1. T

    Removing entries into a list from a worksheet

    Hi, I have been trying to find a solution for this, searched everywhere, but cant find anything. I have a sheet with multiple colums of names. I have another sheet in the same workbook where a user enters a name/names into specified cells. Is there a way to automatically remove all the...
  2. N

    Check file name in foder and remove similar

    Hi all: I want macro to check all file name in folder, if file name similar (different one or two charactor) will create new folder "OLD" then remove file with number smaller to folder "OLD" Example: Folder have: G03144-99201001-01201001-201906-BI-M-01.xlsx...
  3. S

    VBA code to remove attachments

    Hello, Can anyone help me with some VBA code that will remove attachments from a generated email? When I've looked online I've found examples that run in Outlook through an inbox but I have a Macro on an excel form that automatically generates an email and because I've used .HTML body to...
  4. P

    Remove characters

    Hi all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that to run a VBA code which should remove the 8 left characters through col. "C". Therefore that the row 1 are the headings and the code should run from "C2". I present below an extract with original data and expected result. Thank you all...
  5. N

    How to remove every other row in a spreadsheet from report quickly

    Can anyone provide me with a quick way to remove every other row in a spreadsheet report?
  6. A

    Copy/Paste and remove duplicates

    Hi all I have done a macro to copy data from sheet2 to sheet 3 then remove duplicates, however it doesn't work, please could anyone help? Sub Reconcile() Dim LastRow AsLong LastRow =Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Sheet2.Select Range("F2:F" & LastRow).Select...
  7. F

    VBA: Remove all items from Scripting Dictionary

    How to remove all from the scripting dictionary when running to separate extractions? I've read where you can use dict.removeall, but in this case, dict was not declared. Does it need to be declared somehow? With CreateObject("scripting.dictionary") For Each Cl In rng...
  8. P

    Concatenate & Remove Duplicate

    I have the following column values Input Account no Code 000005678 ABC 000005678 EDF 000001234 ABC 000001234 ABC Desired Output Account no Code 000005678 ABC 000005678 EDF 000001234 ABC Criteria Concatenate Column A and B (i.e...
  9. V

    Remove the value if condition meet

    Hi, Thanks in advance, Need help to remove the value in coloumn in following sheet if only "0" coming Coloumn A 8 6 0 0 2 7 0 0 0 Formula or VBA will delete all the "0" after 7 I have also coloumn B, C, D and E
  10. T

    Concatenate question to remove a period (everything but this already figured out)

    Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this forum during a frenzied state of Google searches, but with virtually zero experience with Excel I was fortunate enough to reverse engineer 99% of a phone number formatting issue. The problem is I can't figure out how to remove the first "." from...
  11. F

    How to remove few texts from a cell

    Hi All, How to remove few texts from a cell and list down the values in separate cells Example: 1 of 100 1 of 200 1 of 500 I want to remove the "1 of" from the cell and list down the values in horizontal position one by one as A2 = 100 A3 = 200 A4 = 500 Can anyone please help. Thanks
  12. D

    Remove Characters from Both Sides of a Formula

    Hello again, You guys are so helpful! I currently have the following formula on a cell: =INDEX(DI1:DT1,MATCH(MAX(DI2:DT2),DI2:DT2,0)) It is working great. However, I would like to add additional functionality to the formula, where 19 characters of the output are removed from the left, and 31...
  13. R

    remove NA result from array formule

    Hi all I have an array lookup formula which returns a number of NA results, I know why they are there but as others view the spreadsheet as part of a pack I would appreciate it if there was a way to put something else on the sheet similair to the if isna function on a normal lookup. formula is...
  14. J

    Saving a copy of just one worksheet + remove buttons

    Hi, I have a workbook which I use savecopyas often and with a file size of around 6MB, it's using up space fast. Source workbook contains many sheets/macros/formulas And I only need to save 1 sheet (Main) to a new workbook and remove buttons + turn sheet to values if possible. Note the sheet...
  15. F

    remove quotes and apostrophe from cell

    looking for best way to remove the feet('), inch(") and the hyphen from d3
  16. F

    Remove leading spaces from text pasted in Texform of Userform

    Hello to all, I have a Userform with a TextBox and I need to paste to some multiline text from clipboard. The issue is that text I need to paste it has lines with many leading spaces for some lines and I want to remove those leading spaces (and trailing if there are) automatically when I paste...
  17. U

    Countif no duplicates

    Is there a way to use the Countif function and remove duplicates Countif FG Component =Countif(C:C, c2) 22070090 300432 In the example below if I drag down the formlar , I will have the same number repeated. How do I remove it?
  18. D

    What's the fast way to do this?

    Whats the fastest way to remove all the symbols in a column of data in access? I only want the numbers and letters to be in my data. My database is about 4 million records and one of the fields in the records is a catalog number and I want to remove all the symbols in the catalog number in...
  19. R

    Remove formula only visible cells

    Hello, I basically use below code to remove formula for the entire sheets. But is anyone happen to know if we could have a VBA code to remove formula only the selected visible cells ? Sometimes I need to keep some formula by hiding or filter it out. Sub Removeformu() Dim ws As...
  20. B

    vba Remove last 5 characters from string in table column

    Have a table in a sheet that is connected with info on sharepoint. Wondering if there is a way to remove the last 5 characters (.xslx, .docx, .xlsm etc.) from an entire column. Any ideas?

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