody> key Qty Related Products Related Cost Invoiced at A -1 CAR 100$ Jan B -1 CAR 150$ Jan C 0 CAR 170$ Feb D 1 Bike 50$ Feb E 1 Bike 40$ Feb F 1 Cycle 20$ Mar </tbody> This is my sheet and i want to automate 3 tasks using VBA . Can someone please help me to do...
  3. U

    Scan All Product Data into Excel Using the Barcode

    I would like to know if this is possible. You can use Excel to scan in a Barcode from various products, it scans into a cell and either you autotab or click to the next cell to get the next barcode. When you sell a product like books you notice that certain data is consistant accross related...
  4. L

    Sum in selected cell

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help. I want to create a Macro that does the following: I want to select any cell I have a figure in (say A1 has the number 3 in) and when I run the macro it does a sum related to that number, ie: number in cell (3 in this example) +10%, divided by 2, + .5 =...
  5. G

    CountIF Values (Text) related to a Cell

    I need to count how many times an item went from a certain source, and afterwards from which source it went the most. Say... <tbody> Source Item Wallmart Apple Wallmart Apple Newegg Apple Target Apple Wallmart Apple Target Apple Wallmart Apple </tbody> How do I, on a new...
  6. R

    Looping through folders within Outlook

    Hi all, I've been asked if I can create a macro that loops through a number of email folders within Outlook and saves the contents to a location on a network (ideally it would then clear the contents of those folders within Outlook). I was just wondering if anyone knew, initially, if this was...
  7. H

    Cleaning up Conditional Formatting

    I've got a spreadsheet which has been very reliable over the past few years. However, recently is has become a little unstable and periodically crashes for an unknown reason. I think it might be related to conditional formatting that has slowly gotten out of hand as rows have been copied and...
  8. K

    Hide rows not containing a word

    Hello, this is going to be a slightly long question. I will try to be as detailed as possible. I have a workbook with data, and column F contains a long string of text, which is essentially a description. Column E contains either one of two identifiers, "Main" or "Related". When a "Related"...
  9. K

    Help with Excel app on android

    I have a spreadsheet with dropdown boxes and related vlookup cells. I cannot seem to be able to use this on my android phone, any help would be appreciated
  10. J

    New to DAX . . . simple RELATED

    i did this years ago, but cant replicate what i did. I have Table1 and Table2 and with a relationship of Column1 = Column1. there is only one column in table1 and two columns in table 2. All i want to do is bring in the value in Column2, called junk, into Table1. There are 500,000 rows in...
  11. A

    Shuffling the datas base on their columns and rows.

    Hello, Please help me with given sample tables below. First table shows the original datas... Second table is the results what I wanted to get by clicking the button all datas will randomly changed with below conditions. 1. Column A and Column B will be related datas.(If A1 goes to another row...
  12. M

    Data Validation List with dynamic list depending on related cell content

    Maybe a hard to explain title, an example: A list of products, with a value per year: <tbody> A B C 1 Product 2018 2019 2 Apple 10 3 Pear 8 9 4 Melon 12 5 Orange 4 5 6 Lemon 2 7 Coconut 11 12 </tbody> I'm searching for a solution to have a Data...
  13. M

    Multiple relations between two tables in Power Pivot

    Hi, My Power Pivot data model consists of a number of linked Excel tables, of which tblEvents is the main one. It has the following columns: Date Location, related to the column "LocationName" in tblLocations EventType, related to the column "EventType" in tblEventTypes Client, related to...
  14. M

    DAX calculated column hanging - optimize or build in Power Query?

    I have a calculated column to categorize spend types in a 8+ million row table. The existing version posted below works, but I need to add one more variable (potentially doubling the number of categories) and when I try it works in the data model window but Excel goes bye-bye when I go into...
  15. S

    Lookup from different table in Dax Measures

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a dax function measure for powerpivot report which would return the value based on a lookup value from different table. For Example,I have 2 tables as follows <tbody> City Name State_Code Mumbai MH Pune MH Chennai TM Noida UP </tbody> <tbody>...
  16. A

    choose a name in list

    i have a question related to excel. plz help. i have created a list of different products by data validation. now in the new sheet i have applied it now i want to select a product in the list. now i want this: when i write a letter or 2 letter related to any specific product of the list, is it...
  17. A

    #VALUE! disabled!

    =Y3*Z3*1.3/100 Hello what is the way to add on that formula if I do not wanted to see #VALUE ! if there is no data on related cell with formula. Thanks
  18. M

    link unbound textbox to totals in a query

    I was hoping this would be an easy one to solve, but nothing has worked. The basics of what I have setup: 1. I have a query created which displays all records of one field from my main table called 'serious incidents' 2. The query has a running total of the number of records. 3. on a report...
  19. M

    DAX Measure Optimization for Multiple Tables

    I have a brutally slow measure, and I need to create several more like it with contrasting logic in order to break down our spend in the categories a consultant is telling us to. Before I slow my model to a crawl I was hoping someone could help with optimization? Controlled PO no Pharmacy :=...
  20. M

    Transfer sorted pictures which linked with the hyperlink in excel

    Dears, I have a big range of data of spare parts where I need to find the right part and press hyperlink to view the picture of the part, is it possible to sort the pictures which linked to a certain Manufacturer or other certain cell related to the part, so if I filtered the excel sheet I can...

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