relative references

  1. J

    using relative reference in a marco to make graphs

    I am trying to use a macro to make a lot of graphs and format them from a sheet of data. I am able to make a relative reference macro work with formatting difference cells (e.g. highlighting) but when I try to make it work with a graph it still uses absolute references to make a new graph. I...
  2. M

    Apply Formula To Specific Column for Multiple Sheets in a Filtered Table

    Hi all, I have an issue with renaming cells in a filtered table and would be grateful for some help from the Excel community! Objective: 1. For specific sheets in the workbook, apply a filter in column B:B for a specific number of names Company (Parent) 2. Apply a formula to change the Parent...
  3. B

    Conditional Formatting and Relative References?

    Hello, I am no Excel master to any degree so I may be overlooking a really clear and obvious answer, but I'm trying to solve the following problem: Basically all I'm doing is tracking a set of videos on a particular YouTube channel and what their projected viewcounts will be in the future. I...
  4. K

    Set maximum for data bars in adjacent column

    How can I apply conditional formatting to show data bars based on a long array of numbers in column B relative to a corresponding array of maximum values in column C? I have tried adding a formula to set the maximum value based on $C5, but it complains that I can't use relative references with...
  5. A

    Autosum table column

    Hi... My current activecell is one of the cells in the Totals row in a table, i have so many tables with different row count so the "FormulaR1C1" method is not working for me cause each time the values are different, i am looking for a code to enable me to autosum the whole column of the table...
  6. W

    relative reference external spreadsheets

    I'm currently using Excel 2013, but will need this to work in earlier versions as well. I have a series of spreadsheets in Dropbox (for those who don't know, Dropbox keeps a cached folder c:\users\myuser\Dropbox). One spreadsheet is a 'master' spreadsheet that tracks some values on all of the...
  7. T

    Problems with XMLImport (Range and relative references)

    Hi, I've got some problems in designing a macro. As my VBA knowledge is very limited, I'm looking for an easy solution, that I am able to understand. Idea: I've got a list of 10.000 URLs which are aligned one below the other. Each of those URLs is supposed to be used with XMLImport in the...
  8. D

    Dependant Data Validation and Relative Referrence

    Hi, I am new to using Macros and data validation and have run into a problem i am hoping someone can help with. I am trying to create a macro for estimating purposes that will contain a dependent data validation. The dependent validation will work if i use a direct reference in the second...
  9. T

    Anchoring cells in R1C1 format

    Hello, Consider the following line of code: Cells(2,10).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-2]*RC[-1]/R[40]C[-2]" I want to be able to anchor the R[40]C[-2] part as I will be dragging this formula down the sheet and I don't want the divisor's cell reference to change. Is there a way to accomplish this? I...
  10. A

    External links

    I have a number of folders named: VO1, VO2, VO3, Each contain a workbook named; Variation 1,Variation 2, Variation 3 respectively. I need to link cells within each workbook to another workbook named: Register and need a formula I can fill down column to read a number from a cell and use as part...
  11. G

    Page Linking

    I have 10 worksheets that contain data by price ranges. I have created a new worksheet to summarize the data in a different perspective. I have used copy and paste (link) to insert data. On original 10 worksheet pages, I used copy and paste(formula) to insert data from adjacent column and/or...
  12. C

    VBA: using relative references in a loop

    Just a really easy question, but after a day spent on the internet without finding the solution I thought I might subscribe to this forum and ask it here. I currently have this line of code: For i = 1 To 272 For j = 1 To 13 If Worksheets("exercice").Cells(i, 1) = "1" Then...
  13. L

    Conditional Formatting: multiple conditions based on relative references

    Hi all, I am trying to apply conditional formatting to a large range ("C4:C1504"). The conditions for C4 are: 1)F4 should not be empty 2)C4 itself should not be 1 3)F4 should not equal (H4 + G4) then 'something is wrong' and the number in C4 should be coloured red. The formatting of cell C4 is...
  14. A

    Recording Macros Question

    HI, I am an absolute beginner and am following a book to learn VBA. I was wondering if someone could please explain to me the difference between ABSOLUTE REFERENCE MACRO RECORDING AND RELATIVE REFERENCE MACRO RECORDING. I tried doing both things but did not understand the difference. Your...

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