1. J

    Multiple conditions

    Hi all, I'm creating a 'rewards' spreadsheet and have nailed all of the formulas I need, apart from one :( I'm getting confused with the multiple conditions I need, and how to put it into a formula. <tbody> A B C D 1 Rubies Earned 1250 2 Minimum Tasks Required Number of Tasks...
  2. L

    Excel formulas issue IF and

    Hi everyone it is my first thread on this site I am stuck with an issue and I hope you can help here is the file attached basically it's about stocking products between 3 warehouses. warehouse1 warehouse2 warehouse3 stock of 42 references each warehouse contains rooms in which there must...
  3. R

    Required Desire Output using Index & Small Function

    Hi Every One, i required the Output which is highlighted in Green <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="3"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Project Name Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Person Name P1 P2 2 5 S P3 6 R P4 P5 8 R P6 P7...
  4. Sean15

    Help with SUMIF

    Hi: 2*Invest 10 3*Invest 20 4*Invest 30 2*Restricted - Invest 10 N49 = invest O49 = SUMIF($N$43:$N$46,"*"&N49,$O$43:$O$46) Returns 70. Required value $60.00 Could you help please? Regards, Sean
  5. U

    Code required

    Hello all, I am after the code required on a Visual Basic command button, so any cell that is selected will go blue. Thank you
  6. J

    Save userform controls as picture

    Hello, I'm trying to develop a macro that updates/generates the footer/header of excel files for my company. The first version of this macro uses a sheet to store the required info (pics, text) and it works. I want to go one step further and eliminate the sheet where the macro info is stored...
  7. M

    VBA Code to autofill inputbox

    Hello Everyone, hope someone can help In an Excel workbook I have VBA code which copies various cell data from a "Summary" Worksheet on multiple workbooks which are filled in by multiple other users, the code opens, gets the data from the summary and closes each workbook in turn and cycles...
  8. S

    Object Required Error

    I am receiving an object required error on the following line Sheets(AA).Range("A2").Row.Delete I would like to select the row that is associated with cell A2 and then delete it below is the entire sub Sub Duplicate_LD_1WEEKUPDATE()...
  9. J

    Combobox Population Error

    Have a named range called Entities. Created a userform with a combobox The combobox list should be populated with entities Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ComboBox1.List = Range("Entities").Value End Sub However, I recieve an error:424 Object required?
  10. D

    Extracting certain info from a cell

    Hi All, hoping you can help me here - <tbody> Bevan010: Available 255 / Required 424 </tbody> The text above is an example of data that is exported from a system we use, what i would like to do is to grab the numbers of of this string into two separate columns. so in the example above...
  11. P

    VBA - object required

    Hi Please could you help, I'm getting an "object required error" on this following code: Would appreciate any guidance. Thank you Sub PopulateColumns() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim inputmonth As String inputmonth = InputBox("Enter CRA Reporting Month") For Each ws In...
  12. H

    Conditional Format

    Hi, I am preparing a textile worksheet where i have to enter the required and achieved bed sheet sizes. For Example Cell A1 = 140 x 200 ( This is the required bed sheet size ) Width x Length Cell A2 = 141 x 200 ( This is the achieved bed sheet size) Width x Length the achieved size differs...
  13. M

    copy formulas across two rows down without them skipping a row from the source data

    Hi all, apologies for the poor title, not sure how be to word this one. I'm trying to copy four rows of formula down around another 600 rows which I will then delete if they are not required... the four rows and cell ranges are setup as follows: A16 merged through i16...
  14. J

    If formula

    Hi, I'm require a formula to deduct available from total required. If the value is greater than Option 2, then it will equal the value of Option 2? Thanks for any help. <tbody> Total Required Available Option 2 Total Sum Answer 293 85 164 ?? 164 293 157 218 136 329...
  15. T

    Select Workbook from folder, Copy Worksheet and Paste All in Active Workbook Sheet

    Hello All, I am new to both this forum and VBA. I hope you can assist me with the below. I would like to write a code that allows me to do the following: A prompt to select the required workbook bybrowsing through the folder. The workbook will be saved in different locationshence the...
  16. Jan Kalop

    Required A VBA

    I would like to create VBA with command as bellow, how to do it? ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("ORDERS").Columns(1).Find("Test123").Select
  17. Sean15

    Parsing serial numbers

    Hi: I have a set of long serial numbers formatted as shown below. I want to return ALL text and numbers after 991- Example: 600-1150301-520-199-991-CPG1500-- Required value would CPG1500-- Could you help please? Sean
  18. P

    Object required VBA error

    Hi all, please note that when i run the below code it appears the error at point "c =" (bold letters) as follows: Compile error: Object required I appreciate any support so that to resolve my project. Thanks in advance strWS = InputBox(Prompt:="Enter worksheet name", Title:="Filename"...
  19. tvsramesha

    Working on a formula - support required

    Hi - I'm working on the formula below, =IF(OR(H4>9.01),”1Point”,IF(OR(H4>3,H4<6),"2Point",IF(OR(H4>6.01,H4<9),"3Point"))) results I'm getting is as under,pl help me to resolve this <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Sensor-12Sensor-19 Sensor-10Sensor-18 5.51...
  20. M


    Hello Guys. I have a table as follows Priority Required Time 1 10 mins 2 2 hours 3 48 Hours Then on a separate Tab, cell R2 = I am checking the value of cell K2 (what Priority 1,2,or 3), once determine, then checks...

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