remove duplicate

  1. F

    Combine 2 Rows then remove duplicates

    Hello, I have 2 columns with customer numbers, some of the columns have the same account number, I would like to combine the columns then remove all duplicates.
  2. S

    VBA - remove duplicates using range and cells functions together

    Hello, My objective: Delete specific range based on duplicates in a specific column , and shift cells up. I have a large spreadsheet with evenly separated data. I have an example attached of the outcome I want, but I would like to have it in a loop, where the script counts the columns and...
  3. W

    Remove Duplicates and move rows across sheets

    Hi, First of all let me thank in advance anyone who will take time to read and propose any solutions. I have 4 worksheets and ideally i am looking for perhaps a command button in sheet (1) which will perform the following. This kind of check will be held daily every 30 minutes to 1 hour by...
  4. A

    Removing duplicates in VBA with variable range

    Hello all, I am trying to remove duplicates using VBA, and am having a bit of a challenge. I need the range to be based on however many rows are in the current sheet. Sub NCINO_Loan() 'XAB 3.12.21 Dim Lastrow As Long Dim R As Long Application.ScreenUpdating = False Lastrow =...
  5. C

    VBA : Append New Data from one worksheet to another

    Hello, I was using JLGWhiz's code to append entries from a data source to to my target workbook. Currently, it looks from the bottom and removes the duplicates. How would I modify it to preserve the previous entries in the target workbook and add the new entries in order?. Dim sh1 As...
  6. B

    CountIFs with Index and Date

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to figure out a formula that shows if the date changes on a specific index it would result in a rejection status. So i'm trying to group The index with the date received and if the table shows anything that's different from the date received date it's considered a...
  7. A

    Usedrange adding range that is not used

    There's a portion of my code I use to cut and paste the used range from one sheet to another. Recently it's started adding extra lines into the used range which is affecting my table by adding blank lines. This is mildly inconvenient as I have to manually delete the lines, but it's not supposed...
  8. J

    Removing duplicate values in multiple columns

    I'm wondering if theres a way that I can remove duplicates or apply conditional formatting to columns where the values in two columns are identical to those in another row. For example, I would want the formulat to be able to identify that A1 and B1 were identical to B1 and B2. However, it...
  9. A

    Copy and Paste without Duplicate values from table to another table on same Sheet

    Hi Everyone !! I have written a code to copy values from one column and then pasting without duplicate values on another column in the same sheet. I am having issues because instead of deleting the duplicate values only its is removing the entire row where those duplicate entries are found. I...
  10. L

    Formula to Remove Duplicates based on Criteria

    Hi there, I have a bunch of data with multiple entries and I need help creating a formula / process to eliminate duplicates based on a certain criteria. I only want to count one of each opportunity if it meets the following: 1) To Stage column (column F) must be "Negotiations/Deal Point...
  11. B

    VBA to Concatenate one column data in excel and dedupe additional line items

    Hello, Apologies if this is already on here - I did a search but was not successful in finding anything that is exactly what I'm looking for (and my VBA knowledge is limited...) I am looking to take data I have in an excel spreadsheet and concatenate one columns data for a referenced "tag"...
  12. M

    Index Match then Merge and Eliminate Duplicates

    Hello, I'm trying to write a Macro to match and display all the states and cities covered by a sales rep in 2 cells and remove any duplicate information at the same time. In my spread sheet terms: If the name in worksheet1 Cell A1, match the name in worksheet2 column C, then: display the...
  13. T

    Using vba to delete duplicate in different worksheet marco

    Hi all, I currently have a spreadsheet with a bunch of data over 17 different sheets, I need to create a macro to remove duplicate. The data name is 2016 data, 2015 data,2014 data and so on... The hardest parts need to identify different array (c,d,e,f) not the hold dataset to find the duplicate...
  14. V

    Help for Removing Duplicates from unknown range

    Hello, I would like to inquire about the possibility of removing duplicate fields from entire sheet. The condition is the duplicates must on the row basis which means that data in a set of columns are repeated together so their rows needed to be cancelled. Thanks so much
  15. S

    Remove Duplicate Values Against same date and same name data

    Hi All, Got an interesting query to ask.. Trying to work on a formula for the below, I need to remove duplicates that match on the same day.. So if the day and month is the same and the column c letter is the same then remove the duplicate. I cant seem to find a function or macro that could...
  16. M

    Dynamic "Columns:=Array(1,2,3)" in excel VBA

    Hello, I am working on a project in which I need to keep a list of unique patient. As and when new entries are added to the main database sheet, i will add the name to the patientMaster list and then use remove duplicate method of Range function. The code being...
  17. T

    Remove duplicate values from rows

    I want to remove duplicate values from rows. I found macro that needs some adjustment. Example table: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 2 275 3 1348 4 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 6 946 946 7 650 650 8 475 9 477 </tbody> Sub RemoveDuplicatesInRow()...
  18. E

    sort columns remove data from cells reformat numbers

    I have a spreadsheet of 16 columns. I have written a macro that does the following: Do a text search on the columns I, J, K. Filter the result using criteria colG => Montant2 and colG <= Montant1. Montant1 and 2 are input by the user. Then write the results in a new sheet as colB to colB, colD...
  19. M

    Macro Help - delete columns, remove duplicates, formatting

    Hi All, :confused:Im struggling with this, any ideas will be much appreciated. I have a table A1 to M500. I need to switch columns L and M values Then delebte columns B, C and I Then replace...
  20. H

    How can I edit this macro to run on active column?

    I have columns up to ("PL") and I would like to remove duplicates from each column. Sub Macro3() ' Macro3 Macro Selection.EntireColumn.SelectColumns("AA:AA").Select ActiveSheet.Range("$AA$1:$AA$96769").RemoveDuplicates Columns:=1, Header:= _ xlNo...

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