1. C

    DAX Subtotals Profit and Loss statement

    I'm using the following method from Imke to produce a nicely formatted pivot table in Excel: However, I am building on this to produce projected numbers. For each reporting heading the...
  2. B

    Remaining Work Days for tasks

    How do I calculate the remaining number of work days left? Based on today's date and an end date?
  3. A

    Excel formula/function to subtract until 0

    <tbody> A B C D E AA AB AC 1 Invoices 2 Year Remaining Task Funding Invoice Task Fund Amount 3 2017 3014.03 97 M 0 5 2015 6460.71 98 L6 60.71 98 L6 60.71 7 2018 580.28 99 F 0 100 A 5600.74 10 2019 6956.39 99 F 0 11 2017 5510.74 100 A 5510.74 13 2018 8737.52 100 A...
  4. A

    Match criteria in Column A and sum all rows below in Column D

    Hello, I am trying to find week number in C1 and match it in column A. Then sum all cells below to the end in column D. In this example it is sum of D8:D11. Is this possible to do?. The week number is going to be changing and would want to know the remaining amount for remaining weeks...
  5. K

    Keeping a running total across several workbooks

    Hello I would like to be able to keep track of the allotted hours remaining for particular tasks. We use a workbook for each day, emailing the time sheet to our main office. I enter the hours spent on a task and they are subtracted from the budget hours. The next day I 'save as' the previous...
  6. I

    How to deduct from a cell until 0 then deduct from next cell?

    Hi. I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to help keep track of bills. I'd like the spreadsheet to calculate how much money I'll have left after paying bills per month. Example: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Checking account #1 balance $10000.00 Water bill $100.00 2 Minimum balance $1500.00 Gas...
  7. C

    Auto Calculate Amount Remaining

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 Debt Payment Due Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct 2 Loan $75 1st Y 3 CC1 $25 4th Y 4 CC2 $25 10th Y 5 CC3 $30 15th 6 Internet $75 20th 7 Cell $100 21st Y 8 Ins $100 24th 9 Car $350...
  8. S

    How to get remaining text or numbers

    Hi Experts, I have account codes in column A, I want to separate them as follows, I am facing difficulty to apply formula to get in last column which is not fixed, please help I have applied in Column B =LEFT(A1,4) and Column C =MID(A1,5,4) but need formula in Column D to get remaining of...
  9. F

    Distributing an amount across entries in listbox

    I have 3 listboxes. The first one contains names, reference, and negative values. The second is structured the same way but with positive values. what I am trying to do is to loop through each row in listbox1 and check if the name exists in listbox2 and then if found distribute the negative...
  10. J

    days remaining

    I have date in my F1 like 12/03/2019 dd/mm/yyyy. I want formula in H1 that how much days remaining from currant date of today. Today is 08/03/2019, so answer in H1 should be "4". and tomorrow this H1 should be "3", automatic by formula
  11. D

    A Newbie "How To" Question...

    Hi All, Brand new here and hoping you can help ;o) I have a simple weekly budgets spreadsheet that also tracks the actual sales values. What's the best way to recalculate the remaining budgets as the actuals come in? Basically, if the cummulative weekly actuals vs budgets are negative, take...
  12. B

    Delete rows if same ID exists more than twice

    I have a list of numbers in column A which are all sorted as follows, and there is other data in columns B to E 43 43 43 56 76 76 83 83 83 83 I only want to see the earliest 2 unique numbers of each. Where there is more than 2 the remaining matching ROWS (A to E)need to be deleted. Therefore...
  13. X

    Absolutely perplex if Excel can...

    I will try and explain this as best as possible. Cell A1 has a starting balance that represents vacation time remaining. Let's assume that balance is 40.0. Cell B1 has a drop down (VAC 4.0, VAC 8.0). I want cell A1 to update with the remaining balance. If the user selects VAC 4.0, cell A1 should...
  14. T

    Remaining balance

    Hi, I’m really struggling to calculate the remaining balance for a given country, product range, warehouse and production month and incorporate in my existing code (see below). Each time the user is doing some changes in the worksheet “Main”, they are listed under the worksheet “Tracking”...
  15. T

    Capture and track changes

    Sorry but I have not got an access to these platforms. I will attempt to express the requirements herebelow. Basically what I'm trying to attempt can be summarized in the below chart: <tbody> Reference Country Product Range Warehouse Production month Previous Quantity New Quantity Changes...
  16. P

    Enter Remaining Values From RangeB into Range A

    Hi can anyone help with vba code? I have two ranges A and B that mirror each other with headers A-G range A "T5:Z7" sheet1 range B "AC5:AI7" sheet1 range B calculates values from another sheet and range A keeps a record of remaining values when I have remaining values anywhere in 'range B'...
  17. K

    Formula help for budgeting spreadsheet

    Hi All, I have a budget table which I need a little bit of formula help with. So when I select the option of Paid I would like it to deduct the value from the total providing me with the remaining balance. Please see below example of how I would like it to work; <colgroup><col style="width...
  18. D

    Auto Countdown time

    Hi, I have the table like this Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Remaining Days=D2+C2-B2-A2 (Format "dd") I got remaining days 20 27-10-18 12:00:00 PM 17-11-18 12:00:00 PM Remaining Time=D2+C2-B2-A2 (Format "[h]:mm:ss") I got remaining time like...
  19. B

    Help with calculating cost of goods

    <tbody> Order No Account No Name Stock Code Description Quantity Unit Cost Net Amount Tax Amount Gross Amount Order Date Remaining Stock 7 22 Ex1 APPLE1 Apples 500 £0.50 £12.50 £2.50 £15.00 10/07/2018 175 5 38 Ex7 PEAR1 Pears 200 £1.50 £37.50 £7.50 £45.00...
  20. E

    Macro to replace digits with 9, letters (upper or lower case) with L, other with _

    Hi, we are trying to find a macro which would replace the alphanumeric contents of each cell with: -letters with "L" -digits with "9" -any other remaining characters with "_" Example: <tbody> XC/73:54-15PC 44C becomes LL_99_99_99LL_99L </tbody> Best NEil

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