repeating data

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    count based on whether numbers within a given range repeat 6 times in a row

    Hi. I have a data set of hourly wind values over a number of years. I have divided the wind into speed groups - for example: range 1: >=0 - <=1m/s range 2: >1 - <=3m/s range 3: >3 - <=5m/s range 4: >5 etc. I would like to count if there is an occurrence of when the wind blew for 6 hours -...
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    Search in worksheet 2 (where data is stored) to find an exact side by side match for data in TWO cells not one. IF exact match Return (repeat) two ce

    I really hope I can get an answer for this question. I've spent HOURS trying to figure this out! I’M hoping that someone can help direct me. I’m able to search for an exact match using a VLOOKUP. I can only search one column though. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Here is my “current formula...
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    Removing Repeating Blocks of text

    Hi, I have a very long excel spreadsheet (46K rows) Made up mostly of a repeated text block & then a list of serial numbers, then the same text block and different serial numbers. This repeats over and over. I just want the serial numbers and to remove the text part. I get an error when I...
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    Creating a shift Rota / Calendar

    I am currently devising a rolling shift rota/calendar for a friend and his colleagues who work different shifts (Earlies, Lates and Nights). I want to input an abbreviation/letter (for example 'N' for night-shifts) in a cell and then get excel to automatically repeat that same 'N' entry, every...
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    repeating numbers

    actually not a question, more like an Excel trick someone could use. Formula to produce an array of numbers, starting from 1, repeating that number x times. After that, repeating the next integer x times. Until the maximum y is met. From then on, it repeats itself. This description might be...
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    Pivot table - Repeat data in certain fields

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with 2 simula problems regarding pivot tables. 1) Is there any way to have the pivot table fill in the data from a field list item on every line. In my example (under the variety column) I would like "bases" and "Shoes" to fill down into the empty...

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