1. S

    Excel Question

    I have a excel question: Is there a way to count the number of times a number repeats in a string before another number replaces it. I am talking about consecutive repeats within a string such as below. What is the the longest run of 3 at any one time? 3 3 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 1...
  2. G

    Random name

    Good evening, Excel gods. I would like to automate a raffle using Excel. I have a list of names in Tab NAMES and I would like to generate five winners in Tab WINNERS, without repeats. Preferably with a button that I can click to randomize the names. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  3. D

    Macro or VBA help

    I am new to writing macros and am trying to write one that looks at column H and looks for the response of No and then takes that whole row and moves it to a new tab and then repeats that step for the remainder of the data. Any help would be appreciated or pointers on writing macros.
  4. S

    Randomizing groups with no repeats

    Hi there, I'm trying to randomize the forms we use for study participants for two different sessions without repeats. Specifically, at session #1 , participants are randomized to receive Form A, Form B, or Form C of the same measure. For session #2 , we want to randomize what form version...
  5. M

    When I send email from excel with VBA it sends two times

    Dear All, please help. It worked before but suddenly it started to send the same email few times to the same recipient if there is indicated another email in c.c. So it works like this - I have range in excel that it makes as pdf and send an email and when it goes to next one etc. Please help...
  6. H

    Index Match no Duplicate list

    Hi, I'm sorry if this has been answered before, I'm new to excel. My problem: Im trying to build a list of specific values to find in column A (The Actual Sheet has text not number in columnA), Thus Column B has the Criteria to find in Text form, and Column C is the output with no repeats. No...
  7. B

    Macro to copy an x number of times

    I want to check on a sheet reference number and the amount of times that this reference number repeats it self on the datam (img01) And after checking this copy the reference number and paste the x number of times that it repeats (img02) Can anyone help me with this?
  8. S

    CALCULATE Formula Repeats When I Don't Want It To

    So...I'm using a CALCULATE formula as a measure in a Pivot Table to (forgive me) calculate a cumulative YTD rate. It works just fine. Almost too fine. The problem is it repeats the last (again, forgive me) calculation for the rest of the year. In other words, My data stops in August and you...
  9. T

    Count number of times a text repeats

    <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="2" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 A 1 A 2 B 2 B 1 C 3 C 2 A </tbody> So I have the following chart and I need to know how many times, using VBA code, "A" shows in "1"...
  10. M

    VBA code for Poker Game not working

    hello all, long time user and benefitter of this site. Thank you in advance for your help. I have developed an algorithum to deal 4 hands of poker randomly. I thought I had developed it so that cards would not repeat (ie two players cant have a queen of diamonds) but roughly 10% of...
  11. Grizlore

    formula help for finding first of duplicate entries

    Hi All, Can you help? I have a huge list in column A which contains serial numbers. I need to count how many serial number there are, so i need to ignore any duplicates in the list. I am trying to create a formula which puts a "1" in column B when the first serial number appears, and a "0"...

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