1. W

    Deleting and importing userform

    Hi. Is there a nicer way to use a button on a userform to remove it, and then import it again ? Lets say i make some changes to the userform, then i export it. Then if i click a button, it shall remove it from the program, and import it again (to get the newest version) The code i try when...
  2. J

    M Code - remove all columns where the last row is null for that column

    Hello everyone and thank you for the help. Is this possible? I am a doing an append query and if the last row has a null value, I want to remove that particular column that has the null value in the last row, there could be multiple columns with null. Thank you.
  3. P

    How to remove certain parts of text in an already concatenated column

    Good Morning, I need to remove certain text from my line that has already been concatenated. For Example...This is the concatenated version: <tbody> <colgroup><col width="144"></colgroup><tbody> 2014 Great Dane Van </tbody> </tbody> I need to remove "20" and also remove the...
  4. V

    How to remove blank space

    Hi, I have the following sheet <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Col A Col B Col C Col D S.No. Name Attendence Hour 1 John P 5 2 Nick P 6 3 P 7 4 P 2 5 Raghu P 4 6 Ravi P 4 7 Rozi P 5 8 P 9 9 Matty P 8 10 P 5 11 Saurabh P 5 12 Hanery P 5...
  5. H

    Remove rows with a date before

    Hi - I have a spreadsheet with data in columns A:E. In column B is a date. I would like to remove all rows with a date more than 7days older the today(). Ideally i'd like to have a popup that asks remove dates prior to? thanks!
  6. J

    Remove lines not starting with numeric character

    Hi, how can I remove lines within each cell (multiple lines with line breaks) that are not starting with a numeric character? <tbody> 223213 - this line needs to stay chair - this line needs to be removed 9 - this line needs to stay needs to be removed </tbody> Thanks and best, Jack
  7. R

    Two Substitute Formulas in one cell

    I need the below to read White, Blue, Red & Silver. I have used the =SUBSTITUTE(B4," &", ",",1) to remove the first one, but I can't figure out how to remove the second &. Please help. TIA <colgroup><col width="64"><col width="203"></colgroup><tbody> ADJ4 White & Blue & Red &...
  8. M

    I am losing data when I open a CSV in Excel

    Hi, New here and searched all over the internet and could not find an answer. I have a CSV file with 499,846 rows in it. Each row has a field or spaces separated by commas. The commas are used as delimiters so when I open this CSV file in Excel, those commas will be used as rows. Example...
  9. M

    Macro to prevent or answer Excel recovering windows

    Hello everyone, I have a macro that creates a new file almost similar to the one it runs on by Saving it As, copy/pasting as values every sheet and removing the old ones. It goes like this : Sub Export_EDF() Dim Feuille As Worksheet Dim FeuilleRef As Worksheet Dim Sheet As Object...
  10. B

    Can not remove calculated field??

    Hello, When I try and remove a calculated item that somehow (user error) got added to my sheet, the following error pops up: "The pivot table field name is not valid. To create a pivottable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with labeled columns." Help? Thanks! -Ben
  11. L

    Remove consecutive numbers

    Hello Guys, I saw this post here: On how to remove consecutive numbers in a row, when I apply its suggestions I do not get any results. I am new to VBN, can anyone help me with a...
  12. R

    VBA to remove characters from a comma separated list, where certain characters are found?

    Hi all, need fast help on this as I'm under a timescale. I have a list of ads due to be placed in a paper and under the "Pickups" for coach travel there is meant to be a list of coach-only pickups, but air and rail have slipped in. As an example, please see the below: Bury St Edmunds...
  13. A

    Macro to remove duplicates

    Please help with the following Macro: At the stroke of a key eg. (Cntl R) <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Select entire column A Sort Column A Remove duplicates in column A select entire column B Sort Column B Remove duplicates in column B Cut all data from B1 to last non empty...
  14. A

    Stripping out data

    I have and column that reads this "8.50 (13.0)". I would like to strip out the data into 2 columns and remove the parenthesis from the second one.
  15. N

    Need to remove the time from a text string

    Hey, I'm looking to remove the time stamp from a cell, ex. 07/14/2019 8:23:27 AM BLACK, 07/10/2019 9:23:57 PM DIRECT, to 07/14/2019 BLACK, 07/10/2019 DIRECT. thank you for any assistance.
  16. K

    Remove last value in each column (different sizes)

    Hi :) So, I have one worksheet with columns, which contain numeric values. They are different in size (e.g. column A has 560 cells with values, column B 1300 cells etc...). I would like to delete last cell that still has value in each column. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, cheers
  17. P

    VBA - Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces from a Column in Excel

    Hi Could anybody post a VBA routine to remove LEADING and TRAILING spaces from a Column of Text in Excel please. COL A will do for example purposes. Cant find exactly what I'm looking for on Google. Thanks
  18. K

    Remove Word Textbox, Keep Information

    I have a large number of RTF documents that I am opening using Access. I would like to reformat the document and then copy them into a control. I am able to open the documents, and go though all the paragraphs in the document (using the paragraphs object). I found that my macro's are missing...
  19. N

    Remove time from a text cell

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to remove time from a text cell so it just shows the other contents. EX: 07/02/2019 9:00:30 AM CREATED to 07/02/2019 Created Thank you for the help both in the past and now.
  20. G

    Removing " as a Special Character

    I have a sheet with formulas in it and I need to remove them which isn't a problem except one of the cells is creating a problem. I cannot adjust the source data or I would fix it there first. Each cell in the first 3 columns is in a formula format similar to ="xxxx-xx-xxxx" and the formulas are...

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