rename worksheets

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    Name new Worksheet with range from LastRow on list

    Good Afternoon, I'm currently having trouble with my code to name a new sheet (when created) with the value from column A, using the last row used as guidance. The userform adds the data to the list and it should copy a worksheet named "Template" and rename itself to the last info added on...
  2. J

    Loop and Rename Worksheets

    Hi, I am trying to loop through a number of worksheets in the same workbook, look for the sheet names starting with sheet (eg, sheet1, sheet 2 etc...) and change those sheets with the value in cell B1 less first 4 characters. These sheets are actually "filtered pages" from a pivot table and...
  3. O

    Rename Worksheets Using "Master" Worksheet

    Hello, I need to change the name of the spreadsheets in the Workbook using a "Master" list created in the same Workbook. I tried to use the VBA below but got a 400 error code. I appreciate any assistance...I feel it is something simple I just cannot figure it out. I was going to attach the...
  4. Q

    rename worksheets based on list

    Hello everyone, I have a bunch of worksheets as from sheet2 to sheet35. I need to rename them based on a list in sheet1 named "List" starting from cell A2. I've already found this, but it doens't work: Sub rename() Dim lr As Long lr = Sheets("List").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row...
  5. T

    Run-time error when using VBA to rename worksheets

    Please help!!! Firstly, I am a VBA beginner. I have a Excel (2010) workbook where there are many sheets that need to be renamed according to a list of names on the first sheet named "Testing". The range of names (starting at cell A3) on the first sheet are a part of a Pivot Table. When the...
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    rename sheets

    I have three worksbooks with 50+ sheets in each one. The first worksheet in each workbook contains a list of accounts with a balance next to it. the other sheets in the books contain the detail for each account that make up that balance. The detail sheets have generic names attached to each...
  7. K

    Copying Worksheet 20 times then Rename each Worksheet

    Hello! :confused: I am trying to copy a worksheet about 20 times and then I need to rename each worksheet by a string name. For Example: ActiveSheet.Name = "VOTD Non-EXW" ActiveSheet.Name = "VOTD Non-Pharma" ActiveSheet.Name = "VOTD Pharma" I found the...
  8. C

    Sort, copy, rename, save worksheets

    I'm very in experienced at codes, please help...(excel2007) I have a work sheet (sheet1) with header rows 1-3. Data rows start at 4 though to up to 500. This has columns A-I. I have 12 brokers that submit deals for approval contained in sheet1, hence these 12 names come up as the deals get...

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