removing duplicates

  1. W

    Removing Duplicates based on some criteria

    I have sheet with some data where B column has some ID's out of which few are duplicates. This data is from 3 sources which are S1, S2, S3. data source is present in "F" column. Can someone help me with a VBA code that finds the duplicates from column "B" and then out of the dupicates find if...
  2. L

    Storing variables into array after removing duplicates

    Hello guys, i'm storing a range of variables into a 1d array and i want to remove the duplicate variables beforehand instead of clearing the array after. My function is: Function StoringIntoArray(startSKU As Long, endSKU As Long, columnSKU As Long) Dim arTmp Dim skuArray() Dim...
  3. D

    Array containing duplicates

    Hi all, I have an array function that returns text separated by commas (e.g. "Dave, Tom, Dave, Mike...") and it contains duplicates when there is more than 1 match (i.e. Dave). What functions should I wrap around the array to remove the duplicates? Thank you!
  4. A

    VBA for Removing Duplicates and Sorting Excel Columns

    Hello EveryOne, I have three excel columns for A,B and C. The Data in all of three columns is dynamic which updates on basis of formulas in these columns. The data in column A is "number formating". 1) First I want to all of the data should be pasted as values in D,E and F...
  5. T

    How to remove duplicates with two columns in VBA

    Hello, I need 2 things. 1. I need a formula in my excel spreadsheet that picks up duplicates. The range for the duplicates would be within 1 column. Right now I have: =COUNTIF(A:A,A1)>1 which basically counts if it comes up more than once, then reading either true or false. <tbody> Name...
  6. A

    Removing Duplicates In Excel Column.

    Hi, Everyone! I have column A, In which every cell has words including spaces in between. Every cell has leading and trailing spaces as well. I have denoted words with english alphabets A, B, C, D, E, F and G. I want to perform an operation on column A such that the duplicate words are removed...
  7. S

    Removing duplicates keep the first value and the blank cells

    Hi guys! I am new to this forum. I'm having a bit of problem. I am trying to remove duplicates but i need to keep the blanks and the top values. This is the tricky part, the values recurring in a group and im trying to keep the top values on that group For example: initial...
  8. K

    Removing duplicates

    Hey Guys I am trying to remove the below row if the condition exists where a payment was issued and then cancelled. The cancelled payment will show a "off" in the type and the negative number. AMOUNT TRANSACTION ISSUED START END 1973.38 Loss...
  9. J

    Split Screen in Excel

    Is there a way to trick MS into allowing you to open excel in two seperate windows?
  10. V

    Compressing a table

    Hi, I have another problem I am trying to deal with. I have a table that I am trying to compress to capture the latest instance based on each ID. For example, let us say this is my data set: ID___ | Name | Level_ | Score | Date ID-32 | John | Beginr | 56.00 | 27-Jan ID-33 | Jill | Beginr |...
  11. A

    Comparing Groups of Values that are Equal

    I have a table of data with one column of ID numbers and another column of contingency numbers. Some contingencies can be comprised of one ID number or multiple ID numbers (multiple contingencies). The contingencies that are only one ID number are simple to identify duplicates however I am...

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