remove duplicates

  1. M

    (VBA) How can I remove duplicates but exclude rows with a specific value in a column?

    My current code is below. The problem is in column 9 I have over 2000 possible different values but I do not want to remove duplicates for rows that contain "VNASTG" in column 9. Sheets("Data").Range("A4:I300000").RemoveDuplicates Columns:=Array(1, 2, 9), Header:= _ xlYes
  2. M

    Remove duplicate values & keep row sequence with blanks

    hi friends! i'm using filter formula to build my list in column A. I have example of the formula in column D. what i am attempting to do is create a column like C where the duplicates are removed, only leaving the first occurring number. ideally I would like to wrap this formula around the...
  3. D

    Condensing Column A to Remove Redundancies (Remove Duplicates and Consolidate doesn't do it)

    Hi! Thank you for reading this one. For an example of what I am trying to do, lets say I have a sheet that is about 200 rows long by 15 columns wide. It is one sheet with multiple bills-of-materials stacked one on top of the other. Column A has the master/parent numbers and Column B has all of...
  4. O

    Help - How do I Remove Duplicates

    Hi Master Excel Users. I have a two dimensional cell range of cells say from A1 to P5000 I would like to remove all duplicates within this range but keep the uniques where they currently are sitting, in their current position. Any good way of doing that? Alot of cells are blank within this...
  5. A

    Macro to remove duplicates

    Please help with the following Macro: At the stroke of a key eg. (Cntl R) <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Select entire column A Sort Column A Remove duplicates in column A select entire column B Sort Column B Remove duplicates in column B Cut all data from B1 to last non empty...
  6. L

    De-duplicating data based on reference & pay amount removing the earliest row

    Hi Guys, Let me set the scene. I have a transactional database that creates duplicates… Theduplicates will have a matching reference, they may have a matching paymentamount but they will have different dates. I have the data in Excel format. I need to remove all duplicates where the...
  7. P

    Merge 2 columns and remove duplicates

    Hi, i’ve started using VBA at my work and have stumbled on what seems like a very simple problem, but I am unable to see any answers that suit my needs on here. Basically, I have Column A on sheet 1, and Column A on sheet2, and they have about 30,000 rows on each. I want to copy and paste, as...
  8. C

    remove duplicates wile entering data

    looking for a way to remove duplicate data wile entering data without any popup messages
  9. M

    Mac 2016 Remove Duplicates Popup window

    Hi, I have been looking in the forum if anyone have found a solution to the problem when using remove duplicates in Excel for Mac 2016 a popup window appears that doesn't allow the code to continue. I have spent some time looking for a workaround and it seems that issue hasn't been resolved...
  10. J

    Removing duplicates values via VBA

    Hello folks: I have the following spreadsheet: <tbody> Where Who Time CardNum Building 2 Entry A Smith, Brian 6:52:00 2498 Building 2 Entry A Smith, Brian 8:33:00 2498 Building 2 Entry A Smith, Brian 7:38:00 2498 Building 2 Entry A Doe, John 11:59:00 41880 Building 2 Entry A...
  11. B

    Dependent Drop Down Lists

    I'm trying to build an interface that will allow others to select a specific product that will then give a subset of that specific lot. For instance my first list would be something like: Product Type Inventory Apple Red 2 Pickle Sweet 1 Orange...
  12. J

    SUMIFS using multiple criteria and removing rows based on duplicates in another column

    It's possibly my search-fu is failing me here, or more likely I simply don't understand the answers I've found. I'm working on a project (due to some backend db errors that will eventually be resolved) that requires me to tabulate the duration of certain phone states. Unfortunately, the...
  13. J

    how to do the opposite of merge or combine?

    Hi all, I have 3 queries, one returning a large list of "all" records and the other two are different subsets of this data... what I'm trying to do in Power Query is reference the "All Records" query and then remove or filter out any records that are found in the other two tables... resulting in...
  14. Q

    Power Query: Remove Duplicates Based on Sort Order

    Good morning all! I'm relatively new to Power Query and I'm having trouble removing the duplicates in one column after sorting rows. I've searched all over and found a few things that seem to indicate that Power Query uses the Source Order to determine which file to keep. Since I am importing...
  15. B

    VBA Remove Duplicates Help

    Hi All, I'm using this current code which works fine until i have more than the specified amount of rows, I tried replacing the highlighted line of code with: "ActiveSheet.Range("A1:K" & Lastrow).RemoveDuplicates Columns:=2, Header:=xlYes" but I get an error. :mad: Anybody have any...
  16. C

    Merging and adding rows

    Hi all im one formula away from getting my spreadsheet to look and do everything it needs to do. I have 2 tabs old system and new system and a formula that copies all the data over and sorts them in a third tab. In the 3rd tab in column A is their name. Everybody should have 2 entries in the...
  17. D

    Remove non exact duplicate values

    Hello all, I'm look for a way to remove duplicate values that are not an exact match. The processes from everywhere I look seem to not work. Example: Original values: Wal-mart #2501 Wal-mart #2600 Wal-mart #5164 Change to new value: Walmart Thanks for any and all help
  18. D

    Showing only unique values

    I have a column of names that I put together from two different lists. The list will mostly be duplicates, as they are similar sets of names from different sources. However, there will be some names that were included on one and not the other, or there may be different spelling/versions of the...
  19. D

    Removing Duplicates in excel

    Hi Everyone, Please can you suggest ways using excel and excel vba for removing duplicates. Thanks
  20. A

    if/then/else removing duplicates

    Hi I want a macro to remove duplicates based on the set of criteria I've articulated below, is this possible? If Column C value is greater than Column E value then Select rows with identical Column C value and remove duplicate rows based on values in Column A, B, C, D else Select rows with...

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