replace reference value

  1. J

    Replace part of file name in a formula based on sheet name

    I'm really hoping someone could help me out with this one. Here is my situation: I have a workbook with several sheets, all set up exactly the same. Each cell on a sheet is referencing the same file, however each sheet is referencing a different file. For example, this is one of the cells in a...
  2. I

    Replace one column data with data from another column

    Hi, I'm looking for a desperate answer regarding my problem, so if you have any suggestion please help: I have 3 columns who look like this: A B C <tbody> PT 199 Bragareasa PT 199 Bragareasa PT 199 Bragareasa 6 IND PT 130 Grindu 11IND PT Parc 5 Grindu 7/483 IND PT 5 Grindu 378...
  3. M

    Use row number as factor in calculation, replace original values

    I'm trying to determine the VB for a macro that will replace the values in a column by the the results of the calculation of that same value + (row number/ 100000). At the present, I am creating an additional column and using the following formula: IF(E2>=1, (E2+(ROW(E2)/10000000000)), "")...
  4. poitbot

    Macro to use cell references and text to replace words in workbook

    Hello, I have data listed in a worksheet that contains text in the first column that needs to be replaced throughout the entire workbook. The data looks similar to this: Sun, $D$8#Home, $B$42#WWB, $B$3#Definitions Earth, $D$18#Summary, $B$3#Page 1, $B$42#Classroom Ball, $E$27#Home, $B$4#WWB...
  5. R

    Phone Number Format Changes

    I have phone numbers entered in the (222) 333-4444 format and need to change them to the 222-333-4444 format. Is there a Find/Replace or other formula that can accomplish this? If so, please provide an example. Thx!
  6. R

    Replace cell reference with value

    Hi, I have inherited a rather large worksheet that contains multiple columns of the style: AC1=($B$1-Q1)/($B$11-1) AC2=($B$1-Q2)/($B$11-1) AD1=($B$1-R1)/($B$11-2) where Q1,R1 etc. are static values. I would therefore like to replace the references to these cells with the values...

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