1. L

    Minimizing utility

    Hello guys, I have a file at work that has interesting functionality. It has a minimize set up for each month that you can expand to see per day. It's very convenient and i would like to replicate it, but I'm not sure what to even google for, maybe you have some ideas? Image of what i mean can...
  2. mole999

    hyper links to Chrome from Cell

    I have been using =HYPERLINK("","GRF" ) for a while work has suddenly started to use from the desktop "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" https://servicedesk.x anyone do that? and replicate it as a cell hyperlink, I've tinkered and each...
  3. M

    Replicating a SUMPRODUCT formula using a Query Expression

    Hi, I have an Excel formula that I'm trying to replicate in a query expression. Can anyone help? Excel Formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(($D$2:$D$12000)*($J$2:$J$12000=J1747))<-999999,"Yes","No") For the Expression: ColumnD = B.MONETARY_AMOUNT ColumnJ = B.ACTIVITY_ID Basically, my query results will...
  4. A

    Train Graph

    Morning all, Strange request.. I have seen a graph that is basically a train that moves along when the data changes and wondered if anyone can help me replicate it. Thanks Dan
  5. M

    HELP Transferring a basic Excel formula into a new column in Power BI

    I'm trying to create a new column in Power BI Desktop which replicates a basic Excel formula which seems simple enough. The Excel formula which I am trying to replicate is in column D: =IF(B2=B1, 0, C2) So that the returned column should look like column D. I have the same data structure...
  6. S

    MAXIFS alternative

    Hi, I have the following code which works on Office 365 using MAXIFS MAXIFS(Table1[Date],Table1[Name],D13,Table1[7 Dwarf],H13,Table1[Type],"<>"&"*Yes*")) Essentially it provides the maximum date that matched 3 criteria (name=D13, 7 dwarf = H13, type not contain Yes) Problem is I'm trying to...
  7. L

    UserForm Textbox - "Instant Search"

    Hi, I have a UserForm that has 3 controls - textbox and 2 buttons (Clear and Close). I am trying to replicate search engines "instant search" so results (from a SQL database) are updated as you type. The problem is that the Change event causes the text input to lag while it is off doing it's...
  8. L

    VBA code to replicate rows for dates between and start and end date

    Hi there I need to replicate the dates between a start and end date range, in one row I have a column for start date and a column with an end date, I want to have the row with the same columns but with each date in that range in a row with the same information Export sheet column sample ...
  9. T

    How do you replicate checkboxes with Format Control applied?

    In cell E2 I've inserted a checkbox. Then I applied a Format Control to it so that TRUE/FALSE will appear next to it in F2. Now I want to replicate that checkbox down the column with each checkbox displaying TRUE or FALSE to the right of it. I can replicate the checkboxes but checkmarking one...
  10. Smokeyham

    Change a Replicated Formula in a table?

    Hello, I have a table with a formula in a column which replicates each time I add a new row. I recently have changed the formula and want to use the new formula for future records, but retain the old formula for records which have already been entered. I.e. I want Excel to replicate the new...
  11. T

    Copy and insert 22 lines below and change value

    Hi I am looking for a solution, once criteria is met ---If Cells(Row, "d") = "1" And Cells(Row, "e") = "6" (change the value on that row) Then Cells(Row, "f").Value = "U" copy and insert 22 duplicate lines of the met criteria row and then change the cell .value in column "F" in each of the new...
  12. S

    Macro to generate several instances by editing the master copy Above is a screenshot of what I would like to change. In the picture the ### needs to be replaced by N01 N02 N10 etc this will be specified as required because it wont be in an order (can be N01, N05, N12 etc) and the rest needs to be...
  13. J

    Replicate spreadsheet box over a spreadsheet with Macros/VBA

    I want a macro for a workbook that would essentially do this. The main sheet would have 4 variables in it. The variables are shown in cells C2:C5 and there corresponding values in cells D2:D5. There would also be 2 macro buttons on the main page. The first button would create a 3X3 box, with K...
  14. D

    Change excel data on worksheets

    I am looking for a way to keep a master maillist, but then break that list down into sublists each on their own worksheet. I want to be able to update the master sheet and have those changes appear both in the master and the corresponding sub sheet. I was looking at some tutorials dealing with...
  15. B

    Assigning Formula

    Hello Everyone, I have a rather peculiar situation. I surely hope someone will help me.... Using a macro, I created a number of sheets using a template. What I now need to do is figure out is how to assign a formula to different cells (the data comes from the various sheets that I created)...
  16. A

    Replicating Rows

    I'm a Marine currently deployed and have the fortunate opportunity of adopting my predecessor's database. I'm very new to excel and I know just more than "nothing" about excel formulas outside of the norm Sum/count/average type. I was wondering if there is a basic formula that would allow me to...
  17. K

    Maintaining Cell Values Across Sheets

    I have a column titled Server Name in 3 different sheets. When I change the server name in one sheet I want the server name to also change in all of the other sheets. If possible I'd like to be able to make the change in any of the 3 sheets and have it replicate, not just one. It's set up so...
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