1. T

    Report Connections Clearing "Keep only selected" filter

    Hello and thank you for viewing my post. I have a spreadsheet that has 5 pivot tables on 1 tab and I've created the graphs and copy / paste those graphs onto the Dashboard tab. When I add the sliders; 5 in total, I connect 3 of the graphs to the slicer without issue but when I connect the 4th...
  2. S

    If X in C4, copy to E4, Dependent Validation

    I've set up Dependent Data Validation so when a specific Session is selected only specific options are available in the next two columns. However, the third column the user is to input a number. The only restriction is for the Session called Previous Group. Those two dependent validation columns...
  3. P

    Compare names from different months

    I am trying to compare Names + Course from 2 different months and having issues with Conditional Formatting Can someone advise me how to do this please. Looking to show which Names and Course are reported in Month 2 as well as Month 1 for the same Name and Course Thanks
  4. P

    Multiple Reporting

    Hi - looking for help with regards to multiple reporting. I have 4 Elements Business Areas - up to 100 Products - up to 20 UK or Europe New or Used Product I am trying to report the volume of all products within each area and whether they are New or Used in UK and Europe This would be...
  5. K

    IF functions

    Hi all, Would greatly appreciate some guidance on the below IF statements. I do not have an error values but the values that it generates is incorrect. Column A: Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 No Data Entered (I wanted to put this in for a blank....but perhaps I should just leave it blank)...
  6. B

    Date and Time as text in varied format

    Hi, Im looking to fix the date and time format in a current sheet. Its an export from software so the format comes as text. I tried doing the date + time formulas and have been somewhat successful. I can get the formula to work no problems, the issue that I have is that the text date formats...
  7. H

    How many Row Label Can a Pivottable Shows

    Hi All, How many Row Labels Can a Pivottable Show? Pivottable is refusing to pivot a particular field to RowField and PowerPivot reported there are more than 10,000 labels and it cannot display all labels? Thanks to you all.
  8. T

    Compare reported monthly bonus with reported annual salaries

    Hello, 1. Salaries are reported annually. However, they can change each month. 2. Bonuses are paid irregularly over different months. I am trying to achieve: Show in the table "Yearly Salary Vs Bonus" the correct results for Salary and Bonus while selecting a specific Month. OR if Selecting...
  9. Bruno

    calculate repair days

    I have column A with the date that a power tool has been reported as "to repair" and column B with the day the repaired tool was returned I have to calculate the number of days that the machine was not present. But... The broken machines are only collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays So, a...
  10. S

    IF, Vlookup and N/A & text issues

    Hi, I would like a formula to report data in cell M11. I'd like to start by looking up data in cell E11 and if it is less than 3000 to report it as "NT", if it is greater than 3000, I'd like cell H11 to be looked at and checked against a list of codes. If one of these codes appears I'd like...

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