1. M

    VBA remove all duplicate rows

    VBA remove all duplicate rows </SPAN></SPAN> Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I would like to remove all duplicate rows find within 1 to 14 columns</SPAN></SPAN> Original with duplicates rows marked in red</SPAN></SPAN> <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color...
  2. M

    Formula to remove text string given certain conditions

    Hi, Thank you so much for this forum, it has rescued my formulas so many times with a quick search of the forum posts! I need some help please with a formula I am working on. I am trying to remove a beginning text string in a cell ("DEPOSIT ") but only if it is followed by letters and not...
  3. D

    Remove zeros

    Hey guys, I have a spreadsheet with a very simple formula - ='Copy updated data here'!K173 Essentially copying over the figures from another spreadsheet. However, when the cell is blank it copies over a zero. Any idea how I can remove these automatically within the formula?
  4. N

    Remove numbers after a string of text

    Looking for a formula to remove numbers listed after a name. Ex <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Aagard, Erik 0009515 Abala, Judy 0010752 Abbey, Denis 0016052 Abbuhl, Karen 0006640 Abdelnour, Medhat 0013276 Thank you </tbody>
  5. L

    Remove * character

    I hope that this is is not too dopey a question. I receive a sheet of 1000 plus records frequently where in column A each record is part of an English post code with an asterisk at the end like AB1• or KT32*. However many characters there is always a * character. I would like to be able to...
  6. H

    Copy/Paste and Remove Duplicates

    Hi Peoples, I have constructed a macro to copy a column of data, paste to a new sheet and then remove duplicates. Everything worked fine until I tried to amend the code to paste just the values and not the formats. Also the remove duplicates removes the formats in the new sheet after the data...
  7. N

    Remove SOME tick marks from: (a) column graph & (b) x y scatter

    Hi all, I'm trying to create two graphs. One is a column graph. The other is an x y scatter. But I have the same problem for both. I need to remove the first and the last tick marks on the x axis and their labels. Note that the tick marks must be located outside the axis (not inside). I'm not...
  8. H

    excel : remove scientific notation

    Hi, May I know is it possible to remove "E+02" from 3.840000E+02 to become 3.840000? I know the value is before and after is different but is it possible? Hope you guys can help me.
  9. C

    Help with worksheet password removal

    Hi gurus, I have searched relentlessly and cannot find a solution to my problem I have an excel workbook with 21 worksheets, If i run the VBA code for password removal i get the suggestion AAAAAAAAAAA, however this does not remove the protection on any of the sheets. I have seperated all...
  10. V

    Remove Text after particular timing

    Hi, I have some text in column A similar following table and I want to extract timings after 04:00 PM, <tbody> Timings Output <colgroup><col width="319"></colgroup><tbody> 03:15 PM, 06:15 PM, 09:15 PM </tbody> <colgroup><col width="190"></colgroup><tbody> 06:15 PM, 09:15...
  11. S

    Preserve Bold/Unbolded Text

    Hi, I'm helping a friend with a mass of text data that has been imported into Excel. The data is textual, consisting of bold text followed by unbolded, and forum help has shown me how to split bold from unbold. However, it now seems there are issues with the imported data, namely leading and...
  12. M

    Remove Characters Expect

    I've attempted to search online, but with zero luck. Is there a way to remove all characters in a string except a specified string? My string is NP. I have a column that will have different variations of NP. For example CRNP or CRNP MSN and my end goal is remove all characters and just end up...
  13. F

    Need to remove duplicates but replace them with a value

    I want to remove duplicate serial numbers from column A but the 1 serial that will be kept should have network category from column of "NW*" Secondly I want to keep track of which serials will be removed so i will add another column and replace the removed serials with "To be removed" and the 1...
  14. W

    Removing specific charectors

    How would I search colum n and remove "-" from all cells in the range N2-[lastrow]?
  15. K

    How to reduce size on excel spreadsheet

    Hi - besides eliminating data that is not longer in use and convert any formulas to values, remove links from other workbooks. Any major tips to reduce file size? Thanks,
  16. E

    Trying to combine multiple SUBSTITUTE

    I want to remove "_" and add a comma after each value but not to the last one. I found this to add the commas - =SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(B5&" "&C5&" ")," ",", ") and this to remove the _ - ="SOLUTION: "&(SUBSTITUTE(B6,"_"," "))&" "&(SUBSTITUTE(C6,"_"," ")) How do I combine the two of them?
  17. K


    If i have a formula in a cell =C37*C49 i get an error message of #value . How can i remove the error from being seen?
  18. S

    Manipulate a String

    Hi, I have text data in column A. Case 1: the data consists of a word or phrase in English, followed by the French translation. The value ':' separates the English and French. How can I use VBA to place the values after the ':' into col B, and remove from col A ? Case 2: data in col A is the...
  19. M

    How to remove $ and - from unused cells

    Hi folks, as the title says, how can I remove the $ and - from unused cells on my spreadsheet? I've uploaded a pic of what I mean - Thanks again,

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