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    VBA Open File & Rename

    I am having trouble getting the correct "On Error" statement in my VBA code. I use a macro to list the file path in column A and copy and paste into column B and rename the files. If i list a file in column A that doesn't exist i want the code to continue onto the next file name in column A. As...
  2. K

    Excel VBA File Moving/Renaming

    Hey guys. I've done some snooping around to find the solution to my particular problem, but don't know enough about using VBA outside of Excel to figure it out with what I've found. Here's what I want to happen: I want all files with the extension .pdf, .doc, .zip, and .7z to be copied from a...
  3. J

    VBA Help rename files in folder and format data in renamed files

    Hi Guys, I need some help with the VBA code for excel 2010 to achieve the following processes: Grab the csv filenames from C:\TEMP\ Place filenames in column 1 rename files to xls format in C:\TEMP\ based on data in column 2 then Format the renamed files: Convert column A to whole numbers Sum...
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    Get Collection of Files in Folder

    Hello, I'm working on a project that requires me working with files and directories. I haven't had any issues yet with setting up user forms, letting users set file paths to folders or even selecting and importing files, etc... but I'm not sure how to grab all the files in a particular folder...
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    Renaming files in a folder

    I have a script that looks at Column A for the old file name and compares it to a bunch of images in a folder, when it finds a match it then looks in Column B for the new file name and renames the files.. That works great except when the new file name is the same as the current and it generates...
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    rename file names in a folder and files inside subfolders, vba

    greetings, as the title says, i'm trying to rename all files from a base path and files from its subfolders. my code, so far,.. only renames files in the base folder.. and it has an error path/file access error... Public Sub rFiles()Dim strPath As String Dim lngCount As Long Dim position As...
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    MACRO to create copy of files and rename them

    Can excel MACRO make copies of a file. I want to give path of one file and ask Excel to make copies of this file in same folders. Then rename these files.
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    VBA code to rename multiple files

    Good morning all, I've been googling around to piece together a macro for uniformly re-naming files in Windows, but the methods I've found all seem to be different (and also don't do exactly what I need). In short, I've got several directories containing a lot of pdf files. These files need...
  9. C

    Rename multiple files in a folder macro

    I have 400ish departmental budget files in a folder that I need to upload to a Sharepoint doc library. The files in the folder will have to exactly match the files we already have set up in sharepoint in order to upload them to the sharepoint site. As it stands now there is only one...

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